Dems election fraud won’t go away..

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Trump won. Time magazine reported shortly after the 2020 election, a “cabal” – Time’s word – of “left-wing activists and business titans” worked to get rid of Trump. It pushed mail-in voting. It moved to block election fraud suits brought by Trump and supporters. It employed social media censorship to mute pro-Trump arguments and amplify anti-Trump arguments. It sponsored protests. A Big Tech honcho even silenced a sitting POTUS because he disagreed with his political views, and then de-platformed millions of Americans for their political beliefs.

It sounds like a paranoid fever dream – aka a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. But the dream turned America into an abyss.

Well, good folks, get used to the fact that Approximately 75 percent of Republicans believe there was significant election fraud in 2020.

Dems election fraud won’t go away

And fully 100% of all voters know that the 2020 election was based on mail-in ballots for which there was zero chain of custody; zero validation of the name on the district voting list; and zero validation of the identity of the individual [or machine] completing the ballot. That’s the “reasonable man” definition of illegitimate ballots forging an illegitimate election.

Do not – I repeat, do NOT – underestimate the influence of the Dominion servers either. Without them, despite the fraud, President Trump still would have prevailed. Memory preserves the election was stolen in the evening after five states stopped counting. Something is certainly fishy and simply won’t go away. That is when Dominion machines stepped in, not in America, but in Frankfurt, Germany, where the central servers were controlled by computers using Smartmatic Software, operating from Barcelona, Spain.

It was also repeatedly reported by many, including Mike Flynn, that nothing seen or heard can be fully dismissed. Everything has to be on the table, even the news that we reportedly lost 5 men and the CIA 1. Additionally the Dominions created the flip to Biden, to remain close, while also pulling the trigger for the 6 states to quit counting. They were after all, reporting the vote count to their whole Globalist network.

Dems election fraud won’t go away. Trump won. And anyone who believes otherwise is either stupid or a traitor. Or both.

Christopher Roach, American Greatness: ‘Just What are Elections Supposed to Do?’ …

Biden and his supporters would benefit from reflecting on the function of elections.

We live in a time of great change. New holidays like Juneteenth and new heroes such as George Floyd will soon eclipse our traditional Independence Day and our first national hero, George Washington. Along these lines, January 6 now looms large in the “bloody shirt” category of political symbols.

On the anniversary of the mostly peaceful breach of the U.S. Capitol, solemn ceremoniesprayer vigils, comparisons to Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks, and mountains of sanctimony about “Our Democracy™” issued from the managerial class and its leaders.

While the political wisdom of these outbursts is debatable, their intent is pretty clear. Amplifying January 6 as an attack on the country and democracy creates an “us versus them” dynamic, lumping all-but-the-most-cucked Republicans into the category of enemies of the state.

At the same time, the overheated rhetoric galvanizes the Left’s urban bugman base with flattering suggestions of struggle and danger. The entire ritual gives people devoid of spirituality a sense of purpose and superiority.

The Left makes a fetish of democracy, but their support for it is qualified. They don’t really believe in majority rule, otherwise they wouldn’t be so intent on upholding extra-democratic limits on majority rule, such as Roe v. Wade, nor would they be so hostile to populism.

They purport to believe in the voice of the people, but they support the people only when their collective voice coincides with that of the Left and the managerial class. They believe this happens more often than not, because they believe in a thoroughly “Whig” view of history, which conceives of historical events as an ascent towards the progressive promised land. Thus, when Barack Obama was elected, it was the “arc of history” bending toward justice. [-]

[+] … The disputes over the 2020 election demonstrate a real weakness in the system. The procedures, records, and structures we have in place do not permit a timely audit of most states’ presidential elections. Previous elections were saved by larger margins in more states. In all but the closest elections, a rotten precinct in Atlanta or Philadelphia wouldn’t change the outcome.

That was not the case in 2020. In fact, a tiny sliver of votes, obtained late at night in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona put Biden over the top. Before the recounts and legal challenges were complete, the media and most of the establishment began to insist that Trump was obliged to concede. He did not. Even after the Electoral College spoke, a good swath of his supporters refused to concede Biden’s victory, other than as a practical matter. [-]

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Dems election fraud won’t go away. The rot began with these anti-Americans up to the village idiot…

Upon stealing the election, the village idiot cellar-dweller hikes off to Atlanta and demands that voting fraud be enshrined in federal law because the Republicans are racist by wanting to remove the fraud. Most clear-thinking patriots of the USA have absolutely no doubt that OBO#44 was the stoker of racial strife and destruction more than any president we would ever see. Turns out in the end we were wrong. Village idiot cellar-dweller is simply a despicable human being with a despicable family in tow.

Anyone awake on the eve of election day saw Trump winning as the majority of votes provided what seemed an insurmountable margin of advantage. In some cases State Constitutions, in addition to the Federal Constitution, which also set forth the manner, times and places, in which people voted, were also violated. Yet Trump was still winning by goodly margins. Then the lights went out, in five key, swing states, which had never ever happened before.

With up-to-date information unavailable many simply went to bed. After awakening they found, what seemed, not only improbable, but statistically impossible, a very suspicious and totally unexpected result. We tend to call it FRAUD!

As mentioned by yours truly up above, Dems election fraud won’t go away: Trump won. And anyone who believes otherwise is either stupid or a traitor. Or both.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president Donald John Trump readying himself for Saturday’s huge Arizona Rally – MAGA! KAG!