DemoMarxocrat foul play implodes

En Garde in the bunker…

Some info from the great Sydney Powell forwarded from Election Data Analyzer (all credit to whoever did the analysis) which makes the fraud so obvious. Machines do what they are programmed to do. Sometime in the very near future, if not at this moment, machines will be programming themselves as to who needs to rule. Thus the Great Reset has begun.

1) A Mine inspector unopposed got 400k more votes than Kari Lake. 2) An opposed R Treasurer got 100k more votes than Kari Lake. 3) The D Treasurer got 190k less votes than Hobbs.

To summarize: People went in and voted for the R for Treasurer but not R for Governor. People went in and voted for the D Governor and the R Treasurer. This has probably never happened in a non-fraudulent election. Ever.

One has to wonder if the machines just happened to be a little off for the R Governor selection as to not actually count it… Sure it was innocent /s – So they say!

DemoMarxocrat foul play implodes. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

Common sense would say all those people who were turned away from voting, or whose vote wasn’t accepted by the machines, or even the people who tracked their vote and were told it was declined or wasn’t even there – aren’t those people at the very least entitled to have standing? One would think voter suppression is a good reason for an emergency audit.

But alas, weak RINO’s don’t want Kari Lake as Governor or Blake Masters therefore everyone will be told again that the election was absolutely the fairest election to date.

If people weren’t awake after the last big steal they’re never ever going to be awake for anything anymore. The problem with the thought of not enough people yet awake is that it doesn’t matter how many people there are. The multi-avenues of cheating nullifies ALL of us who’re awake. There are many avenues, too many to describe but you know them. The problem is the ENEMY, and that’s what they are and in charge of the whole power apparatus.

In many instances we far outnumber them but they nullify our numbers of course with cheating. When the ENEMY get to generate enough power they simply come after all of us.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘The Big Club Is Openly Reassembling’ …

When we are intellectually honest with each other, we accept the traditional Republican apparatus has always been in favor of Wall Street interests, multinational corporations, multination trade agreements, offshoring jobs, overseas manufacturing, open borders to provide endless supplies of unskilled service workers to fulfill their affluent needs, and, in the most general sense, economically no different than the traditional Democrat apparatus.   After all, both wings of the DC UniParty feed from the same trough.

The counter economic position attached to this multinational system has always been the America First outlook, and  an economic outlook that puts the U.S. worker at the very heart of policy. Perhaps encapsulated by saying ‘Main Street over Wall Street’ etc.

It was also the economics of the thing that created the Bernie Bros (Bernie Sanders) and the MAGA team Donald John Trump commonality.

As a result, the Big Club distraction and distinction game has always been played on the field of social issues.  Social issues continually used as a wedge to keep the working class from recognizing their common assembly.

Skilled politicians, those tenured in the ways of the club power retention, play up the social stuff publicly, while both wings of the UniParty give a wink and a nod to each other as they pass through the halls. The “reach across the aisle” code of Omerta exists.

I have no idea how the pragmatic and angered view of President Trump, with full intent to fracture this UniParty apparatus, is going to play out. Fighting both enemies simultaneously has proven to be a massive whac-a-mole undertaking. However, that said, what is abundantly clear is the reassembly of the group trying desperately to block the populist upheaval.

The Multinational corporations are all-in within the process of this inverted Fascism. Corporations now determining the political agenda, and it’s not just here in the United States.  We are seeing in in North America, Great Britain and throughout Europe.  The larger “western democracy” assembly is expanding the corporate dynamic, while media run cover for the totality of modern expansion.

Specifically in the United States, we can clearly see the K-Street multinational lobbying groups trying to exploit the outcome of a midterm election they helped construct.

(Politico) The conservative Club for Growth is sending a warning shot at former President Donald Trump on the eve of his expected 2024 campaign launch — and indicating it might back his chief potential rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. […] provided POLITICO with a polling memo showing the former president trailing DeSantis by double digits in one-on-one matchups in Iowa and New Hampshire. (read more)

The transparency of the timing, amid an election outcome they helped create, is remarkable.

Full link below with others…

DemoMarxocrat foul play implodes. Republicon enemies at the gate…

Who knew that the Filthy demoMarxocrats would just barely keep the margin of fraud – whoops(!) – I mean “victory” in the mid-term elections? Perhaps CORNPOP did; either way, nothing will change unless we make it change. 75% of the country hates what’s going on, and we elected demoMarxocrats? Big Fail!

OK. There won’t be a civil war, just numerous eliminations of problems. And believe yours truly – there are lots of challenges within this UNI-party, not least of which we need to eliminate forthwith, plus most of which have been around some 40+ years or more, like a case of pneumonia. Outright filthy liberals!

All of these people are directly involved in getting Hobbs elected and none have lifted a finger in support of Lake or any of the other Trump-endorsed candidates. The greasy fingers of the McConnell, McCarthy and McCain GOP machine are in full swing here, and all across the nation. The ballot box is worthless, the jury box will not be used, so that leaves one box left.

It only makes sense when you understand these globalists are playing a mind game with the American populace. This lie asserts there are more of them than us, while attempting to gaslight us by declaring the murder of babies is much more important than our personal economics. If we still think our personal economics is important, then we’ve not accepted our selfless place within the delusional hive-mind. DemoMarxocrat foul play implodes. Shame on us./sarc.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!