DemoMarxist groom of child abuse

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Hands up all those who are convinced that the whole David Hogg / Emma Gonzalez ‘March’ exercise (pun intended) is a study in DemoMarxist political child abuse – including a dose of straight up child abuse. Consider that all of the DemoMarxist Left’s cultural abuse is designed to stunt America’s children, with the plain fact of the matter being that ‘cultural abuse’ is nothing more nor less than premeditated child abuse. The Left has targeted children since Lenin and Hitler made a pact with Satan the devil, who himself has done it as long as humanity has existed; making it all the more reason we should hang our heads in shame that we have let things degrade to this exigent point.

After all, the Devil’s strategy of evil has never really been much of a mystery.

For those of us with adequate recall, it’s all a little too much like the Million Mom March all over again (another DemoMarxist failure) – picking people (moms of victims in the Mom march, now teens in March for our lives) you can’t debate against, because of the moral justification they claim to carry, especially when they dictate terms. And then behind it all is the slick DemoMarxist machine of money and marketing. The Million Mom March fell apart very quickly, so it’ll be interesting to see when this charade goes off the rails.

DemoMarxist relations groomed incessantly… ‘Leading from behind’ (ahem!) …

In the meantime, it recently emerged that those in the Parkland school system (Wasserman-Schultz territory) bullied that kid (Cruz) since early years, so consequentially, with the suppression of normal aggression in boys, the school as a whole basically created that monster. Or should we declare right here and now, that the DemoMarxist movement created the monster? It wasn’t NRA members shooting up their school, it was one of their own having been groomed for years under excruciating circumstances. All, by the way, supported by evil-loving humans. As in ‘bratty kids’.

THAT’s the tragedy, but they’re desperate to have you think it’s the NRA’s fault and not theirs. Kinda like politicians who muck things up and then whine about ‘solutions’ when they themselves are the self-created problem.

First up, Henry Scanlon and the opener to his piece in today’s American Thinker, ‘How do you really feel about Hogg and Gonzalez?’…

A proposed thought experiment for my liberal friends: What if the Parkland students – and the hundreds of thousands of other fired up adolescents who gathered around the nation last weekend – were not on your team?  What if, rather than advocating in favor of something you passionately agree with, they were advocating in favor of something you passionately disagree with?  Say, for example, their voices were raised not for the purpose of restricting access to guns, but for the purpose of restricting access to abortion?

This is not to become enmeshed in a discussion as to the relative similarities or dissimilarities of those two things.  Nor is it to disavow the concern and sympathy to which these young people are legitimately entitled based upon the horrendous experience they survived or were in proximity to.  It is simply to encourage an awareness of the extent to which our perceptions, reactions, and even valuations – in this case, of a group of particularly vocal, colorful, and engaging teenagers – can be influenced by, even guaranteed by, the way we feel about the issue being advocated rather than the inherent and observable characteristics of the individuals doing the advocating.

So, for example, instead of seeing a sixteen-year-old on a podium in front of an enthusiastic throng thundering that “any politician who receives a dollar from the NRA has blood on his hands,” it would be “any politician who receives a dollar from Planned Parenthood has blood on his hands.”

Or, during the CNN “town hall” ambush of Marco Rubio and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, suppose it were, instead, Chuck Schumer (100% rating from Planned Parenthood) and Cecile Richards, who, during her tenure as President of Planned Parenthood, presided over millions of abortions.

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If anyone wonders why the Leftist DemoMarxist party has allied with Islam it is precisely this goal of degrading humanity by cutting it off from truth and God. Keep reminding yourself that underlying everything the Left does is a massive hatred for God and those who worship Him. Since Satan deceived Eve in the Garden it has always been that way and it always will be that way until the second coming of Christ.

The Left is a synonym for evil, while humanity is always the object of destruction by the same evil. Some things never change. When the Left has progressed in its evil to the point that it is targeting 5 year-olds, we had better declare all out war, and why wouldn’t we? What are we hanging onto if we don’t have the moral clarity, compassion, or courage to protect the innocent children under our care and attention?

Operation Millstone should have been started a long time ago. The K-12 Code of Ethics is an essential strategy for stopping the Left now. There is no time to waste. None.

Operation Millstone? Glad you asked. Daniel Greenfield and his opener from today’s FrontPageMag ‘Dereliction of Duty: When will Republicans stand up to Leftist political child abuse?’ …

Daniel Greenfield…

Where did March for Our Lives come from?

We know where the organization, the money and the leadership come from.

But where do the hundreds of thousands of young people massing into crowds and calling for the abolition of the Bill of Rights come from? It’s not just the Right to Bear Arms: Freedom of Speech and of Religion have never been as unpopular among the youngest generation of voters as they are now.

They came out of the classroom. They’re the politically abused children preyed on by mental molesters.

Your local high school has some of the same radical programming as your local college. The toxic radicalism trickles down to elementary schools. And occasionally even begins in kindergarten.

Americans were shocked and disgusted at the sight of radical leftists dragging 5-year-olds out to participate in the walkout protests in Connecticut. But racist white privilege indoctrination is hitting kindergarteners in New YorkMinnesotaVirginiaMissouri  and other states. Political indoctrination is being embedded in every subject, including math, with Teach for America pushing, “Teaching Social Justice through Secondary Mathematics”.  And teachers are usually radicalized before they ever enter the classroom with classics like Democracy & Education being replaced by Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

To radicals, your children and grandchildren are just another community to be organized into protests.

And while this political child abuse was going on in schools across the country, where were Republicans? If only some politicians would spend as much time protecting our children as they do the DREAMERs.

Political child abuse doesn’t just happen in New York City, Boston or Los Angeles. It isn’t limited to blue states. Indoctrinated faculty with degrees in radicalism, administrators with big plans to spread radical division and non-profits pushing politicized courses can pop up anywhere.

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This whole sorry charade is all part and parcel of the Obama the Clown Prince of Fools ‘leading from behind’ doctrine, and unfortunately student activists are apparently easily manipulated into believing they are the lead actors changing the world, for good, bad, or obtuse indifference. It definitely requires more than instant celebrity status, fame, or fortune.

Like most progressive communist movements it isn’t about confiscation but about power and control. The ‘March’ was nothing more nor less than a voter registration drive. The Left is hell-bent on upsetting the political agenda being rapidly put in place by President Trump, but they can’t really do what they want to do until they have control of Congress. These bused-in kids are just being used and exploited as a means to an end.

America has forever been full of the ‘enemies within’ and the current generation is seemingly no different. But as I constantly trumpet (pun intended) our nationalism, populism, and a new courageous president is all that stands in the way of these continuing threats from the liberal Leftist DemoMarxist machine.

A real threat that we ignore at our peril – Of which ‘Hogg-tied and Gonzalez’ are prime examples.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump for being so insightful, intuitive, and proactive – MAGA!


So what’s wrong with this equation?: David Hogg having trouble getting into college after High School