Democrats turn to Trump in droves

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It’s a generally admitted theme in the political realm that We the (63 million) People vote with our wallets. Politicians, (particularly Democrats) run with other people’s wallets.

Last night in his first-ever Town Hall gathering, President Trump took the fight to Biden’s back yard and came off as reasonable but firm. Keeping what we have stable and growing after all, should override the desire to tank the economy and blame it on President Trump.

The general philosophy of Democrats per se, is that politicians want power, while voters want government ‘bennies’. That’s their tried and true formula. Provide government giveaways; get power.

To date, on the other hand, every candidate the Republican establishment has supported over the last half-century has talked about the ‘economy’. Some even have done something about it. It’s not the economy, it’s the Culture, stupid!

Democrats turn to Trump in droves .. Town Hall Scranton, PA…

President Trump has had the courage to speak and act on cultural issues which will positively impact economic issues as well. The word ‘economy’ indicates a behavior not a thing. When our behaviors improve, our finances will, too. We import millions of foreign workers for instance (who are generally hostile to American culture) to satisfy the low-wage demands of the Chamber of Commerce and votes for the bureaucracy.

Perhaps if we didn’t kill tens of millions of our children before they were born maybe we wouldn’t be doing that. But I digress.

The Democrats are out and about with what might be termed their own ‘Trump Copy’ rallies and town halls, screaming and yelling angrily parroting doom and gloom that’ll get worse if Trump is not driven out of office. On the other side Trump’s town hall last night was just like his own super-duper chock-full rallies, themed and performed fully with an America on the rise and a future getting better and better.

We the (63 million) People aren’t going to vote for doom, gloom, more government and higher taxes no matter how many empty promises of ‘free stuff’ is offered. Trump rules!

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Trump’s Fox News Town Hall showed Democrats the Scariest voter of All’ …

On Thursday night, President Trump participated in a Fox News town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the city that Joe Biden frequently boasts about as his hometown. Pennsylvania, of course, was one of the pivotal states that, unexpectedly, gave the majority of its votes to Trump in the 2016 election.

During the town hall, one of the people who got the microphone was David Hines, the Director of Operations for the City of Pittston. Martha MacCallum described Hines as a “lifelong Democrat who crossed over and voted for Trump in 2016.”

David asked a substantive question about controlling the EPA’s excessive and punitive environmental regulations:

Everyone supports protecting the environment, but the EPA seems too focused on complex regulations, fines, fees, and lawsuits. What can you do to lead the EPA to focus more on proactive compliance instead of punitive enforcement to protect the environment?

Trump’s answer, boiled down to its essentials, was that he’s been cutting regulations at an unprecedented rate, all the while ensuring that the environment remains unharmed. As he charmingly said, “I want to have the cleanest air on the planet. I want to have the most crystal-clear, beautiful water on the planet.”[-]

[+] … Without a second’s thought, Hines said that he was going to vote for Trump again:

Hines: I’m focused on the economy and on regulation and deregulation, and I like what’s happened in the country in the last four years –

Trump: Thank you. Thank you.

Hines: — and am thankful for your efforts, Sir, and I hope we can continue.

David Hines knows what Trump has done and appreciates how helpful it’s been to his work (and, presumably, to his personal life). He’s a Trump supporter now, and he’s not going back.

The Democrats, looking at two candidates who have promised to raise taxes and increase government control over the economy, must be shaking in their boots.[end]

Full link below…

As the more sensible abandon ship, the hangers-on screech all the more loudly; sad to see, yet morbidly amusing. Let’s keep them in our prayers.

The more desperate they become, the volume of their screeching increases proportionally. They also know (or should realize), that their numbers are decreasing as time goes on. People don’t wallow in a world of hatred. You move on with your life, and find it much better than it was before.

You see, ‘it’s the economy, stupid’.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump, changing lives one person at a time – MAGA! KAG!


Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: Trump’s Fox News Town Hall showed Democrats the Scariest voter of All

Also don’t miss ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: President Trump Town Hall Scranton PA; includes full video



4 thoughts on “Democrats turn to Trump in droves

  1. I’m a Have been a solid Trump supporter from the start, this country has never been in better shape, now the Dummycrats say they can do a better job, my question is, what the hell have they been waiting for ? MAGA KAG

  2. Loved your points. Inspired by positive and respectful tone of Trump’s Townhall meeting. One issue I did have a problem with is the headline of your article, saying that Democrats are turning “to Trump in droves”. Nothing in the article supports Democrats leaving en masse, just an interview with one Democrat official who is voting again for the president. Title of article is misleading. KAG.

    • On one of the other threads, Murdock, there was a whole slew of info flowing in on the night, to which the following were typical…

      Ronna McDaniel

      We are seeing proof of the huge enthusiasm for @realDonaldTrump in several states: In NC, POTUS has already blown past the # of votes he got in 2016.
      In OK, POTUS is on pace to received 4 TIMES the # of votes of the last two incumbent presidents.
      9:38 PM – Mar 3, 2020


      Richard Walters

      With 100% reporting in OK, @realDonaldTrump has received over 270,000 votes. The President has not only surpassed his own vote total of 130,267 votes in 2016, he has over quadrupled the vote totals received by President Obama in 2012 (59,577) and President Bush in 2004 (64,389).
      10:58 PM – Mar 3, 2020

      Charlie Kirk
      Mar 4
      Wow: Republican turnout for Donald Trump in Texas last night—1,879,758 … Democrat turnout for all 4 top candidates combined—1,663,590. An uncontested race inspired a larger turnout than Democrats’ second biggest Super Tuesday prize…

      And they say they can flip Texas?

      Charlie Kirk
      Mar 3
      Wow: Look at the results in Colorado tonight so far

      Bernie Sanders—238,345
      Mike Bloomberg—146,907
      Joe Biden—147,562

      Total for the three front runners: 532,814 … Donald Trump—569,441

      No one HAD to turn out for the incumbent. But he still outdid the top 3 Democrats … Incredible.

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