Democrats ‘Hell NO’ to Americans..

Go ahead, make my..

Democrats ‘Hell NO’ to Americans, or as Joan Swirsky put it in Canada Free Press on Saturday, “If you want to end this Panic, all PDJT has to do is declare a national emergency, cancel the election, and say he is going to be President for 4 more years”. Watch the snakes go bonkers, and the Panic ends.

As yours truly mentioned in last Tuesday’s post (complete with video which is linked below) back in 2016 the Bill Gates Foundation patented a corona-virus. Mmmm .. Bill Gates also recently resigned from the Board of Microsoft. Mmmm .. Why would he do that?

Anybody else but me and Joan Swirsky putting the Democrats 2+2 together? Just a curious observer, who’s attempting to get to the truth.

President Trump the man of the hour…

Between insider trading on supposed ‘for your eyes only’ information, and attempts to stifle the expanse of President Trump’s reach out, it isn’t outside the bounds of suspicion that unscrupulous Members of Congress and Wall Street Investors simply smelled opportunity – for themselves, that is. The country obviously means very little to them.

Someone made a ‘novel’ public-health response to what was called a ‘novel’ virus and it doesn’t seem to be turning out too well. But it is the purview of the Executive. Right or wrong as it may turn out to be, and no matter how many advisors there were, it’s definitely his ‘Buck to back’. Or not.

There are concerns that the epidemiology is not behind what his advisors said to do: this probably will have little or no effect on the spread of a virus. Basic tactics like washing hands, sneezing into your sleeve, and providing hand-sanitizers – mundane though these things may be – will likely be more effective than ‘keeping ten feet away from everybody’ based on what we think we know about how this virus spreads.

The Democrats snakes in the grass showed up real soon, like some 4 years ago. Pelosi and Schumer. Plus their anti-American cohorts in the House and Senate. In the old days they were referred to as traitors; today, they’re simply skunks. Smelly ones at that. And evil.

But, it’s the president’s ‘Buck’, and to his credit he continues to own it. Lesser leaders would be looking for a sacrifice.

Just one of many stories from the Conservative Treehouse thread, #StanH: My small business was having the best year in 13 years. All of our bookings for March and April have cancelled and 16 people may be unemployed [in a quick] if this does not change and change fast.

There is no coincidences, the better question is “what wouldn’t they do?”

That being said. Just because it “may” be intentional it doesn’t diminish that it can be deadly; take the proper precautions as our Great President Trump has asked us to do. But be prepared to roar back with a vengeance. With God our Great President Trump as His banner carrier, it’s time to crush the evil among us, once and for all.

God Bless President Trump and his family as he navigates the putrid evil swamp of deceit and his growing Deplorable Army. Please Lord get us safely through the pestilence stronger with more determination than ever as we save the United States of America and the West from evil.[end]



Nancy Pelosi’s legislative stunt has revealed that the coronavirus panic is likely a well coordinated political stunt.  If it were as real as claimed, Pelosi wouldn’t have the time to organize a political spending scheme…. ergo, it’s more likely a planned hoax to bring the economy to a standstill and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, people are unfortunately sick, but the reality is shutting the U.S. economy for a prolonged period of time will likely kill more people than any virus. With that in mind, President Trump takes a bold step and puts a deadline for a decision.  All Caps:

Hashtag Dawg from the thread:

To be clear, the media created an alternate reality. They convinced the public that CV is a death sentence that is spreading out of control.

PT realized this and had to act in some way. If he did NOT act, that would cause even worse panic considering everyone thought it was the second coming of the Black Death.


Any restrictions left will be state-imposed and those governors will be under massive pressure to lift them.[end]

Democrats ‘HELL NO’ to Americans…

As one from the past having employee and bottom-line responsibilities, yours truly can well comprehend the current weight and uneasiness with having loyal employees to look out for during this situation. Prayers to everyone who is suffering with the unknowns at this time.

One thing is certain, this was no accident by any means. It’s truly a sad, sad, situation that our world has come down to being thrown into chaos because of a small group which feels it is in their best interest to cause such an event. They’re called Democrats.

When one throws in the insouciance of Pelosi and Schumer looking out for their own best interests versus that of We the (63 million) People under their (supposed) governance, it becomes doubly deprecating, deficient and deplorable. Traitors to the cause deserve to be in jail, not lauded as celebrities.

God bless us all and may we persevere through this.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump, MAGA! KAG!


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