Death of reparations: rise of action..

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“In order to defeat your enemy you must first understand him, otherwise you have already lost the battle”. ~ The Art Of War.

It’s safe to presume that a certain class of American citizens always seem to think that they alone know what’s best for everybody in the world, since they presume to know what’s best for America; but the reality is that the world isn’t  America, never has been, never will be. Yes, it’s true that the United States has accomplished a great deal of goodwill around the planet for the past umpteen years, yet President Donald John Trump has intoned repeatedly that America cannot be the policeman of the world; to which the demoMarxocrat left responds describing him as fascist, racist, sexist, and many other pejoratives; I betcha if OBO#44 and the demented village idiot had spoken the same words they’d all be cheering.

Death of reparations: rise of action. When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

Fact is that most countries around the world are being ruled by people you probably wouldn’t wish to invite for dinner at your home, but the stable nature of each country is somewhat accepted by the population of such countries as they apparently appear to do quite enough to 1) feed themselves and their families; 2) the monsoon rains aren’t coming through their tin roofs; 3) many have small shops or food stalls; 4) nobody is killing anybody on the streets every night (like Chicago, eg); 5) folks see their kids getting an education; and 6) until people have an empty stomach then all will go on as is.

Funny isn’t it, how revolutions generally begin with an empty stomach and not in an intellectual head!

When the demented village idiot and his cackling giggle-queen cuckoo withdrew air support so the Afghan army could get about their evil business, surely he and those around him knew they would fold. Yours truly wasn’t the only one to think immediately of thousands of American citizens whose adolescent girls were entering a life of demonic slavery the exact moment when dementia Joe abandoned them. Then we were witness to the most arrogant, ignorant, stubborn, stupid and proud acting president double down on his idiocy while innocent people suffer.

If this fool doesn’t kill us with an OBOKamalicBidenflation collapse, then he will kill us with a World War III when the big boys jump in in Taiwan, Ukraine, South Korea and elsewhere for good measure. HELP!

Death of reparations: rise of action.

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Trump’s Epic Attack ad Against Joe Biden’ …

If you were wondering whether President Trump intends to run again, the ad he just dropped attacking Joe Biden seems to say, “Yes, I’m still in the game.” It is one of the most vicious (and deservedly so) ads that I have ever seen. That’s not because Trump has unusually mean or brilliant people working for him. The sad fact is that the ads against Biden write themselves.

Usually, political ads are made for a specific purpose: “Vote for me.” “Block that initiative.” “Donate money to someone.” This ad, though, exists solely to destroy Joe Biden. Or rather, considering that Biden is destroying himself, to give Biden the coup de grâce. The ad is formulated as so many political attack ads are: It has a voice-over from the politician under attack, paired with footage of events that show how dismal his predictions and promises were or how badly he lied to the American people. What makes it so powerful is the growing list of Biden’s terrible failures.

After a quick nod to rising inflation, the broken southern border, and the grotesqueries of Biden’s COVID policies, the ad shifts its focus to Afghanistan. And it’s all there: The failed predictions, the callousness, the disaster on the ground, the trapped Americans, the terrified Afghans, the moment when a super gay “intern” took over the West Wing, China’s moves on Afghanistan, and, perhaps most telling of all, the mainstream media turning against Biden for his gross incompetence.

The Democrats had their coup, and now Americans and Afghans are paying the price. But it’s bigger than that. Since the end of WWII, America has been the world’s ballast. When she’s steady, so is the rest of the world. While the Democrats may have despised Trump, the reality is that he kept a steady hand on the helm of the ship of state, making for an exceptionally peaceful four years around the world.(Not a time of complete peace, obviously, but a time without major geopolitical disruption.)

Now, with America’s ship of state foundering badly, the world’s bad actors will see their opportunities. Most people are making bets about when China will move against Taiwan. There’ll be realignments in the rest of the world, too. Already, the Saudis have entered into a joint military cooperation deal with Russia.

If the feds continue to print so many dollars that they have all the value of Weimar Republic money, China will push to become the world’s reserve currency. Then we’re really in trouble. Joe’s not going to resign (and Mrs. Joe Biden will side with him on that). However, he’s going to be pushed out anyway, and we’ll end up with Cacklin’ Kamala. In other words, out of the frying pan and into the cracklin’, cacklin’ fire. We’re no longer a shining city on a hill. We’re a broken-down slum down by the swamp.

Having said all that depressing stuff, I do believe that the American spirit still exists within us and that we can claw the country back — and maybe save the world while we’re at it.

Full link below – includes Trump video…

Death of reparations: rise of action. Sayonara up yours to the uniparty eunuch and giggle queen…

Warrior-president Trump gave the entrenched bureaucracy the benefit of the doubt – now he knows they’re totally corrupt and he will need to clean house when reelected. The cowardly demented imposter has put a new policy in place…aka “leave everyone behind”. Also, let’s not forget that election fraud is the #1 issue in America today!

Anybody tired of losing yet? Nice job,Trump folks. Hey, playing demoMarxocrats back at themselves – fabulous strategy! The quicker Trump replaces this government the better; otherwise the U.S. of A is gone as a superpower – as in Death of reparations: rise of action.

“The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall. He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known”. ~ Proverbs 10: 8-9

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. right now AMERICANS ARE FURIOUS DO you democrats CARE of course not you’re worried about the governor of caLIFORNIA LOSING the state ,they don’t care about the illegals crossing into our country with all kinds of diseases especially covid not knowing where are really coming from, more votes for them. we are in DEEP DEEP TROUBLE PELUSI,SCHUMER,MAXI NAder, shiftt hank island will tip over johnson, greene oh a few republicans too are doing their best to sink AMERICA. SHAME SHAME

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