Daniel Hannan, USA & Euro-Brexit

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

In the Introduction to Daniel Hannan’s 2010 book, “The New Road To Serfdom”, the content is described thusly: “In World War II, American soldiers went overseas to rescue England from the Nazi menace. Now, with America threatened from within by the specter of social democracy, British politician Daniel Hannan returns the favor. The New Road to Serfdom is a must-read rallying cry for Tea Party activists, fans of Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny, and anyone who has seen Hannan’s hard-hitting interviews with Hannity & Colmes, Neil Cavuto, and Glenn Beck. A former president of the Oxford Conservative Association, and a member of the EU Parliament, Hannan has the insight and experience to help America recapture its distinctive ideals and avoid turning into a socialist state.”

I bring Hannan to your attention because I just came across his opinion piece in the Daily Mail on the subject of Britain’s upcoming referendum (ie one week from tomorrow) on the European Union “remain / stay” vote, otherwise known as Brexit. This whole Britain/European affiliation began very quietly back in 1952 with basically six nations cobbling a unified trade agreement together – Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Germany. Even back then, Jean Monnet, “founding father” of the EU, wrote on April 30, 1952: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to a federation.” To many Brits, that explains everything, and thereby pushes the “vote leave” campaign.

The correlation between Britain and the European Union, and the United States, TPP and all the nonsense about an Asian trade pact sounds eerily familiar to those ominous words of monsieur Monnet those many moons ago about establishing “a super-state without their people understanding what is happening” – a classic Obama the Clown Prince of Fools’ DemoMarxist socialist tactic. Buyer beware is the warning cry!


Under the EU concept all people are to be treated the same but what has actually evolved is that the 25% of hard workers are subsidizing the remaining 75% (sound familiar?). Britain now has 5% of Eurocrats telling the rest what to do. As I illustrated this past Sunday, read 1984 by George Orwell and see just how accurate he was. Big brother, thought police, CCTV cameras etc., etc. Looking at the way this EU thingamajig  is set up to ‘work’, anyone viewing it from a neutral standpoint, might be forgiven for getting the impression that the whole thing is a political bureaucracy set-up with the primary objective of ‘putting the boot in’ to Britain at any and all given opportunity. Add the Bilderberger Group to the mix who just wrapped up yet another one of their secretive meetings in Dresden this past week, and you have a real Orwellian dystopian nightmare on your hands. No wonder Brexit is currently 10 points ahead of the “Remains” (nice little pun thrown in there) in the current polling data.

Scads of Brits I’m observing are very suspicious of Cameron and the EU, particularly as to why they brought the date of the referendum forward from its original date for some time in 2017. Many, quite rightly, constantly wonder what the EU have in the pipeline that Cameron and others know about but don’t want the British people to know. If people knew what was in the pipeline, the sentiment goes, then surely they would be voting to leave. Which is where Daniel Hannan comes in. He has been an MEP (Member of the European Parliament) for years and is well tuned up on the inside skivvy.

The EU has been a flawed concept from the start. It would’ve/could’ve worked if:

  • The original members who were basically similar in wealth and GDP joined together in trade and commerce by networking, with no giant EU bureaucratic administration in place.
  • They should’ve/could’ve integrated together for 100 years, say, before expanding one country at a time every 10 years.
  • Immigration was limited, well-controlled, and monitored.
  • They should’ve/could’ve studied the recent USA model whereby despite a robust constitution, an effective Dictator can still occur, bypassing the will of We The People and Congress with “a phone and a pen” and a corrupt bureaucracy every bit as criminal as what now exists in the EU.

Time indeed to Brexit – especially when you see/read about what Daniel Hannan has uncovered. Now if only we can convince him to unravel the United States mess in the same way.


It’s not just the plot to let in 1.5 million Turks… DANIEL HANNAN outlines ten bombshells the EU’s keeping secret until after you’ve voted

Embarrassing leaks have revealed that British Government officials colluded in Brussels to keep contentious issues about plans for making the EU into more of a superstate off the political agenda until after next week’s referendum. One of the most shocking of these secret proposals involves allowing 1.5 million Turks visa-free access to Britain. Here, DANIEL HANNAN outlines ten more controversial policies EU leaders are planning — by stealth — if we vote to Remain…

1. Banning hair-dryers
The EU plans to outlaw high-energy dishwashers, hair-dryers and other household appliances. It comes after lobbying by German manufacturers, who see an opportunity to keep competitors out of the market. Even supporters reluctantly admit its environmental impact would be tiny: these gadgets account for 12 per cent of household energy use, or 1 per cent of our carbon footprint. As so often, something presented as eco-friendly turns out to be about commercial advantage. The proposal, as Commissioner Jyrki Katainen observes, has been ‘ridiculed in the media’. He means the British media, and he’s right. The Finnish politician’s response? Postpone it until autumn.

2. A bigger budget
A mid-term review of the European Union’s seven-year budget was due at the start of the year. But it’s been postponed till after our referendum. Brussels officials privately admitted they were reluctant to give extra ammunition to British Leave campaigners. What extra ammunition? By the EU’s own admission, its unpaid bills amount to €24.7 billion (£19.6 billion). Britain pays 12.5 per cent of the budget, so our share of those bills is an additional £2.4 billion. That’s before the extra money being demanded by MEPs to deal with the migration crisis.

3. Open borders
David Cameron tried and failed to get an agreement that the EU’s free movement rules would not apply to countries that might join the EU in future, such as Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey. If we vote to remain on unchanged terms, we are accepting in perpetuity that there can be no control over migratory flows. Having failed to get a better deal before voting to leave, there is no chance of getting one if we were to stay. The migration crisis has cruelly exposed the weakness of the EU’s Schengen Agreement (which abolished EU internal borders). When Britain joined, we agreed to open our borders to the EU. The EU has now clearly opened its borders to the world. That was never the deal.

Daniel Hannan...

Daniel Hannan…

4. More bail-outs
The Prime Minister has said very clearly that Britain is exempt from any further bail-outs. The trouble is, he said it in 2013. In June 2015, when Brussels needed more cash for the third Greek bail-out, the UK was forced to loan it £600 million. Mr Cameron hadn’t lied. He had, indeed, secured an agreement — a written agreement, drawn up in the clearest possible language — that Britain would not have to prop up a currency it had declined to join. But the moment that agreement became inconvenient, the EU ripped it up; Britain was powerless to stop it. How long before the euro crisis spreads to Italy and France, making Greece look like a sideshow? Jim Mellon, the investment guru, says: ‘When this happens — and I am guessing that it will within three years — the crisis will be so huge that Germany and Britain (if we are still in) would have to help out.’ Having made a billion pounds out of knowing when to buy and sell, he is urging us to sell EU membership urgently.

5. Deeper integration
The EU is responding to the euro and migration crises in the way it responds to everything: by giving more power to Brussels. To anyone else, it might seem odd to prescribe more of the medicine that sickened the patient in the first place, but Eurocrats are Eurocrats. In an official document last summer known as the Five Presidents’ Report (the EU has a lot of presidents), Brussels officials called for the harmonisation of budgets, economic policy and taxation, as well as elements of social security. Although these things are a response to the euro crisis, most will be brought in as single market measures, because that is the only legal mechanism at the EU’s disposal. They will therefore apply to all 28 member states. Britain, despite staying out of the euro and the border-free zone, will be dragged in.

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