Danger: Joe (ahem) professor grift

Go ahead, make my..

In all honesty, it’s difficult to recall the last time a U.S. president acted so contrary to the interests of the people he took a constitutional oath to protect and defend. Technically, Biden is illegitimate. Period.

In addition, his oath is meaningless, demonstrating daily that he has no use for the US Constitution that he summarily proclaims when he has to. Broadly speaking it’s not professor Joe grift against America, it’s the entire ruling class elites and deep state against We the American People. To the Ruling Elites, their enemies aren’t China, Iran, North Korea or even Russia (the current “war” is a sideshow diversion), the real enemy of those in power are we the American people.

And those entities are willing and able to use not only the federal DOJ, judges and, of course the badge-wearing, gun toting goons and orcs in the FBI and ATF, but also the US military – what’s left of it anyway. One could very well argue that this is the Soros/Davos/OBO#44/demented village idiot plan to destabilize the U.S., via the economy, crime, food shortages and out-and-out chaos. Everything the communists do in our government is a daily means to that end. Double-Period.

Danger: Joe (ahem) professor grift. Stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

Consider that within the confines of a year and a half, Joe (ahem) professor grift has made America something it hasn’t been since the great depression – poor and poorly supplied. PedoJoeGrift has literally been on the wrong side of every issue he has ever been associated with, and there are metaphorically tons and tons of them.

Biden copied the set up the Clinton’s had with The Clinton Foundation. Just a way to launder money and keep the team intact until they could get back into government and ruin the country. Were yours truly a gambler betting on a presidential election, the likely candidate to win would be the one who has the best assembled team. Therefore, the elections are chosen and stolen to fulfill the plan. Look to see who has a team assembled, and you’ll likely see the winner. A sure bet.

It says volumes about the demoMarxocrat Party after all when the bunch expressed above put this dunce on display as a pedestal-presidential candidate – but of course they had to cheat to get him out of jail and into the White House – even the fake White House!

How quickly we forget LBJ’s “Great Society” and Barack Hussein Rspect’s “fundamental transformation”. DementiaJoey isn’t an ideologue; Joey is just a callous, corrupt, demented tool of the Great Reset NWO. That’s who PedoJoeGrift is!

Josh Hammer, American Greatness: ‘Joe Biden vs We the People’ …

It is difficult to recall the last time a U.S. president acted so contrary to the interests of the people he took a constitutional oath to protect and defend.

The Biden Administration last June unveiled its “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.” Despite its anodyne-sounding name, the “national strategy” was anything but anodyne. The pamphlet represented the logical culmination of the Left’s cynical use of the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot as a means of ginning up large-scale, nationwide anti-Republican/anti-Trump voter sentiment.

The result, evinced again by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s disgraceful October 2021 memo directing the FBI to intrude on local school board meetings and crack down on anti-critical race theory parental revolts, has been a roiling cold war waged by the ruling class against us “deplorables” and our political “wrong-think.”

Now, seven months after Garland’s infamous October 4 memo, the better question to ask is not whether Joe Biden is engaged in a cold war merely against the “deplorables.” We know the answer to that is yes. Instead, the more relevant question is whether the Biden Administration is now engaged in a cold war against a broader target: the entire American citizenry.

Based on all relevant data and metrics, the answer to that question seems to be the same: yes.

Let’s review. [end]


Ray McCoy, American Greatness: ‘Transparency’s Public Enemy: Professor Grift Biden’ …

On April 14, Joe Biden made a visit to North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. His address to the students at the historically black college made headlines not for the words he spoke, nor even the way he said them, but for the fact that when it concluded he swiveled around to shake hands with someone only to find there was no one there. The “phantom handshake” became yet another overanalyzed episode demonstrating the weakened cognitive faculties of Joe Biden.

A less remarked upon aspect of the appearance, however, was how Biden bragged that he was “Professor Biden from Penn” to his host Dr. Robin Coger, the dean of the school of engineering. In responding to this story both his defenders and his critics have obscured the real point; that the professorship was merely window dressing for a much larger corrupt endeavor. I covered the real purpose of Biden’s position at Penn for American Greatness in two articles in the Fall of 2020 about the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

Biden’s boastful claim was soon ridiculed by the Republican National Committee, which focused on the well-documented fact that Biden earned close to $1 million in four years of being listed as a professor while not teaching any academic courses. Fact checkers came back and hedged on the topic. [end]

See both articles to completion below…

Danger: Joe (ahem) professor grift.

The skunks on the demoMarxocrat side have destroyed equal justice and the rule of law in this country and mark my words the day will come when those politically-expedient ends justify the supposed means – whatever the heck they were supposed to be in the first place. All is absolute wreckage.

We’ve got some $30 trillion-plus and mounting daily in debt, while money is being recycled through government agencies to our politicians and their families. Somehow, this can’t be constitutional and yet we cannot find a way to stop this corruption. Clearly, there has to be some better answers to our situation. Danger: Joe (ahem) professor grift.

But on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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