Danchenko, Durham, Barr the door

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It becomes very disappointing indeed to witness fellow-Americans make mockery of our courts by allowing obviously-guilty people to walk, especially when it’s a traitor to the Constitution with the principle of self-governance in play; yet they still allow them to walk.

The greatest crime in American history will go unpunished with the full details of the crime left unanswered. We the (90 million+) People will never know all of the names of those involved who are still working in government or the extent of their treachery in this treasonous act. We can be assured only, that treachery such as this is guaranteed well into the future, due to the resounding success of the Get Trump operation.

To get where they are, they hobbled his administration at every turn, with the mad-dog media ONLY exhibiting hostility towards him. Many of our fellow-citizens simply have no faith in the validity of our (so-called) “elections” and won’t have faith until the 2020 steal is resolved and paper ballots reinstated.

Danchenko, Durham, Barr the door. Alphabet agency’s undercover mess. FBI Wray absent phone calls Jan 6 and beyond

The truth is that Durham did exactly what Bagpipes-Barr appointed him there to do – ie., whitewash what happened, knowing full well that what he presented would allow Danchenko to be acquitted by the DC jury and that the mainstream media – the only media that counts as far as the Deep State is concerned – would portray THAT as a victory for the Heathen-Hillary and proof that Russiagate was legit. Totally outrageously-so!

Sundance has always been 100% right about Durham and Barr, to the point where even a blind man can see it.

Count this nation dead or dying, felled by the actions of unelected American and foreign enemies, totally out of reach of our semi-pointless ballots and planting evil everywhere they exist. The purge has to be somewhere immediately around the bend with literally millions praying and fully expecting this damnable charade to end.

Blind enough as it’s become already, it isn’t just Durham, Bagpipes Barr, Danchenko nor Robert Mueller or FBI’s reputations being ruined, but within the foreseeable future, just who will ever want yet another fake Special Counsel to “investigate” any wrongdoings of the obsequious so-called Federal Government, being as they are after all, criminals for the most part?!

Having spent billions of taxpayer money, the process has been years in the making and in the end, the lengthy report only showed “Move Along, Nothing to See Here” result. We the (90 million+) People will likely NEVER EVER again trust another phoney-baloney-appointed Special Counsel, nor the so-called “investigation” they produce. GONZO!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Danchenko Found not guilty On all four Counts of Lying to the FBI’ …

As CTH has stated from the outset of the entire scheme, the problem is institutional corruption.

The personnel, administration, leadership and participants, within the DOJ, DOJ-NSD and FBI are corrupt.

Institutions do not become corrupt by themselves. People within the institutions are the cause of the corruption, and every person attached to the Trump-Russia investigation – including Robert Mueller, are corrupt. It was a scheme in 2016, which became a coverup operation in 2017, which became an explosive institutional problem in 2019 which Bill Barr was trying to manage.

Institutional Preservation – Bill Barr applied the Bondo to the rusted framework of the DOJ and FBI, and John Durham applied the spray paint by not targeting anyone inside the justice department.

John Durham only focused, perhaps because he was only allowed to focus, on the external participants to the originating schemes. One thing is clear, John Durham never once mentioned the corrupt nature of the Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann coverup operation.

Danchenko was represented by the same lawyers representing Hillary Clinton because at the heart of Danchenko’s intent was an effort to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 October surprise they were constructing using fabricated claims of Trump colluding with Russia to win the election.

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — A jury has found Russian national Igor Danchenko not guilty on four false statements charges, declining to convict him for the allegations that the main source of British ex-spy Christopher Steele had lied to the FBI about his sourcing for the discredited anti-Trump dossier.

The jury reached their decision on Tuesday after less than two days of deliberations, delivering John Durham another defeat in his long-running investigation of the Trump-Russia investigators, after the special counsel lost another false statements case against a Clinton campaign lawyer in May. (more)

Washington DC protects itself.

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Danchenko, Durham, Barr the door. Roberts really fearful to reveal Roe-Wade decision?

It’s hard to imagine that there is any sort of silver lining in this dark cloud over American justice. It will indeed take a decades long march to undo the damage done by demoMarxocrats and complicit Republicans on our justice system. In addition to traitors, Barr, McCabe, Comey, Wray, Mueller, ex-and-present CIA officials, add Justice Roberts to the list. He oversees the FISA court and rumor has it, he knows who leaked the Roe-Wade decision but is fearful to release the name. Mmmm.

OK then – cast your mind back a couple of years or more if you will and remember when Comey was in front of the Congressional Oversight Committee – (chaired I seem to remember by Haircut-Gowdy) – when Comey boasted about always giving a “Hard Stare” [Blue Steel-style] at things and in sober and serious tones said that it is really, really hard to get a FISA warrant authorized by the FISA Court, yet just months later, the success rate of getting a warrant approved was 99% (and the one that did not get passed was the first draft of the Carter Page warrant, ironically). Is that considered perjury or what?

Our last hope might well have been placed not on Durham but on our jury system. “12 men good and true.” We can see now, after numerous cases involving Trump associates and Jan6 protesters, that there is no jury pool (or judge) drawn from the DC environs capable of giving a fair and impartial hearing to “Conservative” defendants. Operating within the narrow lane granted to Durham, he accomplished virtually nothing. The guilty demoMarxocrats and Government officials continue to go unpunished. Danchenko, Durham, Barr the door.

Perhaps the response to the two-tier justice system will begin on November 8. Let Freedom Ring!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!