DACA debacle lays at feet of Obama

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With all the current talk about DACA this and DACA that, one could quite easily become DACA’d out by it all. On the one hand, we have an out-of-control Obama instituting a law (that rightly should be the responsibility of Congress alone) by diktat under Executive Order, while on the other hand – voila! – having the history of the Bill Clinton solution years before DACA became DACA.

Consider that Congress went absolutely AWOL in January 2009 when the anointed one was ushered in by the Globalists, and was serially ineffectual during the entire time he was president, thereby leaving him left alone to wreak havoc with his pen, his phone, and his Deep State.

Seizing powers given by the Constitution to the Congress is in itself an impeachable offense, but to impeach a sitting president you need a Congress with a spine, not servile arrogance.

As commenter ‘allengen’ expressed it on the thread: Barry Soetoro of Kenya (or Indonesia) was clearly in charge of his administration. The federal agencies did his bidding. Wherever responsibility lay according to law or tradition, Obama acted when and how he saw fit. He was a lawless president. Today we witness federal agencies still under sway of the Obama holdovers, as if he never left office. If the the den of vipers in Washington is not cleaned out soon, the stench of corruption and criminality will be more than a decent law abiding folk can bear.

Very true, but the ‘stench of corruption and criminality’ goes back (in this particular case) all the way to the Clinton Corruption Cabal, which Ronald C. Tinnell addresses in today’s American Thinker…

I suddenly realized we have a clear precedent from the Clinton administration of how we should deal with the DACA children. For those of you too young to remember the incident, I will summarize it.

Elian Gonzalez’s mother attempted to bring him to the United States from the socialist paradise of Cuba. She died in the attempt, but Elian was rescued and brought to the U.S.

Fiendish relatives claiming to represent Elian’s best interest attempted to keep him in the U.S., but caring and compassionate Federal Agents took him and returned him to his home in Cuba.

Fidel Castro became a sort of godfather to Elian. He is a grown man now, a Cuban hero, and quite supportive of the Cuban regime.

The Clinton Cabal and AG Janet Reno held Elian Gonzalez and his father at gunpoint before extraditing the boy back to Castro’s hell…

Why should we deny the DACA children the benefits of this kind of treatment? Are they less deserving than Elian Gonzalez? The United States is, after all, a terrible place filled with “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic deplorables”. Hillary Clinton said so. Surely the DACA kids would be better off somewhere else.

Some of the DACA “children” are actually adults now and able to make their own decisions. If, for some reason, they do not want to return to their home countries, perhaps they would be interested in going to the socialist paradise of Cuba. I’m sure the Cuban government would be eager to accept as many of these “wonderful” “kids” as it can get.

They could help offset the constant outflow of traitorous counter-revolutionaries constantly leaving the island on anything that will float.

Of course, Fidel is gone now, and Raúl is a bit old to act as godfather to several hundred thousand DACA kids, but I’m sure the Cubans can work something out.

Here’s what Obama said back in 2005 just after Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros clamped his Globalist arms around the Kenyan to eventually elevate him to the presidency via a dubious corrupt Illinois Senator gig… Completely out of nowhere…

To re-cap:

  • DACA was unconstitutional. That’s a simple fact.
  • DACA was an executive order, not a law.
  • Trump did NOT end DACA, Barack Obama did! Obama placed a sunset date on his executive order, so if you’re upset about someone ending it, be upset at Obama.
  • Trump did a BRILLIANT THING by forcing Congress (who is NOT working together, no one can deny that!) to actually work together to come up with a solution to the immigration problem that BOTH SIDES claim is a problem.
  • Trump put the ball in their court, let THEM be the ones who will sink or swim on this!

Now, of course, watch the Big Fake News Media place blame for this on Trump! Fact is, immigration was (supposedly) a mess before Trump, so you can’t blame the president for this.

Come to think about it in closing, but Danney Williams is also a kind of a DACA Dreamer with five kids of his own now. Haven’t heard of Danney? Still trying to reach out to his ‘Daddy’ and step-mother after all these years but so far to no avail … Just click right here


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