Constitutional En Garde In Play

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Constitutional en garde in play. What is painfully evident over the anti-Constitutional behavior of the rogue fraud “president”, is that the most important issue is the lawlessness of this administration, and not so much illegal immigration, which is merely a symptom of the major problem. Let us not forget that a majority of voters across this nation recognized this problem and voted to end it, by electing legislators who promised to do so. It appears now however, that those legislators (for their own political purposes) are bending over backwards to avoid doing what must be done to protect the laws of this nation – the lawlessness of the president and his party is the problem! You don’t correct such a problem by doing end runs around the law to support such lawlessness; you bring it to an end, by confronting the illegal behavior, using any and all legal measures available. It should be evident to all concerned, that if you don’t abide by and enforce the laws of the nation, you will soon have a lawless nation running rampant over “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Obama has “evolved himself” into a little clown dictator – or as I named him just the other day in a piece “King Flip and Emperor Flop”. He has absolutley no credibility and his final two years in office will consist of him sneering at the people who rejected him, while trampling the Constitution that We The People hold dear. If the GOP Establishment doesn’t take bold measures to stop him, everyone will wonder why anyone should bother to vote for them in the next election – and that is a very sad state of affairs in light of what happened in the shellacking that the DemoMarxists experienced November 4th.

Coming up from John Hayward in Human Events, is a piece wherein he lays it all out in understandable terms, just what needs to be done in an effort to restore the Republic. By way of introduction to the piece, here’s Ted Cruz talking to Chris Wallace yesterday on Fox News Sunday … Constitutional en garde in play.

In other words (putting it as simply as I can) when We The People speak as emphatically as we did on voting day, it behooves the ruling party to implement the very programs and issues that the election was decided upon, and not to cower meekly under the cover of “parliamentarianism” to assuage the opposition and the degredation that they have been responsible for in bringing the nation to its knees. Boldness in action, according to the will of We The People is what is called for in these final two years of a broken administration … PERIOD!

Now on to John Hayward…

John Hayward, Human Events

John Hayward, Human Events

What will the Republicans do in response to this outrage?  There are three basic schools of thought.  School Number One is, alas, capitulation, perhaps culminating in outright submission.  Some leading Republicans are grumbling about Obama’s executive amnesty without giving much of a hint as to how they plan to oppose it, which leads seasoned observers of the GOP Establishment to conclude they won’t do anything, outside of trying to score a few very cheap political points by criticizing the Emperor before they go along with him.  After all, a not-insignificant segment of the Establishment either actively desires amnesty (followed by even more cheap labor pouring across the border) or thinks it’s politically impossible to oppose it, without suffering the undying scorn of the new imported voters plus a dangerous percentage of legal Latino citizens.  Maybe they’ll even give him the kind of immigration bill he wanted all along, seasoned with a bit of beaten-dog whining: don’t strip any more of our powers, you don’t have to hurt the Constitution any more, we’ll give you everything you want, next time just tell us when you’re really serious about seizing dictatorial powers and we’ll capitulate a little earlier…


Constitutional en garde in play.

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