Congressional Corruption : Reid & Lee In Cahoots?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)

Congressional corruption of course, is not unknown to most observers of the Washington D.C. landscape. To make a blanket statement that ALL Dems and ALL Repubs are corrupt and power-mad would be unfair. I would have to concede however, that most Dems are, and far too many Repubs follow in their wake. Where there’s fuel there’s fire, and If only Lee was being investigated, Holder and the Dems would be all over this. He is protecting Reid in some fashion, and that has to be discouraging to anyone seeking a government of transparency. Since there’s absolutely no way that “transparency” is happening as promised by the fraud we have in the White House, WE THE PEOPLE need to make our voices heard in the strongest possible way. If these allegations hold up, then Lee is a real embarrassment to the Republican cause. If I were Lee I’d invite a full investigation simply to clear his name. If he doesn’t, then he’ll be tarred forever and his career will be over, all based on Congressional corruption.

John Solomon with all the details …