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Continuing on from my yesterday post, this just proves my point that there are no community standards at FB. They may well assume they have them, but reality says differently. Nothing is really published or adhered to. If it is, it likely changes by the hour.

If the contractor is hung over from last night’s shindig, let’s assume, then his judgment is different than at other times. One contractor may see something one way and another a different way. It’s all one big crap shoot. If FB were actually held responsible for these decisions, there would be a whole lot more accountability and care. But, as it is, they have little to no skin in the game. They are free to screw up with no consequences.

If they are going to edit, there must be consequences. Today arrived the ‘took another look’ post:

Someone from our review team took another look at your post

Our review team confirmed that your post doesn’t follow our Community Standards on hate speech. No one else can see the post.

What you can do next

  • Learn more about the standards
  • Accept our decision or request another review

Dennis G Hurst: That’s how ‘muzzies’ work … breed like rabbits with multiple “wives” and once they reach 10% of any population it’s lights out … that’s why Japan for one, don’t officially allow muzzies into their society… on Saturday


Interestingly there’s this on the same thread which is illustrative, from ‘Ann Chase’: ‘My Fbook account was disabled with no explanation. Previously, I was occasionally banned or suspended for violating Community Standards, but have no idea what comment or word was in violation. (The correct answer would be none.)’

‘Please note that I am an 85 year-old great grandmother, always polite, a good writer with a large vocabulary (eliminating any need to express myself with the usual Fbook language). My only sin is being a Trump supporter and conversing with fellow conservatives’.

‘I enjoyed my time on Fbook as I am old, disabled, and like many other seniors, becoming more lonely as my friends and family leave this world. Fbook could have a little compassion, don’t you think?’ [end]

An 85-year-old Grandmother!

Mark Zuckerberg being grilled on Facebook policies and community standards…

As Taylor Day put it on her closer yesterday (so far she hasn’t been blocked on her FB page!): ‘When someone like Paul Joseph Watson or Laura Loomer gets deplatformed, there is a measurable monetary loss and it is assumed that an executive in corporate Facebook somewhere has considered a lot of factors before reaching that decision’.

‘For some weird reason, we collectively don’t consider the people that have this power to control what content we are allowed to see on Facebook.  Neither is there a call for a safeguard that ensures that individuals’ beliefs, whether religious, racial or political, don’t play a part in what is deemed a violation of Community Standards.  The number one reason for employee turnover is because their accuracy rating is too low’.

‘Moderators may pass the normal background checks completed by other employers, but Cognizant must be able to pre-screen applicants’ ability to handle reported content before putting them to work.  Their contract might not be enough to bring in the people that would be best for the job but there must be some way to measure whether candidates will have an acceptable future accuracy rating and not develop PTSD’. [end]

Just for the record, links to the very content that Zuckerberg’s FB is after me for – TRUTH!!! …..

The classic 8-minute video on Muslim population growth

Pew Research Center: Europe’s Growing Muslim Population

Pew Research Center: U.S. Muslim population continues to grow

Dr. Peter Hammond: How Islam progressively takes over countries

Renew America Austin Miles:One word keeps Islam problem out of Japan

U.K.Guardian: Muslim population in England and Wales doubles in 10 years

From College Sports (of all things!): What happens when Muslim population % grows

And on that note – Onward to today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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