Clinton-Gore And Confederate Flag

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The murders at the AME Episcopal Church are a tragedy and I find it somewhat shameful that while the blood on the ground is still warm, some people jump in to exploit it for political purposes (in this case, gun control and a Confederate flag). This should be a time for sincere mourning, but the left never lets a moment pass in the pursuit of political advantage. It is disrespectful to the victims to reduce them to political props, and we have seen this too many times before. As Rahm Emanuel often proclaims, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

It might be somewhat different if, after a suitable period of reflection, these guys came up with some cogent argument for why this symbol is a rallying point for hate, but this reflexive blaming of symbols and inanimate objects for the crime is mindless. Let us be clear, the “confederate flag” that flies in Columbia is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, not the national flag. It was Robert E. Lee’s battle flag, flown in battle to help distinguish Southern troops from Northern. The distinction may be irrelevant to some, but nevertheless, it represents the bravery and courage of the Southern soldier, not a racist, plantation owner society.

Clinton-Gore 1992

Certainly it is absurd to try connecting the Confederate battle flag with Dylan Roof’s heinous act, but we can, should, and must, connect the red Hammer and Sickle banner with the totalitarian, anti-American CPUSA, aka the DemoMarxist Party. And while we’re on the subject, talking about which, there’s this that I posted on my FB page earlier this morning – didn’t seem to bother the “Race Industry Reverends” nor the Congressional Black Caucus Plantation Owners, nor the NAACP back when they used it for their own political purposes to support a certain DemoMarxist Political family or two – Clinton-Gore matter of fact. What a find, eh?

Question for the spurious lamestream media – “Have you asked Hillary about the Arkansas Confederate flag thing? Wait, never mind, nobody asks Hillary anything” – Silly me thinking I’d get some action from those hypocrites…

On to Aaron Goldstein and his blog post from today’s American Spectator…

Aaron Goldstein...

Aaron Goldstein…

In the wake of the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina at the hands of a white supremacist which left 9 people dead, one of the flashpoints of discussion has been the Confederate flag which flies over the state legislature in Columbia.

There have been renewed calls for the removal of the Confederate flag from the state capitol by liberal publications such as The Atlantic and Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have joined the call. If the people of the Palmetto state want to address this matter whether through the state legislature or by popular referendum and decide they want to remove the flag  then fine by me.

Yet it should be remembered that the presence of the Confederate flag in the state capitol did not prevent the people of South Carolina from electing Tim Scott to both the House of Representatives and later the Senate. I might add that during the GOP primary for the House seat, Scott bested Paul Thurmond, the son of the late Strom Thurmond. I’m sure that the election of an African-American Republican could not have pleased Dylann Roof.

But the electoral success of Tim Scott doesn’t merit consideration by liberal elites precisely because Scott is a conservative Republican and that isn’t good enough for liberal elites. It never is.

Let me put it this way. Would Dylann Roof have killed nine people if the Confederate flag hadn’t been flying over the state capitol? Last I checked New York, Baltimore and Cleveland are north of the Mason-Dixon line. You would be hard pressed to find a Confederate flag in these cities. Yet when African-Americans die at the hand of the police in these jurisdictions, The Left immediately calls racism the culprit even when African-American police officers are involved as was the case in Baltimore. While one could certainly argue that police have overstepped their authority in these instances it must also be said that abuse of power and racism aren’t mutually exclusive.

There is no doubt that Dylann Roof committed his act of evil because he subscribed to the racist ideology of white supremacism. It is also true that Roof posed with the Confederate flag in a picture. Yet it would be a mistake to blame the Confederate flag for what happened on Wednesday night. Dylann Roof is solely responsible for causing the deaths of 9 African-Americans. Confederate flag or no Confederate flag, the people of South Carolina do not deserve to be blamed for what happened at Mother Emanuel.

 Clinton-Gore 1992

“Have you asked Hillary about the Arkansas Confederate flag thing?
Wait, never mind, nobody asks Hillary anything.”