Clinton Foundation As Cash Cow….

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The Clinton Foundation is a scheme by the Clintons that is too cute by half and will hopefully end up leading to their complete destruction. The Clinton Foundation began as a scheme to gain power, money, and notoriety. By collecting money from various donors into a “charitable” foundation, the Clintons would provide certain favors in return. It was the perfect solution for the Clintons who loved power and money and were looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme to accumulate as much as possible as quickly as possible. On leaving the White House in 2001, they put all their hopes on an ignorant public together with their ability as part of the extremely rich and powerful to create uncertainty as to what various laws meant.

Now, in the middle of yet another campaign to seal the White House for their retirement, their criminal largesse has come back to bite them and bite them badly. While providing them money and influence for a short time, the first major problem from their scheme is the destruction of Hillary’s campaign for president. Had Hillary just stayed in the State Department and followed the rules, she would likely have been the next president of the US by virtue of being a Clinton and having ovaries as her primary qualifications. What the Clinton Foundation Cash Cow is exposing is to show all but the most devout DemoMaxists and the most incredibly blind and stupid that they cannot run a charity so how could they be expected to run the country? Where normal charities use 75% of their donations towards their causes, the Clintons manage barely 6-9% which is nothing short of utter failure. Prior to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s abilities could never be measured because there was never another Secretary of State with the same issues at the same time to which people could compare her ability. With the Clinton Foundation, a yardstick was created to make the comparisons clear and it shows Hillary to be the epitome of ineptitude.

We're gonna rule the world baby...

We’re gonna rule the world baby…

Another factor is that the Clinton Foundation will do more than scuttle Hillary’s quest for the presidency. Since this corruption was predicated on her having her own e-mail server placing her communications in a position where no one could see them, her actions clearly indicated that she undertook the Sec. of State position with the intent of selling influence to all and sundry, and to make a killing financially from her activities. It is one thing to have opportunity fall into your lap and take advantage of it in a weak moment, but it is altogether different to create the situation out of whole cloth for yourself through planning and scheming before hand; in other words, the true mark of a “made man” (or woman) according to Mafia Rules.

The final net result will take a little time to be finalized, but the results are certain. First, Hillary will never be president (hope springs eternal); second, both Hillary and Bill will go down in history as two of the most corrupt if not THE most corrupt politicians in American history; third, so complete will be the destruction of their reputations, people will look back at Bubba’s impeachment trial and regret not having him removed from office when the opportunity was presented; neither Bubba nor Shrillary will ever again command any high dollar payments for speeches; fourth, the stink about their charity will be so great that it will likely be taken over by some neutral receivership party to close out the foundation’s accounts and erase its existence. While it is doubtful that neither Bill or Hillary go to jail or that they even have to forfeit their ill gotten money, their complete shaming and humiliation will become their own prison worse than anything any physical structure could provide. And lastly, the DemoMarxist party will experience a huge blow to its brand. After Obama the incompetent, inept, and permanent victim of racism (sarcasm alert) becomes clearly identified as the cause of so many complete and utter failures in the last eight years, the folly of the Clintons will only reinforce the destruction of the DemoMarxist brand. Now it seems the only question left is whether or not America can survive what the Clintons and Obama have done to the once-greatest nation on the planet.

Consider from whom the corruption of the Clinton Foundation has emanated since it was cobbled together back in 2001:

“Scale and complexity arise from the multiple channels that link Clinton donors to the Clintons: there is the stream of six-figure lecture fees paid to Bill and Hillary Clinton, mostly from large corporations and banks, which have earned them more than $125 million in the fifteen years since Bill Clinton left office in 2001. There are the direct payments to Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns, including for the Senate in 2000 and for the presidency in 2008 and now in 2016, which had reached a total of $712.4 million as of September 30, 2015, the most recent figures compiled by Open Secrets. Four of the top five sources of these funds are major banks: Citigroup Inc, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Morgan Stanley. The Clinton campaign meanwhile has set a goal of raising $1 billion for her Super PAC for the 2016 election.”

Sleeping Beauty and Gunga Din out to conquer the world..

Sleeping Beauty and Gunga Din out to conquer the world..

“Finally there is the nearly $2 billion that donors have contributed to the Clinton Foundation and its satellite organizations since Bill Clinton left office. It may seem odd to include donations to the foundation among the chief ways that corporations and the super-rich can gain access to the Clintons, earn their goodwill, and hope for future favors in return.” (H/T American Digest/The Clinton System)

Yours truly has absolutely no doubt that the Clinton Mafia has been/is strictly a façade for lining the pockets of all involved (including relatively recently, Chelsea and her brood). As long as Hitlery held the Sec. of State position, they could raise the money from all-comers who understood the relationship would be beneficial. Perhaps some leaked inside info had been made available to donors to convince them that she would be “anointed” president and their seat at the table of influence would broaden. Now they are all implicated in a worldwide scandal and she/they may not be able to deliver the promised goods. So then, just who runs for the hills? Who goes to jail?

Stay tuned fellow-patriot-watchers, it could well be one heck of a roller coaster ride between now and November 8th.


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