The Clinton Damage Report : 1998 Warns ‘Never Again’

robert_bork_mediumIn this treasured archive from 1998, the late Robert Bork lays out the damning evidence of a wayward and profligate administration the likes of which America hadn’t been exposed to since, well, Jimmy Carter; what one might very well label “The Clinton Damage Report.” But it wasn’t so much the ineptitude of governance that was besmirched, but the very moral fiber of the nation that suffered; and more under this wayward misogynistic couple than arguably at any other time in history – What some historians might declare the TRUE beginning of the “War on Women.” How many millions of American parents for example, me being one of them, had to take time out with our children (my two younger sons were 8 and 7 at the time) to discuss the meaning of sex, and the merits of what “is, is”? Which is why anyone with the last name of Clinton shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the leadership reins of a Constitutional Republic ever again. PERIOD.

The Clinton Damage Report…
The one hilarious moment in the sad and disgusting Clinton saga came at a fundraiser in Cincinnati. Pursued by his own manifold sins, lies, and impeachable offenses, the president managed a straight face as he assured the audience that the real scandal was a “Washington obsessed with itself instead of America.” This, from a man whose self-absorption is legendary, if not pathological, at least deserves an Oscar for best self-parody.
 We have come, at long last, to the end of the Clinton presidency. Whether he is removed from office or continues as a disdained and powerless figurehead, he is through. But the difference between impeachment and political impotence is crucial. It will be a test of the American people. If the head of the most corrupt and malign administration in our history is suffered to remain in office, however crippled, it will be a clear sign that we have turned a corner, that American morality, including but not limited to our political morality, is in free fall.


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