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Pete Buttigieg of all people came to mind over the weekend as I was mulling over the future necessity of 4 more years of President Trump, following which We the People can then say we recognize our country again. Following the disastrous mess of Dem #44 and his doomsday plunge into the darkness that became the worst presidential administration in USA history (which, by the way, was on the verge of elevating an even worse government parasite in the form of Hillary Rob’EmBlind) people will have become ‘American’ again – and much without any remorse whatsoever.

[As a side note, btw, and relative to today’s content, take a read of my weekend blog titled ‘When evil is as evil does, be prepared’, in link provided down below.]

There’s an underlying nastiness about it all… Blame the education malaise…

Long ago and far away there weren’t any gay pride parades, cities that embraced something that’s absurdly called ‘pride week’ or Disney of all people, promoting homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle in their made for children entertainment productions. Neither were there people walking around with green, blue, pink and fuchsia colored hair, gauges, piercings, facial tattoos, man buns and/or pussy hats.

Back then I also think it’s safe to say, there weren’t many people walking around in Michigan, Minnesota or anywhere else for that matter, in burkas, nor any Ameriphobic Palestinian/Muslim apologists getting elected to Congress either.

Which brings us to the topic at hand, and that would be one, Pete Buttigieg, failing mayor of South Bend Indiana, who somehow thinks he’s more than qualified to become (GULP!!) president of the United States. Let that ruminate around your brain for a while.

To help me out, here’s Richard Jack Rail with a short, sharp, sweet to-the-point-piece he titles ‘Recognizing America’ in today’s American Thinker 

Pete Buttigieg says we won’t recognize America if Trump is re-elected. “This country cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump,” he said. “We will not recognize it if he gets reelected.”

Gee, Pete, America’s already unrecognizable because of Trump. All those long lines at the unemployment office, the food stamp lines at the grocery store, the emergency rooms jam-packed with illegals waiting for free medical care — that sort of thing has almost vanished since Donald got in.

What will set America off on the road to civil war is Democrats once again stealing an election, as Kennedy did in 1960. Our choice is clear: the Obama road or the Trump road. America has graphically seen the difference.

Under Obama, we had to get used to new normals of low GDP, low employment, high unemployment, wide open borders, etc. With Trump, we’ve seen that none of that is necessary, that the right policies unleash the economy and put everybody to work.

Simply stated: Obama and his people lied to us about the world and about America. Trump has told us the truth and has acted on it, and the results are unequivocally positive.

There’s also the fact that Trump has teased the Ugly Left out of its shy, retiring shell to reveal a repellent, vicious alien we had thought human.

It’s hard to believe anybody not adjudged insane could be so nasty, so brimful of burning hatred. How do people get this way? What about life in these United States is so awful that anybody could truly hate it?

It makes no sense unless we invoke the biblical Adversary.

Fear not. Hate not. Their time is coming.

The day he announced his run, the Trump family…

So yeah Pete Buttigieg, We the People already don’t recognize the America most grew up in anymore, but we’re damned sure we don’t want to see what your lot would do to it if you and your ilk were in charge again.

Whatever it is we need to do, we need to do it quickly, because the third generation is generally the last to remember ‘how it used to be’. To kindergartners today, Grampys and their world are still real and touchable reminders of the past. Fourth generations lose that intimacy and more readily accept the new order. The absence of a link to the past, and the forgetfulness which is pretty much standard to all of us, means that all the above-mentioned norms are too distant to be meaningful or real.

If/when we accomplish all this, we will then be in position to no longer be forced to recognize others’ mental illnesses, that there’s nothing wrong with transvestites reading stories to 3-year-old’s; that there’s a cultural reason for men and women to have separate restrooms; that schools will go back to teaching the ‘3 R’s’ and not ‘Johnny has 2 mommies’.

And finally, that – hopefully – parents will again remember the moral compass of the 10 Commandments (even if you are an atheist, they are wise words to live by) to which the parents will teach their children.

And therefore, we must pray for Trump 2020. As for Mayor Buttigieg, he can limp his way back to where he truly belongs – sorting out the mess he has wrought on South Bend, Indiana!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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2 thoughts on “Buttigieg farcical Demrat buttercup

  1. Dennis, you hit the nail on the proverbial head with Buttigieg. I find it fascinating he has the nerve to quote the Bible attempting to normalize homosexuality. I understand his brother is a minister. Has Pete learned nothing from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Many will vote for him who are LGBTQ simply because he is “gay”.
    What has happened to “One Country Under God”? It appears to many that it is normal to have a transvestite read a story to children, teaching LGBTQ to first graders when they should be playing games and making friends (not FB friends) , permit both sexes to use the restroom to which they identify, showering in the locker room of the the opposite sex! I am appalled and sickened that our country has turned their back on God as it appears Satan is winning at this point.
    I have no e-mail at this time as I have recently moved.
    Thank you Dennis for sharing your posts.

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