Bob Gates right again about Biden

Bob Gates right again about Biden … stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

James Poplar, American Thinker: ‘Bob Gates right again about Biden’ …

It is no secret that our former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency was not a fan of Joe Biden when he saw him up close and personal as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as our Vice President.

Gates was present when then Vice President Biden urged President Obama, over the advice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, not to launch the daring raid that ultimately took out Osama bin Laden.

His famous statement in Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War:

 I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

…has continued to be remarkably prophetic since Joe Biden assumed office as president.

Having served in the Department of Defense both in uniform and as a government employee when Robert Gates was at the helm, I can assure you he was a no-nonsense and apolitical public servant with no axe to grind nor allegiance to a political party. He called them as he saw them and was known in “The Building” (The Pentagon) for his ability quickly to size up one’s character and ability as a leader, be it as a member of the military or as a civilian.

Which brings us to Joe Biden and the 9/11-like terror attack on Israel. The current situation in Israel has the potential to quickly engulf the entire Middle East in flames. It once again demonstrates that Robert Gates was and continues to be on target regarding the lackluster abilities of our current Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden in foreign policy and national security.

President Biden’s weak enforcement of sanctions against Iran and the recent release of billions of frozen assets of “humanitarian” aid surely served as the catalyst for the horror that Hamas is inflicting upon the people of Israel. In addition, if Iran-backed Hezbollah enters the war, the very existence of the state of Israel could be threated and the United States will be pulled yet again into another conflict that could have been prevented had the Biden administration demonstrated more resolve against Iran.

From our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan (not coordinated with our NATO allies) which left the Taliban in charge along with billions in U.S. weapons, to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, prompted by our perceived weakness and resolve, once again Robert Gates has proven that he is not only consistent in his assessment of Joe Biden’s ability in national security affairs but clairvoyant as well.

Let’s hope for the sake not only our nation and  the world that President Biden gets it right for once before it is too late. [end]


Bob Gates right again about Biden … So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls … When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

Other than siphoning money, what has Joe Biden done in his entire life that was a success? Failure after failure. Can not even train a dog. Or be a father. Biden is like the typical guy cheating on his wife. He doesn’t get the chores done around the house; doesn’t cut the grass very often; forgets everything pertaining to his wife. Why? He’s living a double life – (quadruple, even?) – and doesn’t have time to keep up.

Biden has never been about the business of the American people. He has always been a double game of pretend politics but practicing grift. Wasn’t it “44” who said “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f#@k things up.”? No matter…..still applies. That’s why everything is falling apart. Biden is a “quockerwodger”, Obama likely the one forever pulling the puppet’s strings, this current episode after all with the stench of Barack Obama – which ironically, smells like sulfur. YUK!

Pedo Joe* doesn’t even decide when it’s time to change his Depends. This mess is the “work” of various and sundry fools and traitors (take your pick) running the show from behind the curtain. And a nasty one at that – ’nuff said! Bob Gates right again about Biden – THE END!