Bill Whittle Exposes Imperial Ryan

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Somewhat of a small political potpourri today featuring Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall leading us into a detailed piece on the problems inherent in We The People’s Congress – aka Paul Ryan the DemoMarxist plant in the position of Speaker of the House, whose cunning and duplicity were very well camouflaged while he was Mitt Romney’s running mate. All we heard about him was the script describing a young talented policy wonk who spent all of his waking hours poring over the budget and creating complicated algorithms to solve our national debt. The narrative was cleverly sold and millions believed it. Now we know the truth; but more on that later.

As to Bill Whittle, never one to shy away from confrontational commentary, he comes out with all metaphorical guns roaring calling a spade a spade, classifying Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Purdue, Boston College, Duke, etal, as terrorist ideological training camps. Since the 1960s they’ve been nothing but houses of subversion. Either they teach the students to subvert, or they subvert the students according to the needs at the time. Let We The People never forget of course, that all our “rulers” attend these institutions, become thoroughly indoctrinated, and graduate like robotic drones to unleash their communist traits upon the nation at large by entering the nepotistic bureaucratic ranks of government. Career politicians.

On that note, let’s take a look and listen at what Bill has to say…

Next up, can we please stop referring to these people as our “leaders” and call them what they are: our representatives. They need to be reminded that they are elected to represent us, not lead us, including Paul Ryan and his transformational demeanor since his foray into the stratosphere with Romney. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t he actually parrotting the same pretentious crap-lines we’ve heard from Obama the Clown Prince of Fools over and over again? “That’s not who we are. Those are not our values.” It’s amazing how quickly he assumed the mantle of insider, even going so far as to disdain those who disagree with him.

Lifetime professional politicians are a big part of the problem. Their lifestyle and positions of power and respect go to their heads and they become convinced that they are our betters. As such, there is little-to-no-room for coming together. It is either us or them, the governed or the “governors” and is the very reason that Donald Trump’s message resonates with the little people who have had no voice for a long time. The movement itself is even bigger than Trump (albeit he is the one creating it) and it is growing exponentially as people wake up to the unfettered corruption which is constantly sloshing around Washington.

One thing has become eminently clear: America is no longer “one nation under God”. It is an unhappy land of warring tribes, of people-groups who have little in common and do not like each other. Blacks, whites, browns, Mexicans, Syrians, Somalis, Southerners, Yankees, Christians, mostly detesting each other. The battle lines are drawn. Hopefully We The People have been ignored and betrayed for the last time. The party is over. We are DONE. There is no difference between the GOP and DemoMarxist leadership elites. Something’s gotta give – and it ain’t gonna be pretty. It’s gonna be brutal. The question is, what kind of battle it will be.

Now on to Paul F. Nehlen and “Paul Ryan’s Upside Down Establishment” from American Thinker…

284px-American_Thinker_logoIf there’s one thing Paul Ryan has honed during his years in Washington, it’s Washington-speak. The Speaker’s March 23 address, broadcast from the Ways and Means Committee chamber – where he was surrounded only by press and House interns – is an example of just how adept he’s become at it.

Whose Unity Are We Talking About, Anyway?

With soaring rhetoric, Ryan appealed for unity – unity in Congress, unity among the public, unity as a nation.  We should test theories and ideas, he asserted, rather than impugning motives.  The cost of political division is high, he noted; it undermines people’s faith in their representatives, their faith in government.  The system works, he explained, only if we have mutual respect for one another.

The problem is that Washington’s elite class, of which Paul Ryan has become a top-ranking member, hasn’t had any respect for the rest of us for a very long time.  Consequently, yes, we have lost faith in our representatives and in our government.  It’s not just a bunch of us out here, frustrated over nothing. Most of the reasons for our dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and anger either reside in our nation’s capital or are the brain-children of those who do.

Quite frankly, the whole of Ryan’s speech comes down to this: Continues here…

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