Biden denied by Thurmond 1964

Biden denied by Thurmond 1964. Left hunkering down to steal it all

Is there a better example of a broken government operative than FJBrandon? A man who has committed treason, a liar, plagiarizer, teller of tall tales, pedophile, pervert, cheater, marionette and father to a son who makes everything look like the minor leagues. How in the world will Dems come up with anyone more qualified than this?

Somewhere round and about, there’s a whole stable of them. Every Dem president since 1912 with the exception of Truman, was all of the above including murderer. LBJ was suspected in the murder of 8 associates including his own sister and was most definitely behind JFK’s assassination.

FJBiden’s as dumb as dirt, a notorious plagiarizer, with lies so outrageous they’re undeniably so much so that he can’t utter a sentence anyone can understand, has absolutely no idea where he’s at or what decade he’s living in much of the time, and he’s corrupt to the core. Joe is the perfect DemoMarxocrat! THAT!

Lydia from the comments thread: So, let’s not be so hot to criticize perfection: By now everyone knows FJBiden is the Liar in Chief. All the botox has settled in his brain and he resides as an avatar in a make-believe world. He’s tripping. If Joe showed up as an Uber driver, would you get in the car with him? You’d think the Left could come up with a more believable puppet. One of the Muppets might do.

Silvio Canto, Jr., American Thinker: ‘Thurmond denies knowing Biden in 1964’ …

The book of Biden stories has a new chapter. According to Biden’s memory, he convinced the late Sen. Strom Thurmond to vote in favor of the Civil Rights Act. It sounds heroic except that the law was signed in 1964 and Biden didn’t get to Washington until 1972. What’s eight years? Doesn’t everybody confuse events separated by almost a decade?

Well, it turns out that the AP got hold of Senator Thurmond and he denied knowing a guy named Biden at that time. Joe who?

This is the story: Biden had not yet been elected to the U.S. Senate when the landmark law was passed in 1964, and Thurmond was among the prominent southern Democrats to vote against the bill. A White House spokesperson confirmed the president misspoke in his remarks. He said Biden intended to refer to his efforts in the 1980s to get Thurmond and other Senate Republicans to vote for legislation renewing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Fair enough. Biden made a mistake. The problem is that this is a pattern of President Biden going off script and letting his imagination running away with him like The Temptations sang about. Last week, it was a kitchen fire that did not really happen as described. The week before was this or that.  In other words, this is not an honest mistake, but rather the words of someone who can’t think for himself or maybe should be out of politics telling his grandchildren about the time he struck out Joe DiMaggio when he was doing his World War II service.

One more point. Biden has apparently such a bad memory and keeps confusing decades. So can we trust what he is saying about Hunter?

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Biden denied by Thurmond 1964 with OBO#44 withholding in plain sight … they can run but they can’t hide…

We need an IQ check of the people of Delaware, electing Biden over and over and over and over … FJBiden is like Hap Shaughnessy from the New Red Green Show. For anyone now familiar, give it a watch and you’ll see. That’s a 64 thousand dollar question, and unfortunately, that same question needs answering in entirely too many states.

It also makes absolutely no difference whatsoever that Strom Thurmond (died in 2003 at age 100) didn’t know FJB, nor Joe vice-versa, since he’ll always see himself as a Professional Victim. He then announces the constant victimization in an effort to gain Victimhood Status. FJB after all relishes the Adulation he receives from the Marxists even though he has absolutely no idea what day it is or where he is, or what he’s supposed to be doing. Biden denied by Thurmond 1964.

Except perhaps, FJBiden, lying his mass off again? FJB, FJB … “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!