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As far as “desperate acts by desperate clowns” goes, President Donald John Trump knows much more about this than we do, especially that time hinting to it when he put out the question asking what “Jack Smith’s” real name is. There are still those “curiously-attracted” around who trail the slovenly-unaware, especially when still in the trance of the intelligence-controlled Mockingbird Media. THAT!

Viewing the scowling demeanor of the specious and blow-hard “bagpipes Bill-Barr-the-Door” out there this weekend for instance, peddling the lying, thieving narrative to us isn’t simply a dead giveaway of the bondo operation, but much, much more about what a fraud he is and why he’s only out there on clean-up duty. Unfortunately, for those who are still in the trance of the media bubble, they haven’t a clue how speciously fraudulent he is, and that this is serious stuff. More THAT!

Beware forked tongue madman! Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly…

Treasonous conspiracies after all are “serious stuff” with those like Barr in the “media bubble trance” having got it totally backwards, blaming the innocents somewhat akin to President Trump, when actually he’s the one who would save them from themselves. Yet they seem to prefer it that way, as if pretending not to know things helps useful idiots sleep better at night.

Considering the alternative, it would appear to be that the free world to them is entirely in free fall,  the media is complicit in our destruction, and being as it is, far, far, worse for them to contemplate than anything else they can imagine. God forbid all these navel gazers would have to break a sweat and THINK every once in a while. Another THAT!.

Plain fact of the matter is that in this situation, employees(!) of the Executive Branch are attempting to “play President.” They seek to “determine” that these documents were “sensitive,” and to declare that he had no authority to possess them and that he somehow “harmed the nation” by possessing or discussing them. Then again “by their own fantasized authority,” they want to use the Judicial Branch to throw their boss into prison for a hundred years. But no one other than the President has these powers of “determination,” he by definition can do no wrong in this matter, and no one can tell him what or what not to do. THAT!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Jack Smith Pure Lawfare Manipulation on Prez Trump’ ….

Devin Nunes was previously the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. In that very specific role, Nunes was a member of the Gang of Eight who are briefed on all intelligence issues at the same level as the President, the chief executive. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman, is the #2 ranking intelligence oversight member within the national security oversight apparatus, exceeded in rank amid the Gang of Eight group only by the House Speaker.

As the HPSCI chairman, Nunes has a very granular understanding of intelligence language and the way the intelligence apparatus uses words within national security documents. When Nunes talks about national security documents, he is a subject matter expert on the administration side of the process. Why is that important right now? Because Nunes knows how to contrast the wording in the Jack Smith indictment against wording used to describe national security documents.

Pay very close attention to this interview, prompted to 05:06, for the Nunes part. You have to get past the paid to obfuscate Mrs. Hannity interruptus, as she tries to shut down Nunes from bringing sunlight on the indictment. However, what Nunes introduces in his comments is the origin of what I am going to explain after the interview. This is a game-changing context for the Jack Smith indictment. Again, pay close attention. WATCH:

What almost everyone in professional narrative engineering/punditry is missing, many of them because they are paid to pretend not to know, is that the national archivists gave sworn testimony to Congress about the Trump documents on May 17, 2023 {citation}.  What I am going to outline below will explain the fraud that Jack Smith and his Lawfare crew are purposefully generating. Some baselines are needed for you to understand what is happening.

First, the National Archives and the DOJ did not demand a return of Classified Documents.  They requested a return of documents containing classification markings. These are two entirely different things.

Most documents containing classification markings are not classified documents; yet, most classified documents contain classification markings. Additionally, one of the documents used by Jack Smith in his indictment [COUNT #11] contained no markings at all.

Second, it is critically important to remember that throughout the legal issues in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid, the DOJ has viciously denied any responsibility to describe the classified documents they claim to have retrieved. In fact, the DOJ has fought against any entity, including the court appointed “special master”, from being able to look at the documents the DOJ *previously* claimed were either classified, or, vital to national security.

Because there is a very specific type of Lawfare game playing with words taking place, it is critical to see the value in what Devin Nunes understands about the way the language is being deployed. Now we return to the testimony of the national archivist office, and here is where it gets really interesting. [-]

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President Trump and Devin Nunes keeping watch on Jack Smith Beware forked tongue madman!

You would think? Playing these silly stupid games only leads to the despotic morons getting theirs in the end, eventually OBO#44 will be looked at and hard for the evil deeds he has committed and all the minor little things they’re attacking Trump for and the made up crapola. Because, eventually different people will be in charge. The old guard is dying off – Carter and Biden simply to old to care about and probably be dead before they see the inside of a court room, so that leaves Obongo as the one responsible for all we see anyway, while someone ought to be watching for Obongo leaving the country while he can!

The plot thickens and quickly does it not? National defense “documents” that are “concerning” to the “archivist” are letters written directly to Trump. On a side note, don’t tell me one more time in breathless array about 17+ tapes proving Biden corruption. Publish them. Everybody has a right to them and shouldn’t be allowed to keep such things from We the (90 million+) American People.

And while we’re at it, constitutionally the press doesn’t have an enhanced First Amendment right to access governmental information over the individual First Amendment rights of the American people. So when you release the J6 tapes to media there no longer is any legal support for not releasing them to us. The filter of our betters must be destroyed. THAT!

Beware forked tongue madman! And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his very darnedest to keep America Great again – MAGA! KAG!