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As We the People have witnessed time and time again, the United States’ education industry is little more than a jobs program for people with teaching credentials. Yet I don’t blame the teachers (many of whom I’ve been acquainted with over the tears) since they have no option but to participate in a system that only looks inward and is disconnected from real purpose with respect to preparing the coming generations for self-sufficiency.

Small wonder that drop-out rates become sky-high as the kids figure out the show is a con. Consequently, the Vampire teachers’ union see a cross when they encounter Betsy DeVos, petrified she will permit charter schools and other types of schools, thus defunding public schools to the benefit of the young. This however, also defunds the teachers’ unions, which by association, further defunds the DemoMarxist party. That’s why all the hullabaloo from the unhinged Nancy Pelosi and the hysterical Chuck Schumer et al (“unqualified appointment”) as if he’s qualified to judge.

Like everyone else engaged in the immediate Trump Revolution, Ms. DeVos needs to be a warrior, give no quarter and expect none. The entire public school system has been destroyed by Leftist Socialism, and the liberals involved still have their smug self-regard. Let’s face it, it isn’t a credential not to have done your homework, since that is all too typical of Republicanism and one reason why it caved-in to Obama. Nobody wants to do any work on the people’s problems, as dire as some of them are.

As Elise Cooper puts it in American Thinker: 

DeVos is correct with her biggest focus: that not all schools are working for the students assigned to them. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) explained in an op-ed, “When a neighborhood school is failing its students, for many the first response is to suggest that more funding is needed.  While it might be the case that increased funding helps in certain situations, the fact remains that too many students are not getting access to the education they deserve[.] … Being pro-school choice does not mean you want to tear down public schools; in fact the goal is the opposite. We believe that by introducing competition, we can make every school perform better.”  American Thinker interviewed others in education who also support Ms. DeVos.

A former school counselor complained that in New York, it is very hard to get your child into a highly rated public middle school: “If your children’s attendance is not almost perfect, if they have more than three absences, these schools will not take the child. I guess the alternative is to send your child to public school sick”.

What constitutes a good school versus a bad school? Why do bad schools continue to operate? To a degree I answered my own question a couple or so years ago, when I did a feature on Founders Academy of Lewisville, Texas, part of the collaboration between the Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative and Responsive Education Solutions – otherwise known as ResponsiveEd. The scholarly bridge between Founders Academy and the public Lewisville High School just a mile up the road is simply stunning, as you will discover upon reading the article.

Betsy DeVos sworn in as Secretary of Education…

The overall problems with public schooling are the teachers, the priorities, and the objectives of the administration. If you plant corn, you get corn. For one thing, all teachers should be graded yearly. The purpose of the PTA should be redefined, with input as to which teachers go and which teachers stay. And needless to say of course, Teachers’ Unions need to be stripped of those powers. Kids over teachers, after all, is the priority.

The problem is not across the board. It is centered mainly in the major cities. Rural schools tend to be more conservative and don’t have some of the discipline issues that inner cities do.

Is it coincidence that a large portion of these failing schools are in major Democrat strongholds? I think not.

Many of the parents in the inner city are so strongly indoctrinated towards big government taking care of them, that they don’t fulfill their parental obligations and expect the schools to do it for them. Those who want more for their children are exactly the people that Betsy DeVos is seeking to help when it comes to school vouchers.

Needless to say, the teachers unions are against it as it limits and threatens their power. Since they are a major contributor to the Democrat party, of course the Dems toe the line.

Congratulations to President Trump on a wise choice, and very best wishes to Ms. DeVos. Identity politics and pitiful solutions designed to shut people up so the elites can feel good about themselves, is about all the Democrats have to offer. Betsy DeVos now has a chance to create some real change which will generate real hope.

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