Baltimore Riots In One Sentence…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

This actually is all about race, but Baltimore residents have locked on to the wrong target. They were told if only they elected “the first black president” (twice), then their long journey would be over. No longer would the “racist white establishment” control the lives of blacks! No longer would they wallow in obscurity and poverty! The “white oppressor” would not only show this tortured culture the respect it deserves, they would come to understand the true beauty of “blackness”, and recognize them as the next step in their own evolution.

But then they realized that none of that is coming true (they didn’t really care about World Peace OR the “oceans receding”). Absolutely none of what the DemoMarxist party promised them ever materialized; they’ve all been made fools of. The DemoMarxist party cultivated, then exploited their obsession with race, and now they’re far worse off than they ever were before.

They just can’t seem to fit that final piece into their  illogical puzzle. They know they’re mad at someone, but when faced with the possibility that their “liberators” are responsible for their bondage, they reject it! They stick with the villain they know, because that’s what they’ve always done when they were confused. Even the billions of dollars poured into this “black” hole known as “Elijah Cummings’ Corner” has gone to (who knows where?) and now, they are finding out that they are no longer the DemoMarxist’s darlings — they have been replaced by the righteous illegal alien “undocumented immigrant”. Once again they find themselves at the back of the bus. Their votes are now not pandered to, they are expected.

After much exhaustive investigation, somebody finally figured out what went down in Baltimore, and came up with one perfect sentence to explain and illuminate the events of the past few weeks. Not only that, but they threw some images together just for the heck of it.

BEHOLD!!! Baltimore Riots In ONE SENTENCE:


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