AZ Soros ‘judge’ snares Kari Lake….

En Garde in the bunker…

The Great Pretending: As the final week of the 3rd year of The Great Pretending comes to an end, we yet again wonder when The Great Uprising will begin, if it ever does, as the courts, the military, congress, “law enforcement” and a pervasive secret police force all do the bidding of The Mob.

  • that the Rule of Law still applies
  • that We The People haven’t been disenfranchised
  • that a literal Crime Syndicate isn’t in tyrannic control of the USA

Meanwhile, the daily distribution of Soma continues apace “..there is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a …” – take your pick!

Every single bit of this attack on us all for well over 6 years now, is eventually going to set off the point of no return for the American Citizens – aka We the (90 million+) People. There are those who likely fear for the safety of their Grandchildren because for the most part their parents generation has been nothing but a bunch of Hand Wringing COWARDS, that has allowed this explosion of unjust rulings to totally overcome us.

Just keep remembering folks just what the darkside is all about, forever and a day … the Katie Hobbs mob have their hench-man already on the prowl and attacking a duly-elected Kari Lake … absolutely outrageous truly !!!

AZ Soros ‘judge’ snares Kari Lake….

This very viable unjust system of our Judiciary MUST be set straight, since Republics can barely endure such Blatant Obvious unjust rulings as what rests before us each and every day. Surely it doesn’t take a child to see that there was massive Fraud in that entire election in Arizona, and again we get it rubbed in our faces by some predetermined outcome.

Constantly attempting to avoid it becomes fruitless, since it definitely needs attention, especially towards the ultimate confrontation that needs to take place to right this ship of State. Not too far long ago, we were winning, winning, winning, but something called “Covid” apparently went haywire and supposedly stopped us dead in our tracks. Leftist people from the crazy demoMarxocrat anti-Americans avers to it being planned bio weaponry produced and delivered for action all the way from China?

Since then we’ve been on a major losing streak with the stolen election of 2020 being the greatest win for the evil bastardoe’s of the Uniparty, China, McConnell, Pelo(u)si, and who knows whoever else was in on it. Consider the fact that we have a true President in exile while criminals the likes of OBO#44, Gyorgy-Schwartz-Soros, dementia-riven FJB, and quacky-tale Kamala-diffusion, all pull the strings of a wicked, corrupt considerably-demented old man who stumbles and bumbles uncontrollably. Him!

Folks – we need a miracle – NOW. The only hope available in Warrior-President Donald John Trump!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Katie Hobbs, AZ Officials, Seek Fines, $25,000+, as Punishment to Kari Lake’…

Kari Lake dared to bring a lawsuit against Arizona officials for manipulating the outcome of the 2022 gubernatorial election.  Last Saturday, despite affirming the numerous issues in the election, a Maricopa judge ruled Ms. Lake failed to prove malicious intent for the failed electronic voting systems and broken chain of custody issues.

Without an admission of intent, and without evidence to prove to a demonstrable certainty the errors, mistakes and broken [bones] election procedures were intended to influence the election outcome, Judge Peter Thompson ruled against the challenge and asked the defense team to provide him with a list of sanctions against the Lake campaign.

Today, the team of Katie Hobbs asked the court for $25,050 in fines against Kari Lake and other penalties and fines the court may deem necessary to punish the plaintiff for challenging a duly certified election result.  [Today Court Filing Here]

(Via NBC) – […] Hobbs and the county asked for sanctions against Lake and her legal team after an Arizona judge denied Lake’s bid to reverse the results of the November election in a two-day trial. Lake, a prominent election denier and Trump ally, was allowed to go to trial last week with two of her 10 claims, which alleged misconduct with ballot printers and problems with ballot chain of custody.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson denied Lake’s challenge after the trial in a 10-page ruling Saturday. He said the court did not find clear and convincing evidence of misconduct that would have changed the election results. Thompson also noted that the defendants had stated their intention to seek sanctions against Lake and ordered them to file a motion for sanctions by Monday morning.

Attorneys for Hobbs, who has been Arizona’s secretary of state for four years, joined the county in its filing Monday seeking $25,050 from Lake, which includes attorney fees for Hobbs and the state’s most populous county. The county took aim at Lake’s remarks before the election indicating she would not accept the results unless she won, as well as her “groundless” and “frivolous” lawsuit after the election was certified.  (read more)

I’m a little surprised Mrs. Hobbs did not request 1,000 hrs of indentured servitude against Mrs. Lake, whereby the plaintiff would be forced to cook, clean and do other domestic chores for the wounded Mrs. Hobbs.   Then again, I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.  FUBAR

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AZ Soros ‘judge’ snares Kari Lake…. A warrior president and the flag of freedom…

The psychopath’s know there are more of us, than them – aka freedom-loving-country-loving liberal people. Yes, we’re a danger to them, not to the US of A – to THEM, who fully know they’re playing with fire, coupled with corrupt, unconstitutional actions – just like all the mess they purposed on our nation in the Summer of 2020 – a position where they control the revolt.

Which is why they did away with mandates, moved way too fast, and millions opened their eyes, adding to the already profligate millions at large. Firearm sales is yet another indication. Take heed folks, they’ll keep poking us with these unjust acts and their phony illegal elections, continually shoving it in our face. For now, that is, since they’re beginning to reach the point of no return.

AZ Soros ‘judge’ snares Kari Lake….

Fact is not to give up our freedom without a fight. Think of them as petulant children, and what happens when you tell a child NO, they become ill-tempered cranky and you can see it. Those in control of the political class are the ones relying on a bunch of children to do the dirty work. Which is exactly why and how, they’ll fail. En Garde Warriors!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!



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