AZ GOP audit chairman rattles cage

Go ahead, make my…

Whenever anyone has to send a 13-page letter to state a case – particularly when related to business and / or government – the recipients’ protective guard should immediately spring into action with a “suspicious alert” intent!

Such has been the case over the past 24 hours or so when Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward noted the Maricopa Board of Supervisors (BoS) was engaging in a propaganda war against the people of Arizona and the State Senate. It didn’t take long for evidence to surface.

Claiming they had sent a copy to the Arizona Senate, the mildly criminal action had the Board of Supervisors sending the media a copy before mentioning anything to the Arizona Senate. Quick as a flash, AZ Senate President Karen Fann revealed she hadn’t seen the letter. The BoS sent it to the media before ever thinking about the Senate [LINK].

Yeah, propaganda!

AZ GOP audit chairman rattles cage in Maricopa County…

The members of the Maricopa BoS sound somewhat akin to the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984. Whatever they say, you can be sure it isn’t the truth, plus the fact they may be under duress from one or more of the alphabet-soup agencies (FBI; CIA; DOJ; etc etc?).

Generally speaking with the criminal mind in play, it’s at this point that the BoS realize they didn’t get nearly enough money / blackmail for what they’ve done. Thinking about themselves as acting for the “greater good” (i.e. their pocketbooks and favor with the demoMarxocrat pack animals) they’re now realizing that the swampy water in which they have been swimming is warming very quickly in the spring / summer heat.

In Arizona, swimming in boiling water can be hazardous to your health. But don’t worry, though. The demoMarxocrats have had years of observing the effects of “Arkancide” on those who’ve been detrimentally-exposed to their plotting, planning, and mayhem. The word must be out – end this audit or become Andrew Breitbart, Seth Rich, Jeffrey Epstein, tick, tick, tick …

Yes folks, those 13-page letters can be a darned nuisance; especially on the AZ GOP audit…

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘Elise Stefanik hammers Dems’ bid to obstruct Maricopa Recount’…

Elise Stefanik has taken over as chair of the House GOP conference from Liz Cheney, and in a wonderful surprise, is calling for free and fair elections.

She’s blasting the trash coming from the Democrats who are trying to block the Arizona audit of Maricopa County. Seems there’s something in it they’d rather the Republicans not see, so they’re throwing up roadblock after roadblock.

Instead of sweeping that appalling picture under the rug, as Liz Cheney might do, Elise is speaking out as the new Republican House leader…

To Cheney, the elections were completely fraud-free, something she repeated again and again with a heaping helping of sanctimony.

Stefanik sees things differently. And as a Republican leader, she should. Who the hell’s votes were cancelled out in this obvious cheatfest now being exposed in Arizona? That’s right, Republican votes. A normal Republican leader would be very concerned about suppression of her party’s own voters. It costs the party seats, after all, and it cost the party the presidency. We’ve got an unfit bounder in the White House and a showing of clowns in the House and Senate as a result. A good Republican leader would and should be very concerned about making every Republican vote count, and not be cancelled. [-]

[+] … Cheney said nothing about fraud as she pontificated away about the legitimacy of Joe Biden. She’d already drawn her conclusions, so all fraud and shenanigans in her book are to be ignored, even as Democrats steal elections from out under her … Stefanik, however, knows who she works for, same as any Democrat leader worth his salt, and it’s a thing of beauty. [end]

Full link below with others…

AZ GOP audit chairman rattles cage … Maricopa County justice in play…

Would be good to know who wrote that 13-page letter for the Board – Lawfare? For all we know, “Dominion” and their lawyers could have written it, especially with the techno-babble about the missing database. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors don’t understand the technology well enough to have written that reply. Why two pages of smoke and mirrors when one sentence will suffice?

Quote: “The database is stored here. Maricopa Board of Supervisors: It is time to end this now, for the good of the Senate, Country and Democratic Institutions.” Except they forgot to mention “for the good of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors”, who are mostly responsible for this mess!

The US Constitution gives the legislature the responsibility to manage elections. Only they can delegate it, and they can rescind it at any time, which is what was recognized by the courts, who don’t have authority over this. The board of supervisors will soon find out they’re dealing with the authority and jurisdiction in the Senate.

As per Courtroom etiquette, Karen Fann was being magnanimous by asking them to appear rather than compelling them.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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