America’s Godly Heritage : The Buck Stops Right There

Matt Walsh ..One of my all-time favorite Winston Churchill quotes is the one regarding T R U T H: The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. And the T R U T H is that this also applies to America’s Godly Heritage.

I came across the young Matt Walsh just a few months ago, as we both share the WordPress platform for our various websites and blogs. Being as there is, something of a collegiality within the brilliant WordPress community about sharing, and helping, and advising and other good stuff through the various forums, one can easily develop online contacts not unlike those on Facebook. Matt was also on radio in Lexington, Kentucky; that is “was” because he decided that his future lay in his website – which is very good – and so he quit radio back in December. Which brings me to this piece of his which he did on the day of the prayer breakfast this past Thursday. He named it “America Was Built On A Belief In God, And There’s No Way To Deny That Fact.” .. Which, for my own purposes, I shortened to “America’s Godly Heritage : The Buck Stops Right There.”

As a student of American history, I also share his passion for the facts of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, particularly the facts relating to its founding. In the quite lengthy process of becoming a citizen of this great Republic, one has to go through a process of study which is very detailed in structure. The first thing one learns is that the nation is a Republic, NOT a “democracy.” Thus, when one constantly hears elected officials refer to “this democracy” it stirs the proverbial “burr up the butt” to begin flooding their various forms of communication with the T R U T H.

In America on the Cusp of God’s Grace, I too devote considerable ink to what drove the founders to incorporate Godly principles into the fabric of freedom. These very same principles found their way into the legal document of the Republic, known as the Constitution. Sad to say, but most of the 535 members of Congress, and the current occupant of the White House and the sycophants around him, are devoid of ANY recollection of what the Founders left as their legacy to WE THE PEOPLE. In a word – shameful.

Thankfully, we have the young hounds like Matt Walsh (read his bio to see what I mean) to restore this Republic to the greatness it experienced until that fateful day in 1913 when it was hijacked by Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Movement. A sample of Matt’s background, similar to Rush in some aspects:
“It’s not easy for me to walk away from radio. I didn’t go to college. I didn’t travel overseas and study abroad. I simply got into my car at the age of 20, drove to a small town in Delaware, and found a job introducing Metallica tracks overnight on the local rock station. I stayed in a tiny, roach and mice infested apartment, struggled to keep the lights on, and worked hard to earn my 16,000 dollar a year salary. And I loved it.”

Matt Walsh is the same generation as my two younger sons (he is 28, my younger sons are 25 and 24) and they share his same enthusiasm for restoring the Republic to the “shining city on a hill” that was envisioned by, and written into, the Mayflower Compact, quoted in speeches by both presidents John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Wilson Reagan. God knows, WE THE PEOPLE need a good, grand dose of it ourselves with what passes as government today. Matt’s excerpts:

I would like to make an appeal to the disciples of the Church of Atheism, the Secular Sacramentalists, the Progressive Proselytes: Please, let’s just be honest with one another. My guidance counselor always told me that conflict resolution must begin with honesty.

So can we finally take these words to heart, for God’s sa– well, for our sake, anyway?

Today, President Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast. He got up and spoke piously of his faith in Jesus Christ. He even made some remarks about how “killing the innocent” is the “ultimate betrayal of God’s Will.” A curious statement, considering the person saying it. I guess he was being sarcastic. In any case, there he was. The President of the United States, like most every other president for the last five decades, publicly promoting religion.

And once again, the conversation turns back to the “Separation of Church and State,” and the ridiculous myth of the First Amendment’s “freedom from religion” guarantee. I don’t mind having this debate. But I wish, friends, that we could have it honestly. The country was founded on a belief in a creator God and has OFFICIALLY endorsed the concept from the very beginning. That is the reality. It is not really up for debate. You may wish to turn America into something else, but do not pretend that you are turning it into what it was always designed to be. Have the courage of your convictions. Make your case for an Atheist America, but do not stand there and tell me that America has always been atheist.

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