Alphabet media true enemy within

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For many reasons about to be laid down, yours truly out here as the observing “observer” in many ways hates what I must write within the context of what we now know about last night’s demonic attack not only on Christianity, but on the very tendrils of this Constitutional Republic. You can talk all day long about the racial divide in this nation but until someone acknowledges that this is entirely – ENTIRELY – the result of the lamestream media / demoMarxocrat Party, with their social and political policies designed solely to replace the nuclear family with a socialist-style village – the problem will continue into another generation with – God forbid – even further racial histrionics than we’re witnessing right now!

Much to the chagrin of fully half or more of the US population, it has become time to stop ignoring the elephant in the room. One can easliy proclaim that we’re well into the second generation of fatherless black kids, the direct product of demoMarxocrat LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” which had as its goal the replacement of fathers by the states’ generous welfare benefits. The impact of destruction of nuclear families hit both whites and blacks, yet the black population appear to have been groomed by well-funded, loudmouthed communist dictators dwelling amongst us to believe they’re entitled to money for nothing (the George Floyd phoney $20 dollar bills eg which apparently got him shot but made him a hero!)

Alphabet media true enemy within … the vehicle used by Darrell E Brooks

Just consider for instance, how we “normal citizens” must suffer for the generations-worth of systemic racism foisted on Black folks by the demoMarxocrat Party, which when you balance it all out, are the only people who should attend CRT courses! There’s a current branch of government which has infiltrated all of the alphabet agencies, having created monsters whom they can then refer to as “victims”.

A recap: Slavery; KKK; Jim Crow; Tuskeegee Experiments; The Great Society (Disenfranchisement of Black Fathers); Subpar Education System;  Assassination of Black Civil Rights leaders; Introduction of Crack Cocaine “Jimmuh Carttah’s c1A/dEa”; Rap Music; Super Predator Laws; Lying Media; and the list goes on…

Sundance, as usual, supplies the facts, and yours truly isn’t alone in being disgusted by the false race narratives being continuously ginned up for the political advantage of the Left. These people trying to control the story are anti-1st Amendment. They may well be American by birth, but they’re antiAmerican in character and substance. These race hustlers are mentally ill sociopaths – no more complicated than that. Their bounty is division and hatred in a country that has moved far and away from it.

Alphabet media true enemy within…

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Darrell E Brooks Black Male from Milwaukee’ …

With three independent eye witnesses {link}, and now confirmation from New York Post journalist Karol Markowicz {LINK}, we can confirm the suspect who was driving the maroon Ford Escape was a black male named: Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 39 years-old, from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Darrell Edward Brooks [aka Darrell Eugene Brooks, aka Quinton Feilcein] was seen driving the SUV into the crowd. Twenty individuals were hit by the vehicle, some of them children. There are fatalities. Darrell Brooks was just released on a $1,000 cash bond November 19th, two days before his rampage. [Criminal Record Here]

Darrell Brooks was facing six charges related to domestic abuse, battery, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and resisting arrest.

Due to the race of the suspect and the likely motive, this was a race-based attack against white citizens in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in retaliation for the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. It is almost certain the DOJ Community Relations Service (DOJ-CRS) is now taking the lead on the case [SEE HERE].

Controlling information from local officials and media is what the CRS does with criminal cases that have a racial component. CRS is the only federal agency dedicated to working with community groups to resolve community conflicts and prevent and respond to alleged hate crimes arising from differences of race. {link}  Hence, Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson told the media there would be no further comment until 1:00pm CT tomorrow. (ie today) [-]

[+] … The delay in further press releases provides the DOJ-CRS crisis response unit time to take full operational control over the messaging related to the Christmas parade attack.

Local law enforcement will be “guided” by federal officers from the DOJ-CRS and FBI. Due to the sensitivity of the issues, the messaging will come directly from the DOJ-CRS through the local officials and public information officers. The Waukesha police chief is black, the CRS will make him the face of their words.

The CRS, also known as the “Federal Peacekeepers”, will bring faith-based leaders to the forefront now; it’s their pattern. The next appearance by investigative officials will contain preachers, ministers, and members of the faith community to try and blunt the racial motive. The media will demand healing and forgiveness for the attack.

Obviously the media and political hypocrisy will be thick. If the races were reversed, it would be a full frontal assault on white males. However, in this instance the narrative will be a demand to understand the mental frustration of a black male who has been victimized by the system and had no choice except to let out his anger.

The DOJ-CRS will also shape the information presented to media stakeholders who are also exposed by the motive of the attack. The DOJ, DOJ-CRS, FBI, special interest groups and Big Tech allies will all work together to protect the media and politicians who manufactured the crisis that led to the racial attack. [end]

Full link below…….

Alphabet media true enemy within. Darrell E Brooks killer…

If this guy was a Trump supporter would the video be “sanitized” by Youtube and the rest of the antiAmerican cabal? The entire apparatus has been criminalized in a way that leaves We the (90 million+) People currently without a representative government, the likes of which has been entirely weaponized against the American people; a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

How we fix this going forward of course is in the hands of God having the last say. Stay peaceful, connected to friends and family, and pray. God will guide us and we’ll know when it’s time. Doors will open. The right people will show up at the right places and these communists will face we the people for their crimes and misdemeanors. Let them self-destruct.

Being angry and wanting revenge is their goal by making us emotionally unwound. Do not give them what they want. In the end, we have this. We the people will not allow this madness to continue. The vicious people behind all of this will pay a heavy price once we regain control of our presently out-of-control government. The fact is, people are waking up.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA! KAG!