Ahmed the Bomb now Extortioner..

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Were we still a nation of “laws” instead of a nation of “lawyers”, this situation would be quickly resolved by any ethical lawyer informing ClockBoy that his case has no merit and that he should re-locate to a muslim country and stay there. Should a dumb but ethical attorney take the case, an ethical, non-corrupted judge would immediately throw the case out of court, informing ClockBoy that he should move to a muslim country and stay there (as he has done, of course).

In the event that an unethical, or a dumb but ethical attorney take the case and an unethical and/or corrupt judge take the case, the attorneys should be disbarred and the judge impeached, removed from the bench, and disbarred. Unfortunately, the US legal system is full of unethical, dumb, and corrupt lawyers and judges, so ClockBoy will likely have his day in court. Since entering a US courtroom is less predictable than a trip to a casino, ClockBoy might just get his $15 million, less about 40% for the lawyers, minus whatever those lawyers kick back to a corrupt judge (ain’t “good corruption” great?)

In the meantime, the scrawny punk is back in the middle east, exactly where he belongs. One day he might return as either a full fledged terrorist or as another candidate for the office of OBO the Clown Prince of Fools. Let’s not forget that OBO the Clown Prince had the young scrawny punk in the White Mosque, so we need to subpoena OBO the Clown Prince and deposition him about his reasons for honoring yet another “if I had son” punk. Rumor has it that OBO the Clown Prince is some kind of a “lawyer”, so presumably I figure he can handle it.

ClockBoy Ahmed ... tick, tick, tick, tick .. BOOM!

ClockBoy Ahmed … tick, tick, tick, tick .. BOOM!

ClockBoy might well return to the United States someday, but in the meantime he likely will learn how to to build real bombs in a muslim country and teach his fellow muslims how to build them as well, since he is rumoured to be rather intelligent. Either that or he’ll return and run for president, and why not, we currently have a muslim or muslim sympathiser acting as rogue fraud “president” who was also rumoured to be rather intelligent, the basis of which turned out to be oh so distantly wrong. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

Texans should take note of the law firm representing this punk. Dirtbag lawyers are a bigger problem than he is.

And one final thought .. Any and all advice to OBO the Clown Prince on winning the war AGAINST Islamic Jihad is a waste of time as he is obviously on the side of the jihadists. OBO the Clown Prince takes his advice on waging jihad from Ayatollah Valerie Jarrett and the muslim brotherhood who have free daily access to entry and exit from the White Mosque. He is decidedly on the side of the jihadists.

We have a singularly un-American taqiyya muslim serving as C-I-C together with jihadi muslims scattered throughout his administration, so yes, he is on the side of the jihadists. Obviously, it is a most unpleasant thought to contemplate that the president of the United States is on the side of the enemy, but that flies in the face of all available evidence. That we have a Congress that absolutely refuses to even consider it, speaks volumes.

Instead, as per usual over these past devastating eight years, we will just have to accept the consequences of failing to impeach and remove the lawless usurper from office as the Constitution allows and requires; and the consequences of that failure are sure to be dire indeed. Islam is the “religion” of extortion, blackmail, threats, bullying and violence. It is often said there are no time machines on Earth, but I say there is a time machine and it is Islam, except it can only transport its brutish and savage adherents and fanatics BACKWARDS straight into the 7th century.

As for the rest of it, it becomes simply a meaningless exercise in rationalization.

Ethel C. Fenig from today’s American Thinker… 


Remember “clock boy,” the bespectacled Texas adolescent who proudly brought a disassembled pre-digital era Radio Shack (remember them?) clock to school and showed it to his teacher?  Cultural misunderstanding followed.  Supposedly.

In the post September 11 but pre Paris, pre Mali (remember that?) era the teacher was concerned because the clock was packed in a briefcase with wires dangling from it. Could it be a bomb on a timer?  The student’s name was Ahmed Mohammed.  The boy’s father was a local agitator.  And so the teacher said something, dutifully reporting his suspicions to the police.  The police questioned the student, receiving evasive answers.  More cultural misunderstanding followed.  Also publicity followed.

Some decried this as an example of racism, dreaded Islamophobia and other politically incorrect evil insensitivities. President Barack Hussein Obama (D) invited the boy to the White House, decrying the suspicions cast on the supposedly innocent student merely because of his name, skin color and religious/ethnic background.  Cultural understanding followed as the boy’s father announced the family was moving to the Muslim dominated country of Qatar.

But more American cultural understanding followed from the family.  The boy’s family announced it is demanding $10 million from the city of Irving, Texas plus an additional $5 million from the Irving School District for damages or they will sue.

Mohamed and his immediately family are now overseas in Qatar and enrolling in school after a foundation has offered to pay for his education. The letter demanding money from the city and district says that the family wants “more than anything to come home” to Irving.

The letter gives both the city and the district 60 days to pay up or else face a lawsuit.

Hmm, so they want to “come home” to Irving, Texas, where there are few Muslims and many infidels and expect the city to cheerfully give them $15 million forsaking Qatar, filled with almost 100% Muslims and hardly any infidels while giving up young Ahmad’s scholarship.   What happened to cultural understanding?

Hopefully the city and its school district will not only laugh at the Mohammad family’s demands they will strongly request that the Mohammed family donate millions to them to recoup expenses for the trouble they caused.

Certainly in the interests of cultural and civic understanding and peace the family will agree. And certainly the government of Qatar will be happy to supply the needed funds if necessary.

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