A nation openly divided can’t stand

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A nation openly divided can’t stand; a message that has rung long and loud throughout history. In recognition of which, there’s an absolute gem from ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse today that needs to be placed in front of the entire United States Citizenry. To which yours truly will do his very best to accomplish.

The corrupt and totally destructive lamestream media and their coercive demoMarxocrat swamp-dwelling ingrates still can’t get past ‘Orange man bad’ after four solid years of lies, fairy tales and disruption. They still can’t accept their loss of control over the entire political process and of course, the nation.

To this very day and hour, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the anti-American proletariat leftist Marxists bluntly refuse to get on board with We the (63 million) People and do what’s the very best for the United States. Especially with a president totally on board with putting America First.

Considering We the (63 million) People are under the aegis of the best qualified, most effective President since the time of George Washington – and carrying the country all on his own, with just us to back him up – the voluminous thread by Sundance should be read word for word by Bongino, Rush, Tucker, Ingraham, Hannity, Levin and a host of other cogent freedom warriors to all their listeners and viewers across the nation.

Trump ‘Batman’ nation leader headed to chopper…

If there are any members of Congress with steely balls they ought to read it word for word on the floor of the House and Senate, and ‘Woke’ the somnambulent purveyors of lies to the fact that the Constitutional Republic of the United States is alive and well and kicking butt!

Placed within a historic perspective, we might aver that President Trump is the current leader of the American Revolution 2.0, engaged totally in addressing the principalities of evil and hatred where no love can exist. God is in charge and leading him in the battle for freedom within the nation.

Sundance leads us to understand and see how dangerous the false song of globalism is!

Which draws me to Van Morrison’s ‘You don’t understand’ and:  What’s happened to me / They can do to you / You don’t have a clue / I’m only one man / You don’t understand / Does freedom of speech exist? / What free state is this? / You don’t / understand how they work in the dark / You don’t understand what it’s like to be a mark / How mad, bad, and dangerous some people can be / Why can’t you see?

Don’t worry, ‘sundance’, Conservative  Treehouse can definitely see: ‘Prescient Trump’ … 

The level of media opposition and snark against President Trump is simply so ridiculous at this point there’s a desperation to it.  So let us consider…

From the outset of Donald Trump’s entry into the world of politics he espoused a series of key tenets around what he called his “America-First” objectives:

  1. The U.S. needed to have control over our borders, and a greater ability to control who was migrating to the United States.  A shift toward stopping ‘illegal’ migration.
  2. The U.S. needed to stop the manufacture of goods overseas and return critical manufacturing back to the United States.  A return to economic independence.
  3. The U.S. needed to decouple from an over-reliance on Chinese industrial and consumer products.  China viewed as a geopolitical and economic risk.

Donald Trump was alone on these issues.  No-one else was raising them; no-one else was so urgently pushing that discussion. In 2015, 2016 and even 2017, no-one other than Trump was talking about how close we were to the dependence point of no return.

Given the status of very consequential issues stemming from the Chinese Coronavirus threat; and the myriad of serious issues with critical supply chain dependencies; wasn’t President Trump correct in his warnings and proposals?[-]

[+] … Time after time, conversation after conversation, in the background of events where few media were paying attention, President Trump spoke privately and publicly about the issue of over-reliance on Chinese products and critical goods from southeast Asia.

Then, after months of warnings, came the tariff hammer.[-]

[+] … Team Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and USTR Robert Lighthizer didn’t waiver.  President Trump accepted the criticism of “Tariff-Man”; he owned the downside and then expanded the tariffs even higher upon more goods.  The CEO’s shrieked louder, but eventually, reluctantly, some started moving supply chains out of China.

While Team Trump renegotiated trade with South Korea and Japan; and while Trump renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico and Canada; the president kept the pressure on those U.S. corporations and multinationals to return critical manufacturing to the United States.

Enthralling read right to conclusion … save it for the ages! Complete link below…

These nasty, nasty, people are the very same who lambasted the president for preventing incoming travel within the nation from countries affected by the virus. Schumer made his usual snarky tweet about it only to figure out he was completely wrong and he stealth deleted it  2-3 weeks later. Ingrate that he is.

Yet, amazingly enough, demoMarxocrats are now sticking to their screams about needing to keep travel coming into the US even from affected countries. Earlier this week Nadler was urging Pelosi to shut down Congress and let everyone get out of DC for fear of the virus.

Then YESTERDAY he declared that preventing people from coming into the US, even from virus-affected countries, would do nothing to benefit the public health. Staggering hypocrisy. Purely political animals. They only think in terms of what will help them politically, NOT what is best for the nation.

Not so warrior-president Donald J. Trump, forever putting America FIRST. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – MAGA! KAG!


Full ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: Leading the nation Prescient Trump

See also Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: Democrats Respond to Trump Address with Vicious partisan Rancor

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