A Constitutional republic to protect

En Garde in the bunker…

The demoMarxocrat Left is forever relentless, and have been at war with our values for decades. They long ago seized control of our education and media, the two key pillars of our free society. Influential entertainment soon followed and since then we’ve allowed it to happen ad nauseum, right under our very noses. We were in a culture war, and we didn’t even know the opening salvos had been fired a generation or two ago.

Assuming nothing will ever come of this voter fraud like, for instance, Killary’s emails; Libya; FBI fake dossiers; elevation of the demented village idiot; Hunter’s laptop; Swalwell’s and Feinstein’s cozy-spy Chinese relationships; rigged Congressional-seat elections everywhere; IRS Targeting; COVID; etc; etc;, and on and on, one would be here forever and a day listing the usurpations of the Establishment and Political Elites of these past 70 years, to the very point of We the (90 million+) People being on the brink of passing the point of no return.

The good news being that all that would be left at that point would be the full watering of Jefferson’s “tree of Liberty”.

A Constitutional republic to protect. Truth: the rise & fall & rise of truth…

It actually could make a difference if Americans literally flooded the streets and public buildings to the tune of 10 million or more citizens, say, to the point of immobilizing and paralyzing “fedgov” for just a few hours. “They” don’t think we can do it, so they keep ignoring us, thinking there are simply too few Americans who care. The Left is organized, always has been. The Right is good in forming cheering sections like Trump rallies, or tea party protests but somehow after the flag waving and cheering they’re simply not organized at all.

Most of us well remember the Tea Party movement being swallowed up so quickly by the fossil GOP that it made one’s head swim. Yet why did they allow it?

Consider also, those very courageous people who speak out at school board meetings and other venues normally don’t have massive support from the audience. People are still 50/50 divided and it takes organization to not let the other side run away with it all at the end. Saw Matt Walsh with Tucker Carlson the other day who spoke at a school board meeting about masks. Only about half of the parent audience cheered as the others sat there stone faced with their masks on. “One size fits all” is definitely a delusion!

It doesn’t matter at this point, we have a Constitutional Republic of the United States to rescue before it goes under, and it’s gonna take an army of freedom fighters to “git ‘er done and dusted” – A Constitutional republic to protect!

Robert Arvay, American Thinker: ‘The Last-Ditch Effort to Restore America’ …

All my life, I thought I was doing my part. I read the news. I made the effort to understand the issues. I followed the debates. Then, after exercising my best judgment, I voted for the candidates who most closely resembled my positions. Done. Repeat every two years.

I was wrong. I know that now because the results are painfully obvious. The nation fell into decline, and but for two brief reprieves under Presidents Reagan and Trump, the decline became a free fall. The ship of state is more a shipwreck of state, and it’s getting worse.

In the midst of all this doom and gloom, there are two glimmers of hope. I hesitate to use that phrase, because too often, “glimmers of hope” have been but flashes in the pan. I tread carefully, but hopefully, recognizing how my error can be corrected.

My error was to think I could do my part simply by being an informed voter and then voting. Others, bolder than I, are instead stepping forward, not figuratively, but literally. They are attending school board meetings, speaking out, castigating their elected officials in person. Some of them are actively campaigning against the re-election of corrupt or negligent officials. A few are even running for office to replace them.

While these bold actions are highly worthy of praise, they do remain, alas, glimmers of hope, reminiscent of the TEA Party movement of 2009. I participated in the massive march on Washington, D.C. in August of that year. At the time, I felt a certain elation, in that I was physically doing something. It was the most direct involvement I had ever had in politics, other than voting. Sadly, it was little more than symbolic, was utterly ignored by most of the press, and was soon submerged by the elections (to Congress) of Republican politicians who only pretended to be conservative. [-]

[+] … These are only the beginnings of what must be done. Public contracts must be negotiated in open meetings, with continuous public input. Florida’s sunshine laws, which forbid secret meetings among government officials, must be adopted nationwide. Social networking platforms must, by law, be treated as public utilities, without political favoritism.

None of this can be accomplished passively. Without massive citizen participation, direct participation, and aggressive activism, we will continue to lose the fight for freedom.

We were given a republic. Can we keep it? [end]

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A Constitutional republic to protect. Nobody has done more than this bunch to bring terror and mayhem to the Constitutional republic; throw in the Bush’s for good measure

Massive crowds gathered in European capital cities to protest Covid-19 restrictions, and now the authorities have abandoned most or all restrictions. Yet that hasn’t happened here, and why not? We could definitely do that against our election fraud AND mindless Covid-19 infringements on our liberties. After all, being an American right now should not include risk aversion or timidity. But as others have rightly come to the fore, it takes organization and boldness. Start by taking baby-steps, then watch it snowball. It’s all about organization.

O’biden – the cognitively-challenged dementia-riven imposter acting as if he thinks he’s president while actually dwelling in the cellar – is in truth, leading a foreign invasion against the Constitutional Republic – while our ‘gubmint’ allows this to happen. Truth is and on full view for every American to witness – we are currently being run by a criminal federal government which definitely needs to be laundered out; run by immoral people with no virtue whatsoever. They’ve totally failed to serve the people of this nation.

Once upon a time we believed the game was fair. Now we know darned well that it isn’t. We’re no longer sitting by waiting for good things to come our way, we’re organized in ALL 50 States and we work 7 days a week to make sure we take our country back!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President (still) Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to rescue the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – MAGA! KAG!


Robert Arvay, American Thinker: The Last-Ditch Effort to Restore America