Obama And Islam’s Jinn Threat…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

In Sir Winston Churchill’s 1899 book The River War about Britain’s 19th Century war in Sudan, he included a passage condemning Islam that says: “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

Yesterday I thought I had produced the perfect “wrap” for my week-long expose` on the ever-present danger of Islam and its continuing threat to the future of Western Civilization, but scanning the news and opinion blogs yet again early this morning, another gem of Islamic investigating reportage fell before my steely eyes by way of John Griffing in American Thinker titled “Islam: The Jinn Is Out of the Bottle”. But before I segue` into that, a few commentary observations of my own, as is my usual habit.

Griffing has fashioned a superb article. Unlike the days of the first Muslim invasion of Europe, apparently many in Europe and the USA relish the role of dhimmi, for this time they are inviting the Muslims in and offering to feed, house, and financially support them as well. If there is a recovery of the survival instinct (still doubtful), future historians will marvel at the abject stupidity of the unelected EU officials, the French government, Scandinavia’s governments, Germany’s Angela Merkel, the British Prime Ministers, the Canadian Prime Ministers, the US Congress, and the vast majority of ignorant and cowed citizens that are sitting idly by while their rulers unconditionally surrender their futures and (in too many cases to count) their lives.

Aside from the mullah’s, who are shocked at how easy this conquest is, only one “leader” is excited about the coming caliphate, and he leads what was once the last best hope. And he’s laughing because no one elected to do so has any intention of doing what their oaths of office require them to do, which is to impeach him, remove him from office, and then seriously go about protecting and defending the USA by reversing all of his executive orders, closing the borders, and evicting troublesome Islamic Muslims back to the savage Arabian deserts from where they migrated. Rather instead however, We The People of the United States are reminded by this rogue fraud presidential Manchurian Candidate just how “historic” it is to have a mixed-race president/dictator. Too bad so many still revel in it while he lights the world on fire.


Liberalism is a suicidal death cult and it was no accident that the Cloward-Piven strategy coupled with Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals were both designed to intentionally spread economic chaos in order to fester socialist change, first in America and then elsewhere. Under the fraudulent OBO the Clown Prince of Fools and his dhimmi administration however, they’ve gone way beyond that mindset in that they’ve actually let loose the mad dogs of war to spread civilizational chaos and mayhem around the world, putting Western Civilization in grave danger. We cannot ignore the fact that many of those involved in this self-immolation were elected by We the People, who are now suffering from what those they sent to Washington are doing to them; even those elected specifically based on promises to put a stop to it simply refuse to do so. That is the real tragedy; the fact that there are two concurrent problems to be dealt with – Islam and our own rulers unabashedly supporting the White House fraud.

Time to “get real” folks, and let your elected officials know about it.

On to John Griffing and his warning…

284px-American_Thinker_logoEurope is on fire, in a social and financial crisis of its leaders’ own making. Its public places are now spectacles of the obscene, and its women are sexual objects for a predatory race of invaders. Its social systems are stretched to the breaking point by belligerent “refugees” who are devouring their host countries at will, while Europe’s leaders defend the invaders and blame their own citizens.

Western civilization is under attack, and rational citizens are at a loss to understand why their leaders are allowing the destruction of their societies.

Much has been written about the outrageous acts that have been committed by Muslim migrants, so we need not repeat them here. We can simply agree that the situation in Europe is disastrous, and it’s getting worse. And America is not far behind.

Western leaders are aiding and abetting this insanity with a consistency and single-mindedness of purpose that can only be explained in one way: they must think they have something to gain from the chaos created by this crisis.

What other conclusion can be drawn from the brazen ascendancy of Islam in the western world, and the deafening silence that permits its success?  Clearly, Western leaders think they can use Islam for their own ends, to consolidate their own power.

Whether their motivations are globalist, nationalist, pro-Islam, or merely megalomaniacal, they all seem to hold one belief in common: the belief that they can control Muslim migration to create the chaos necessary to justify their predetermined solutions.

These European — and American — leaders think they can control what is pouring out of the Pandora’s box they’ve thrown open; they think they can put the Jinn back in the bottle at their whim.

But they are dangerously underestimating those they presume to use as pawns.

In the First Century, “the Moors” — Muslims of antiquity — invaded and nearly conquered the entire European continent (Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, etc.)  It was only the strength of Christianity and the unity this inspired, which turned back the scourge of Islamic imperialism in Europe.


The world of today is very similar, but with one key difference.  Europe, and less so America, now exist in a moral and religious vacuum.  There is no concrete ideology or religious paradigm posing a credible challenge to the radical adherents of Islam.

Islam is now controlling most of Europe, either actively, or passively, due to the absence of any response from local governing authorities — a curious void of law and order.  “Peace in our time” has now given way to the “Religion of Peace.”

Unless Europeans and Americans rise up now to reverse this trend, one of two things will occur. Either those in power will succeed in using this crisis to advance their aims and fundamentally transform their societies, or, more likely, Islam will become dominant in the West past the point of no return.

“The Moors” have come home.  The Muslim hoard hastily imported into Europe over the cries and screams of voters are living up to the archetypes people in the West have come to fear, especially when cartoons result in lynch-mobs, and when a woman clothed according to western custom is mercilessly raped by “migrants.”

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