Deep state #44 bait and switch ops.

Go ahead, make my..

It’s hardly being overly-dramatic to assume that deep state operative #44 was the biggest, most dangerous bait-and-switch artist ever planted as a Manchurian candidate ‘leader’ within the highest levels of the Constitutional Republic. Even among RINOs, barely a few understood his commie past and hatred for the United States and Israel. The rest fell for the PR b******t barrage and externals in varying degrees, even those who voted for others in the end.

The deep state operative #44 administration was simply a bad government gone wrong from its earliest days, led by the joint worst president and vice president sidekick ever. Additionally, in light of recent history, one could posit that it also became the most evil administration ever.

Not my assumption, but that from scholars of distinguished repute, as in the links available down below. I’m simply operating as the deep state observing observer.

What has brought the topic up again is today’s ‘sundance’ exposé in Conservative Treehouse into which we’ll segue shortly. But in the meantime, We the People shouldn’t be surprised about deep state #44s action. After sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic church for over 20 years it should be considered pure fact that he is an anti-white racist and anti-Semite to boot. To which our fearless president Trump began unraveling more of #44s malevolence early in his presidency.

There’s gotta be something here on Russia .. Putin promised me

Fast-forward to today and the peculiar thing about deep state #44s ‘Islamic position’ is that although he has had an affinity for The Muslim Brotherhood for years (by and large, if not almost exclusively, Sunni), he has a propensity at the same time to support other ‘lines’ (Shia, etc.) when those respective parties are standing against the U.S.; and let’s not forget even the greater white / Western demographic in general.

#44 was perfect for the CIA’s ‘New Middle East Strategy’ that was blueprinted while Bush was in office, and of which The Arab Spring was just one of the ops within the greater plan. Therefore it isn’t too much of a stretch to forward the potentiality that he has been an asset under development for far longer than what is believed by even the most far-reaching conspiracy theorist. Wherever on the planet.

Deep state #44 isn’t to be trusted by any means.

Now to ‘sundance’ and the #44 unraveling …

One of the reasons why the Flynn legal situation is so interesting is not really because of Flynn himself; but rather because the Flynn situation is a likely example of President Obama’s surveillance network in operation.

Tenuous legal theories (Logan Act) and obscure laws (technical FARA violations) appear to have been exploited by DOJ administration officials, in close ideological alignment with the Lawfare Group. In association with overall Obama administration officials, the fellow travelers used the legal system to create a DC surveillance network.

At the 30,000 ft. level Obama’s surveillance network looks like this:

• White House identifies a target; •passes request to the DOJ National Security Division (middlemen); •who then use the auspices of possible FARA violations to pass the instructions to the FBI contractors; •who data-mine the NSA database.

•The FBI results are then passed back to the DOJ-NSD; •who weaponize the information for FISA applications (becomes legal cover); and •pass the authorized surveillance (spying) results back to the White House etc.

It’s a circle of surveillance activity that could encompass almost every politician in Washington DC as they network with foreign lobbyists and special interests.

Techno Fog was the first person to identify FARA violations as the tenuous legal basis for the DOJ-NSD to gain FISC authorized surveillance warrants. It makes sense.

Those warrants then permit surveillance and the unwitting targets can infect anyone they come into contact with.

Using this process unwitting targets would be carrying surveillance like an ebola virus, and the Obama administration would be monitoring almost everyone in Washington DC.

Throughout the weaponized process there’s an element of plausible deniability, and a tenuous legal justification to protect the participants. If questioned the first line of defense would be to assert National Security; and almost all of the activity would be considered “classified”.

Read to compelling completion in link down below…

Steely-eyed, determined, American vs haughty, narcissistic, globalist…

This is yet another very seriously convincing ‘sundance’ probe, particularly in light of the recent history cited by Gen. Flynn which rings true in memory. Flynn obviously has deadly serious enemies in the US – likely #44 operatives – who are devious in their disinformation campaign against him.

While there well may be yet more information that will shed objective light on all of Flynn’s efforts as well as his enemies’ strategies, consider that anything sponsored by or connected to #44 is highly suspect, and more than likely dishonest up to being criminally corrupt.

On the other hand, no such history of doubt about General Flynn exists among patriotic white hats.

Just as an aside, one has to wonder, how many of the 30,000 deleted emails on HillaryRob’ems server might contain spy information about opponents. After all, she did it back in ’94 when 900 FBI files of opponents were found in her and Bubba’s White House, back when the FBI was already colluding with the Clintonista Corruption Cabal.

How much did Seth Rich know and did he make any other copies of the info?

It’s also not outside the bounds of possibility either, that the HillaryRob’em bathroom server, the DNC server, plus attached computers could have been the home of the #44 data base. If so it’s no wonder the FBI / DOJ / State Dept protected it, since it would be like J. Edgar Hoover’s files multiplied a million times. It has to be somewhere and its BIG!

Talking about BIG, time for today’s MAGA Pil – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


See ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse; Transcript of Michael Flynn Status Hearing

Plus Victor Davis Hanson: Private Papers – A Face in the Crowd Obama’s America

And Caroline Glick, FrontPageMag: Obama’s Radical Israel Policies


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