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As a wrap for the week which has been focused solely on the Parkland shooting tragedy (the malfeasance of which rests squarely at the feet of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department), at least to my knowledge to date, not a single newscast has discussed nor even mentioned the “PROMISE” program, nor has the Governor of Florida, nor any Senator, Legislator, or political bureaucrat, yet more than likely, this entire program was itself the main root cause of the tragedy. After all, ‘actions have consequences’; good, bad, or evil.

In my humble opinion, the PROMISE program was never anything more than a cleverly disguised vote-buying scheme, a classic leftist action wrapped in “do-good” intentions. While the PROMISE Program may have earned the DemoMarxists a few votes it was intended rather to create anarchy along the lines of Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and “what difference at this point does it make” (if anybody still remembers any of that), all of which was part of a nihilist agenda under the aegis of Obama, Hillary, and Holder.

What exactly the ‘do-good intentions of the PROMISE Program’ were all about is anyone’s guess, but does anyone actually believe that hiding evidence of crimes committed by school-agers and minorities in order to not brand them as felons/criminals is the way to instill good behavior, good manners, and respect for the law?

If that is the case (and remember just how far up the food chain the responsibility for the PROMISE program ran) then somebody seriously needs to be going to longtime lock-up without parole. With any classic leftist program there are never ever any good intentions, and in this case they don’t want it up for discussion since it’s just one more blot that leads unerringly straight back to Obama.

Which gives me a good segue` into Brian C. Joondeph and his piece the other day in American Thinker “Parkland Shooting: Questions the Left can’t Answer” …

Now a week out from the tragic Parkland Florida shooting, emotions are still running high. Stories and explanations change by the day. Answers should be forthcoming, but instead, we are left with only questions. Rather than answering these questions, the media is posturing and preening for political purposes. Here are some of the questions worthy of asking:

Days after the shooting, CNN hosted a town hall meeting. Rather than a thoughtful discussion regarding causes and potential solutions, it lived up to CNN’s goal of a political rally. Yet CNN claims that its meeting was not political. Could CNN pour a cup of coffee without it being political?

Did CNN stack the audience and prep participants? CNN has a history of planting Democrats in its town hall meetings. One participant claimed that CNN gave him scripted questions to ask. Plausible? Isn’t CNN the network that supplied Hillary Clinton with debate questions in advance?

CNN turned their town hall meeting into a Dana Loesch-and-Marco Rubio-bashing fest. Yet neither pulled the trigger that terrible day. Why is the shooting their fault?

Plenty of other individuals and groups are being blamed for the shooting – the NRA, Republicans, and President Trump. They were not in the school that day. They did not shoot anyone. Nikolas Cruz did the shooting. Why isn’t he being blamed?

What about the police officers who remained outside or hid behind cars during the shooting? Or the flippant Sheriff Scott Israel, deflecting blame as skillfully as Barack Obama did for eight years? Why is blame being directed at those who had nothing to do with the shooting?

Where is the blame over the Obama-Holder Justice Department, paying schools to hide or overlook crime, in an effort to improve arrest and incarceration statistics?

Read to the end for more revelations from Joondeph

The PROMISE Program was just another concocted government-manufactured moral hazard – much like the poorly conceived Community Reinvestment Act legislation that led to the housing crisis and market crash in 2008. Those with vested power/$ objectives quickly figure out how to game the system and exploit it for their benefit, operating without any government accountability with respect to the collateral damage from these lame policies.

Stashing $100-dollar (or was it $1000-bills?) on a jet plane pallet to the tune of billions of dollars to placate an Iranian ‘problem’ is yet another example, as is the Clinton-fashioned disappearance of some $6 billion dollars while she was head of the State Department. With rogue Leftist governments the likes of the Clintons and Obamas, just where does it all end?

What the Big Fake News main stream media will never admit to is that Obama and his henchman Holder, through executive order, threatened to withhold federal funds from school districts that didn’t bend to his agenda which involved hiding crime and rule breaking that made the favored groups of the left look bad. Starting with the premise that minorities were charged with a disproportionate amount of crime and rule breaking in the schools, Obama set out to change all this by threatening school districts with loss of funds if they continued to report crime and infractions committed by minorities.

The shyster (a real word, look it up) Sheriff Scott Israel and his totally corrupt department is a dedicated political leftist creature with strong Islamic leanings who enthusiastically enforced these Obama rules. His resource officers (‘henchmen’ is a better descriptive) were not in the schools to protect the kids, they were there to protect Obama’s rules and regulations.

As has been proven, they certainly were not there to risk their lives in defense of the children. Going after our guns is a diversion. Going after the Islamic commies who control the schools is what we should be doing.

America has forever been full of the ‘enemies within’ and the current generation is seemingly no different. But as I constantly trumpet (pun intended) our nationalism, populism, and a new courageous president is all that stands in the way of this threat. A real threat that we ignore at our peril.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


3 thoughts on “PROMISE program Fast & furious..

  1. Thank you Dennis, for this research! Don’t you wish our fbi would catch this stuff before it becomes legislation? Or at least before an incident such as this? But I am sure they are not going to admit fault, or be even slightly embarrassed!

    • You are correct, Shawn, but the bigger problem of course (of which I firmly believe the president is addressing) is the entrenched Deep State, full of rogues in every bureaucracy, leftists and communists, and now increasingly Islamists all, who literally seem hell-bent on pulling down the Republic as opposed to fulfilling their Constitutional responsibilities. Why people the likes of Soros, Clintons, Holder, Rice, Pelosi etal are still wandering around is an absolute mystery. Thankfully at the moment, our president is working full steam ahead behind the scenes overturning as much as he can of Obama’s malfeasance. Meanwhile Soros and his criminals are attempting to take over booming states like Texas and turn them into the hellholes that he’s already destroyed in his manic ‘new world order’ agenda. This is definitely no time for any of us to ‘go wobbly’, but rather to go forth with boldness in lifting up the president to MAGA!!

  2. My story goes back to the Obama years. A former colleague and I fell into a pattern of getting together for lunch two or three times a year, just to catch up with each other. We did this all through Obama’s presidency, even though my friend knew that I was a conservative and disapproved of Obama’s policies and actions as president. When the Left is weak, they will cry out for mercy and equality and brotherhood. When the Left is strong, they will be merciless in ignoring your attempts at surrender. The Leftist alliance and everyone who chooses to be part of it, are enemies of humanity. This is why I tell people to ditch their Leftist friends and disconnect from their Leftist relatives. When the war comes, they will be the first ones ordered to turn you into the SS and totalitarian powers. (How do you think FDR found out all those Americans with US Citizenship that looked Japanese) Leftists at the bottom hierarchy rank, are only useful as warning signs of what orders they are given. It”s probably why Book finds Leftist FB enemy territory to be so inspiring. But there are other ways to gather the same intel, though it requires more work.

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