Mark Levin interviews Devin Nunes

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Couple the new Mark Levin Fox News gig ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ with the razor-sharp investigative reportage of ‘sundance’ in The Conservative Treehouse and you have a consummate recipe for greatness. Especially when both are focused on the same topic.

A couple of weeks or so ago, I brought you up to speed with the latest expose` from ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse, who opened up his latest investigative blockbuster with: “House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence member Chris Stewart appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro, and didn’t want to “make news” or spill the beans, but the unstated, between-the-lines, discussion was as subtle as a brick through a window. Judge Jeannie has been on the cusp of this for a few weeks” … Following her interview (link to the full article by the way, down below) ‘sundance’ then went on:

“The game is over. The jig is up. Victory is certain; the trench was ignited; the enemy funneled themselves into the valley; all bait was taken; everything from here on out is simply mopping up the details. All suspicions confirmed”.

“Why has Devin Nunes been so confident? Why did all GOP HPSCI members happily allow the Democrats to create a 10-page narrative? All questions are answered”.


Fast forward to today, and last night’s exclusive interview between Levin and Nunes, and if you missed it on TV, despair not, since I have the full interview minus commercials…


Smell that stench? (Sniff, Sniff) – I think it emanates from the FBI and the DOJ. The rotting stench of DemoMarxist Party corruption and every agent who kept quiet and knew about it. Everyone associated with the DOJ who kept quiet has become polluted with a level of corruption never before seen in America. How they can look REAL Americans in the eye and not lower their heads is beyond understanding.

Nunes is correct about the Big Fake MSM. They and the entire DemoMarxist party are puppets of their billionaire masters. It becomes more and more obvious with each passing day that the swamp is deep, the swamp is wide and that AG Jeff Sessions is but one of many gatekeepers as part of a long, long list. At some point, one of those gatekeepers – just ONE – needs to have the cajones to blast the case wide open.

‘Sundance’ and The Conservative Treehouse appear to be the leading contenders at the moment.

America has forever been full of the ‘enemies within’ and the current generation is seemingly no different. But as I constantly trumpet (pun intended) our nationalism, populism, and a new courageous president is all that stands in the way of this threat. A real threat that we ignore at our peril.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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