WuhuFlu shot ‘shame on you’ plot…

Go ahead, make my..

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice … well, you get the drift. So let me get this straight – Why the wait? The ridiculous notion that you can stop or ‘slow’ the spread of WuhuFlu is idiotic. We closed restaurants, bars, and God only knows what else, but left open grocery stores? We closed barbershops (and man, do I need a haircut!) but left open home improvement stores? It’s way past time to shut these petty dictators down. You know the ones, Mayors and Governors, and police types, and manufactured crisis purveyors … those chasing their own fame and fortune in their 15-minutes of fame. Or weeks or months!

Calling Fauci Birx. Calling Fauci Birx. Would Fauci Birx please leave the arena. Your 15 minutes of WuhuFlu is WAY overdue.

Fauci and Birx WuhuFlu shot shame…

Question for the ‘experts’ could be along the lines of where all the regular seasonal flu death numbers have gone. Generally in the 30,000 to 60,000 range, yet we’re not seeing reports on them. More to the immediate point, is what the purpose of this great pandemic is. For one thing, the Pelosi / Schumer ‘shame on you’ lefty-set is getting all the things they’ve been after for 100 years. Free the prisoners, end employer paid medical insurance, no job no insurance. Rumor is, by the way, that some of those ‘regular’ numbers have been transferred to the COV-19 tally in the pursuit of more funding. Put nothing past the Dems or any ‘gubmint’ outfit for that matter.

But I digress. Evidence for the Court, ‘yer ‘onor…

The 2017 CDC death numbers for the United States included the following causes of death: Heart Disease – 635,000; Cancer – 598,000; Accidents – 161,000; Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases – 155,000; Stroke – 142,000; Alzheimer’s Disease – 116,000; Diabetes – 80,000; Influenza and Pneumonia – 52,000; Kidney Disease – 50,000; Suicide – 45,000; Septicemia – 39,000; Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis- 38,000; TOTAL OF ALL DEATHS – 2,750,000 = 7500 PER DAY!

Imagine if every time someone with Diabetes died it was front page news. Would we ban sugar? OH the agony!

Molly McCann, theFederalist: ‘Americans Need To Start Pushing Back Against Draconian Lockdowns’…

Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and anyone else advocating for a federally mandated lockdown either doesn’t understand the Constitution’s structure or doesn’t respect it.

On April 11, The Washington Post ran an article about plans being made to reopen the economy. The article complains that state governors (rather than the White House) are leading the planning, which has resulted in a “mind-boggling level of disorganization,” according to a Centers for Disease Control director.

The incessant bleating of prominent health leaders over the lack of federal control in this crisis only underscores how little they understand or respect this country’s Constitution and the freedoms it seeks to protect. Although the White House certainly has emergency authority to mandate all number of efforts to respond to crisis, and obviously can pressure local leaders, the coronavirus has highlighted the structural nature of the Constitution and that one of the saving graces in the insanity we are living through is that lockdowns are local.[-]

[+] … The states retained their historic “police power.” The police power is a state’s inherent authority to govern with a view toward its citizens’ health, safety, morals, and general welfare. Certainly, a state’s plenary powers are limited by the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions, but absent those restrictions, a state’s power is very broad.

Ordering lockdowns, then, is within the states’ authority, not that of the federal government. Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and anyone else advocating for a federally mandated lockdown either doesn’t understand the Constitution’s structure or doesn’t respect it.[-]

[+] … Although the president doesn’t implement the lockdowns, he has tremendous leverage to encourage or discourage them. The president is under tremendous pressure to keep the country closed and needs (and wants!) to hear that freedom-conscious Americans support his best instincts. Worried Americans should be supporting the president and governors to reopen the economy on May 1. [end]

Full context in link below…

Fauci been around for awhile WuhuFlu shot shame

Civics 101 that demoMarxocrats will never understand. First step is to permanently retire WuhuFlu Fauci and Birx so we can regain some sanity. Next continue the mass production of the cure that demoMarxocrats and Deep State keep rejecting and hate because it’s so life saving (that would be hydroxychloroquine, etal). Give Governors the sole responsibility to open up our economy, to which our fearless president then needs to triumph in the coming economic boom; get more tax relief via tax deductions; and strongly urge the Wall Street oligarchs to get out of China.

Then there’s this – According to Worldometer information, as of today in the United States; we have 67 deaths per 1 MILLION citizens; after all the hype and shutdowns, loss of constitutional freedoms and financial turmoil, just 67 deaths per 1M. Abortionists kill more citizens than that before 8:00 AM each and every morning!!!

Fact is that Fauci and Birx have been at odds within their own words since this whole mess began. After all, Fauci is on record back in January repeating the virus was nothing to worry about. Both of them need to have a ‘come to Jesus moment’ with the president over this. For whatever good it would do.It certainly wouldn’t hurt any.

And with that, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Ever-vigilant president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Molly McCann, theFederalist: Americans Need To Start Pushing Back Against Draconian Lockdowns

Peter Barry Chowka, American Thinker: Is President Trump About To Fire Dr. Fauci?

And yours truly: Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin

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