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Winning Trump strategy prevailing, and I’ll tell you why. As a student of history and having been around the block more than a few times in my getting-close-to-octogenarian territory, I must admit that nothing really surprises me anymore. As it was, it is. As it is, it will be. As it will be, is as it was. Period. Over. Out.

Recycle as required. If you run out of winning ideas – impeach. Back in the day, the cesspool-dwellers did it to Nixon, so they think it will work again.

Nixon made three mistakes.

    1. He assumed his staff would be on his side and follow his instructions to get everything out in the open early. But John Dean engineered the coverup without Nixon’s knowledge.
    2. He assumed that the press would follow traditional journalistic standards. But Ben Bradlee let Woodward and Bernstein publish stories based on anonymous sources (that quite often proved to be untrue). HAH! What stands for the ‘press’ anymore is as Levin says it – ‘unfree’ – Period. Over. Out.
    3. He assumed the Democrats would play fair.
    4. HAH! Democrats never play fair, and Bernstein’s still running around lying through his teeth in front of any camera available. Same age as yours truly, but at least I’ve learned over the years to always dig deep. Get to the truth. Being honest doesn’t hurt, either.

Following the 8 disastrous years of the former POTUS #44, Joe 30330, Rob’em-blind Clinton, Congress, Judiciary, the Courts, MSM, FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept and DemoMarxocrat supporters, during which time they made absolute fools of themselves in denigrating the Constitution and We the People Trump supporters, something or somebody has to blow apart the politics of the evil left before the ambulatory-career-politicos in congress destroy the constitutional republic completely with their sick ambitions and greed.

Thankfully, we have a warrior-president currently at the helm of the ship of state weaving its way forcefully and ambitiously away from the dark waves of destruction, and into the pleasant safe and calm waters of prosperity, freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Mmmmm .. now where have we heard that before?

Donald Finley, American Thinker, and ‘How Trump is Winning’…

The Democrats cannot allow a Trump victory, no matter what. They know they won’t beat him in 2020 because there isn’t a serious and sane candidate among their party to oppose him. His victory means a firmly right-leaning Supreme Court for decades to come, with likely two to three more appointments in his next term. Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and the last of anything and everything Obama, except his horrible legacy, will cease to exist. But before we get there, we have to endure this impeachment show.

The Democrats have disgraced themselves through their antics since before Trump took office. They’ve proven they hate America, and Americans themselves are only a means to an end for them. They play to the ignorant and uninformed, the dependent and the needy, the inner-city poor, the Left Coast loonies, and the New England trust fund fortunes. They have made every effort to resist, delay, halt, or otherwise dilute the impact of Trump’s policies and decisions, despite every measurable metric of national health trending toward greater health and prosperity. It has been clown show after clown show, with Trump as the ringmaster at the circus.[-]

[+] … His accomplishments will remain overshadowed by the corruption which preceded him, that which remained around him upon taking office, and the America-hating mainstream media which will never apologize to the American people for having repeatedly gotten it all wrong.  Trump’s greatness will have been stolen, but not completely.  His leadership style and policies will shape Republican governance, trade policy and foreign policy for decades.  His judicial appointments will stave off socialism and save the union as certainly as did Abraham Lincoln.  Donald Trump, on his last day in office, will step into history among the greatest of our presidents, as the man who kept his promises to clean up government, and because of him, America will be great again.

See full article in link below…

President Trump hugs the American Flag as he arrives to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2019

Well let’s put it very simply … Our fearless president is literally reconstructing our great nation with ever-increasing intensity. His mega-plans are already up and running at full throttle, and achieving excellent results – and all that, with the ridiculous, obscene, insane, pernicious, and ferocious opposition devised by the cesspool-dwelling political elite and the almost-vaporized (what’s left of them, that is!) liberal looney-tune unruly, anti-American DemoMarxocrat sector rapidly whizzing off into oblivion!

The global-leading Constitutional Republic is once again great, and winning, and winning, and winning, and … you get the point!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Donald Finley, American Thinker, and How Trump Wins

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