William Barr’s ‘spygate’ something..

Go ahead, make my..

Mmmmm … While everyone and their grandmother on the Dark Side of the Constitutional Republic were castigating our fearless president for his lonestar effort to preserve the very foundational elements of the Republic under attack, the real back story began 15 hours earlier with William Barr’s oldest daughter Mary Daly leaving her position in the Deputy AG’s office to join the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit. While (ahem), William Barr’s son-in-law Tyler McGaughey is moving from the US Attorney’s office in Virginia to the White House Counsel’s office.

Therefore, to avoid any charges of nepotism, the AG’s family members moved out of the DoJ.

Very common practice among honorable people, and not the sort of ‘ammo’ I’d want to fire at someone if my life depended on it.[sarc]

On the plus side of the ‘Russian Collusion Clinton should’ve been president’ fantasy, this wasn’t a messy political disagreement fought in the media. This was a planned criminal endeavor aimed at overturning a fair election, and a 200-year tradition of the peaceful transfer of power based on fair elections. Towards which any student of history should arrive at the same conclusion without any pretense whatsoever.

Let’s just assume that teams Obama and Clinton went way over the line. That they made this a death match. If it’s not crushed, the president is set and it will happen again and again until they are finally successful and get the third world, banana republic they seek.

Then there will be no rules.

Imagine a situation where, year upon year, there is a continuing shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers because the fertility rate has dropped below replacement; as is the current situation in the developed world. That would result in an enormous shift of power. Meanwhile, the means of production are, as a result of technical developments, lower than ever before, while ‘robotification’ is on the horizon.

The politically-powerful elite establishment is fearful of this situation and needs as much illegal immigration as possible to remain in power. While preaching the gospel of equality, the elite’s goal is in fact the very opposite. They fear a more egalitarian world, and therefore the ruling elites define equality as a matter of identity, not economics.

Welcome to William Barr’s ‘spygate’ something and good luck on anything good emanating from him between now and – well, forever?

‘Sundance’ and his opener in today’s Conservative Treehouse : ‘William Barr and Spygate – Watch the Teams’…

Attorney General William Barr quietly took the oath of office in the oval office today with Chief Justice John Roberts administering and officiating the swearing in. [link]

With the introduction of a fully empowered and confirmed U.S. Attorney General there is likely to be a great deal of speculation about how AG Barr will interact with the seditious conspiracy scandal known collectively as ‘spygate’.

No doubt the tick-tock-boom club will sell more books with declarations of soon to be announced indictments, grand juries, etc. However, as with all political horse trading in DC, the reality of accountability usually falls far away from headline predictions.

Attorney General Barr will be navigating a myriad of high-powered political interests through his office at the Justice Department.

If we presume William Barr is not intending to cover-up for the gross misconduct of the DOJ and FBI, which is a considerable presumption, it will be worth watching how the two camps, Team Obama and Team Clinton, react to the shifted DOJ landscape.

{Go Deep}

♦ Team Obama consists of: John Brennan, Susan Rice, James Clapper, James Comey, James Rybicki, Loretta Lynch, John Carlin, Samantha Power and all former White House officials.

♦ Team Clinton consists of: ¹Andrew McCabe, ¹Sally Yates, ¹James Baker, ²Mary McCord, ¹Dana Boente, ²David Laufmann, ¹Mike Kortan, ¹Peter Strzok, ¹Lisa Page, ¹Nellie Ohr, ¹Bruce Ohr, ²John Podesta and essentially all of the former DOJ/FBI small group who are also currently operating within the ³Mueller operation and ³Lawfare (Benjamin Wittes) community.

NOTE: Team Clinton has three sub-sets: ¹direct involvement; ²indirect involvement; and ³cover-up.

Continue to completion with link down below…

How about, say, members of the so-called ‘Media’ get in the face of these 2020 ‘Dimbo candidates’ and ask how they feel about the current President being under an attempted coup by our own FBI? How would they like to think this is a pattern that is accepted if nothing is done about it? Mmmmm?

Watch the org charts. There should be a big change with new leadership. Are the new leaders Team Trump? Or are they Team Never Trump? Are all residues of Team Clinton and Team Obama purged? Or in typical D.C. fashion do they stay on with Team Bush? Does Team Mueller get to step back into their DOJ jobs?

How about all the abusive prosecutors like Weissman? Are they finally going to be sent packing?

There is so much that needs cleansing in the DOJ. William Barr’s spygate something is one of them. Sometimes it feels the way Jack Nicholson’s Joker did about Gotham – ‘What this DOJ needs is an enema!’

Nevertheless – Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


‘Sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse and: ‘William Barr and Spygate – Watch the Teams’

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