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Who we are within the current aberration of USA nationhood, has been diluted over the past umpteen years, watered down, and doused with illegals from scattered foreign nations; witnessed through the scores of unknown and uncounted millions of people who came here to partake of the demoMarxocrat freebies – health care, welfare, housing, education – all benefits to be paid for by legal working Americans. Citizens seemingly have NO say in government anymore, being either ignored or ruled by politicians and the licentious derogatory lamestream media to boot!

Last time I checked, English was still our native language, the same that legal immigrants were obligated to learn. No more. Now patriots are scorned and shouted down. When there are no borders, no national language, no universal culture, no knowledge of our history and achievements, there becomes no nation and no unity.

And currently, native-born enemies within are hastening to destroy any remaining symbols of our past greatness. Question is, who’s pushing them?

Who are we?

When people within our own communities, male and female, insist on legal rights to murder by abortion millions of their own children with the same national DNA, how can we even expect to remain a righteous nation?

The similarities to the current USA of the downfall of Rome, Egypt, Greece, Britain, and other past civilizations, are legion; immorality, corruption, rejection of God, and the call by the ignorant for a Marxist, dictatorial government as its replacement. When the specious media promotes having two national anthems, one for whites and another for blacks, the blatant intent becomes all too familiar to destroy us by dividing us into two nations.

Tolerance of all this is bad. It means we surrender. Or not.

Donal D. Kavanagh, American Thinker: ‘Who Are We?’…

In 1980, I was living in Taiwan.  The English-language press there was then reporting the discussions in the U.S. about teaching religion or religious subjects in our schools.  One morning, I was riding to his office with a young Taiwanese executive with whom I had been working for some months.  As we passed a big, ugly brick building I was told by my friend that it was a school for all grades up through what we called high school.  I asked him if the students there were taught about the Confucian faith.  His answer — “Certainly. That’s who we are.” — has stuck in my mind since.

I realized that morning that the defining glue that bound the Taiwanese, and much of Eastern cultures, together was a common understanding of “who we are.”  I have wondered since, especially during the last decade or so: do we know “who we are”?  Or is there any “who we are”?  I wonder how Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi would answer that question.  I wonder how many of our secondary school teachers could answer that question.

Who are we?  Are we the same people who, by the thousands, trekked across the western deserts and freezing plains to build a nation of farmers, ranchers, miners, and builders out of a barren wilderness?  Are we a nation of entrepreneurs who invented airplanes, mass-produced cars, invented electric lights, refrigerators, nuclear power, and moving pictures?  Are we the same people who assembled at Concord, Massachusetts to launch a war against the then most powerful nation in the world?

Are we the same people who joined together to build 120,000 airplanes a year and three ships a day and assembled a force of 11 million men in two years to defeat the powers of the world’s oppressors?  Are we the same people who gave 600,000 lives in a war to affirm the principle that “all men are created equal,” that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, notwithstanding their culture or capabilities?

Or are we a nation of 15% living on food stamps and the largess of others?  Are we a people who damn the successful among us, whose talents, efforts, and risk-taking give us the technical marvels of today’s life?  Are we a people so dependent upon government caretaking that we will choose as leaders the most incompetent and corrupt simply to assure the continued access to the government’s benefits?  Are we a people who today ignore the demands of responsible social conduct and responsibility for our progeny, simply to enjoy the transitory pleasures of adolescent conduct throughout our lives?

Do we know who we are?  Do we even care?  I wonder what my Taiwanese  friend would think. [end]

Who are we?

Most of us know exactly who we are, but doubtless some become disillusioned with those marxists among us masquerading as demoMarxocrats. It seemed like all this malarkey happened overnight, but the current hatred swirling around demoMarxocrat cities has been stewing since the departure of President Ronald Reagan and really picked up the true evil and vile makeup of these marxists during the tenure of the last #44 rogue president and his fellow-insurgents.

Our culture, way of life, social mores, etal, are being destroyed on a daily basis. So much hate and wink/wink by the big corporations, the sports industry and others. Too many soy boy zeta males and conversely, too many ill-educated, pathetic females. What a fix eh?

And on that short, sharp, note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – effervescent warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Donal D. Kavanagh, American Thinker: Who Are We?

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