Who allowed Biden unfit as Prez?

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Who allowed Biden unfit as Prez? Straight up plain and simple with no undue evidence, Biden’s flagrant violation of the Constitution which he swore to uphold, is grounds for impeachment, and when followed up with the 25th Amendment, there are countless sources of evidence that incompetence has always plagued Biden, but now it’s become organic, not just intellectual.

Not to be obtuse in any way, he was a perfect pick as a segregationist; he obviously has no feelings for his fellow man; he has never, ever in his career, made a sound, effective, foreign decision; he was and is, still corrupt to his gills and definitely anti-American, having become the perfect leader(?) for the Great(?) Reset. His encroaching senility was the perfect cream on the cake (excuse me. ice cream, which he consumes by the tonnage!).

John Brennan and James Clapper were appointed because they were competent? How about exactly the opposite. These doofuses held their positions because they weren’t aware of what their underlings were doing. Biden on the other hand, appears not to be aware of the Separation of Powers; but given his limited IQ to begin with, ie “tyranny”, as in a Czar’s or a Dictator’s purview, Biden knows of NO limit whatsoever.

Who allowed Biden unfit as Prez? Stare vacantly while picking your teeth and mumbling…

It wouldn’t hurt in the next election, by the way, for everyone to ask themselves “Would I trust that person alone with my kids?” The pervert in chief would have lost if folks had asked that. Consider also that FJB got the gig because those who rigged the 2020 election needed someone with no honor, no scruples, no integrity, and very low IQ. There was one man that could have saved the Nation at the last minute, but he turned out to be weak and a coward. That person was Mike Pence. And not to forget that SCOTUS also has to take the blame for the present situation.

Biden isn’t fit to be president. Fetterman isn’t fit to be senator. Yet, here we are, here because we don’t have a free press but rather one controlled by the evil party and the oligarchs of social media, aided and abetted by a bought and paid for ignorant electorate. We have become a JOKE to the world. No sane person could respect the mumbling, incoherent ramblings and stupid decisions of this administration. Who exactly is running this country, why are we letting them, and when do we meet at High Noon for the shootout?

William Perry Pendley, American Thinker: ‘Biden unfit as prez: why wasn’t he stopped?’ …

Despite Democrats performing better than expected in the midterm elections just completed, two-thirds of those voters do not want their leader, President Joe Biden, to run for re-election in 2024. Perhaps, by now, like nearly everyone else in the country, they know the real Joe Biden. Just who is he?

President Biden is a man of mediocre intellect who, over almost five decades in national public office, accomplished little to nothing, other than his election to federal offices and becoming rich off the federal teat and various side hustles. He is a thin-skinnedchip-on-the-shouldermacho swaggerer who, in a Tucker Carlson phrase, “kisses up and spits down.” He is a prevaricatorplagiaristteller-of-tall-tales narcissist who has no respect for the truth, only narratives that advance his interests or portray him favorably. If not a racist, he still sees only through the lens of race and pandersprejudges, or pounces accordingly. Finally, when it comes to young children and women, he just cannot, as my mother used to put it, keep his hands to himself; he may be guilty of muchmuch worse.

Sadly, as a result of advanced age and cognitive decline, his skills, such as a quick wit, adroit speech, and pleasant countenance, have eroded as his less desirable traits, such as angermendacity, and lack of self-control, have worsened. No wonder people are discovering the real Joe Biden. [-]

[+] … In 1988, President George H.W. Bush nominated former U.S. senator John Tower (R-Texas) as his secretary of defense.  Senator Tower, who served from 1961 to 1985, was the first Republican senator to represent Texas since Reconstruction.  He chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee, later was chief U.S. negotiator at the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks in Switzerland, and in 1986 chaired the Tower Commission inquiry into the Iran-Contra Affair.  All that was not enough to prevent the Senate from rejecting his nomination, given its concerns over his alcoholism and other issues.

Years ago, on a visit from Denver to D.C., I met with an old friend who once served as an attorney to the Senate Judiciary Committee and thus had frequent interactions with Biden.  Knowing he was aware of my negative view of the senator, I asked his opinion.  “He’s always been good to me,” he responded.  “That’s a pretty low bar,” I replied.  “It’s my test,” he shrugged.  So it must have been for the senators, both Democrats and Republicans, who knew the real Joe Biden for nearly five decades.  Now all Americans are paying a terrible price for their willingness to set such low standards. [end]

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Who allowed Biden unfit as Prez? Why?Village idiot dumb as used Kleenex. When tyrants shrill…

The question of the ages has long been “How on God’s green earth did we ever beget Biden / FJB?” How about outside forces – especially those of evil intent?

Dominion Servers; vote totals that end in fractions; vote ratios that are perfectly consistent after a vote dump; fraudulent mail-in ballots; fraudulent mail-in ballot edicts that aren’t passed through the State Senates; illegal ballot harvesting; and not forgetting phantom voters who are dead, very, very, dead, who amazingly get activated, vote, then become immediately deactively-dead again, scattered amongst addresses in empty parking lots and homeless shelters, and those illegals with seemingly tons, and tons, and tons of $1,000 dollar bills. That bunch!

Why – when hated with a vengeance – did OBO#44 choose HIM as running mate when there were so many other, more reasonable choices out there? Second question: Was the hag involved? Speculative answer: Democrats don’t control the Democrat Party. Three guesses as to who? Who allowed Biden unfit as Prez?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


  • William Perry Pendley, American Thinker: Biden unfit as prez: why wasn’t he stopped?

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