Warren a 1/512th of a Pocahontas?

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In tracing my own DNA heritage back into the annals of history, it’s less than a comforting feeling to have been sired from the blood of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Batavians, Franks, Frisians, Vikings and God only knows what other bloodthirsty enemies came and conquered Britain over the millennia. Which is to say nothing of the earlier Celtic Britons (or Brythons) and the Germanic tribes that settled in Britain following the withdrawal of the Romans.

According to the latest British Census, ‘White British’ is an ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census, which resulted in the White British population reporting in at 51,736,290 – accounting for 81.9% of the UK total population.

Which all makes me wonder what percentage of true ‘Brit blood’ is actually flowing through my ‘White British veins!’ Certainly less than 1/512th of a Pocahontas, wouldn’t you say?

It would be interesting if patty-white-face Elizabeth Warren were to enlighten We the People about her ancestry that connects her to this so-called native American blood. Believe it or not, millions of us Brits had male ancestors who emigrated in the 1700s from both England and Germany. Some brought their wives and countless others were single.

Some were even thieves, miscreants, and downright reprobates, like the great-great-grandfather that upped and left our great-great-grandmother Gulliver with four daughters barely out of school, and disappeared into the wild wild west without a trace; and that after having promised her he would ‘send for them when he got settled.’

As for the ‘true immigrants’, they settled on the east coast for decades and had children who married and moved west, thereby making it possible that there were many intermarriages to those with native American blood. There are many, many current citizens of the United States (and I know several) who can trace their families back to native Americans. Especially in Oklahoma.

In an enthralling and enlightening piece today in American Thinker, Monica Showalter lifts the lid off the latest Elizabeth Warren attempt to prove that she is, in fact, a blueblood Native American Indian, and thereby entitled to the one million dollars that President Trump promised to pay up if she could prove it.

Her opener titled ‘That the best you can do for Native American DNA, Elizabeth Warren?’…

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), the pastiest white woman in the entire Senate, has long been a figure of fun for her claim to be the “first woman of color” to teach at Harvard Law School, owing to her “family lore” of holding Native American ancestry. It doesn’t exactly seem to check out based on looking at her, or asking around in the Oklahoma Native American community she claims to be part of. President Trump, of course, has had a field day with her pretensions, calling her ‘Pocahontas.’

Now she’s come out after a long, long hiatus from those charges to claim that yes, she’s found a geneticist who claims she has a Native American ancestor, some six to ten generations back. According to the Washington Post:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is gearing up for a potential 2020 presidential bid, has released a DNA test that suggests she has a distant Native American ancestor, part of an extraordinary effort to discredit President Trump and others who have questioned her claims about her heritage.

Warren’s ‘gotcha’ is hardly the ‘slam dunk’ she claims. The genetic finding she cites makes her at most 1/32 Native American, and it could easily be as little as 1/512 Native American. Since Warren’s original claim to Native American ancestry was that her great great grandmother Sara was “part” Native American, that raises the likelihood that she’s in the 1/512 range.

Which is almost exactly the same as the average white American’s composition of Native American ancestry. 1/512 is 0.19 percent.

The average white American’s is 0.18 percent, according to Sam Morningstar, who has a rather authoritative-looking piece on Quora about how Native American ancestry works in the U.S., and the fact that it’s frankly, among whites, quite rare. The 0.18 percent average, he notes, is easily misleading, given that most white Americans have utterly no Native American ancestry in them, and a small number have much more.

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The only thing this proves is that Harvard has lower standards than this Liberal-leftist DemoMarxist party hack; anybody can clearly see they gave her breaks because she was maybe 1/1024% Indian. But her original claim was that she was a direct descendant of The Cherokee Nation which can’t be verified because it would require a direct ancestor to be a Cherokee Indian. The very fact that she has mostly European ancestry gives lie to her being part Cherokee; which can’t be proven at all.

But it gets worse. Native American Indians refused to have their DNA sampled so to fill the gap they included Mexican, Peruvian and Colombian Indians in the DNA sequence.

‘Sacagawea’ Warren’s current tack is laughable. A ‘geneticist’ that she selected confirms she is a tiny percentage American Indian! Warrior-President Trump will have even more fun with this foolish, easily assailed attempt at justifying this contrived nonsense.

As for the comparisons between our dual DNA heritage, I would aver that mine is far less of my being a ‘true Brit’ than hers is of having ‘Cherokee Nation blood’ or anything else having to do with/without her ‘whiteness’. According to the new British standard, she’d be more of a Brit than me!

The real story is that our president has caused another political stiff to dance to his tune. Just like ‘Low Energy’ Jeb, ‘Fauxcahontas’ has taken the bait and opened herself to the big question over whether she denied a properly qualified applicant a job.

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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