Union Art of the Deal in great shape

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Without any question at all, President Trump’s greatest achievement to date was a joy to behold last evening as he tore the burka off of DemoRINOMarxist body politics for everyone to see. From beginning to end, the state of the Union art of the deal made it abundantly clear who the DC swamp-dweller establishment elitists are. And they are evident in both parties.

On the one hand, the question would be just how much further Left is left? The Dark Side affirming infanticide; pedophilia; racial resentment based on the week’s ‘Queen-for-a-Day’ hierarchy; encouraging teens to transgenderise themselves; remaking/reforming the population-mix of the nation via illegal immigration; etc., etc., etc. What more can they possibly affirm that is destructive to individuals and the republic?

Does anyone else have any inkling of what is left that the Left could possibly embrace in its march towards decadence for decadences’ sake?

Call it the ‘other hand’ if you like, but regardless of what anyone thinks about President Trump, he consistently makes it abundantly clear that in everything he and his administration are doing, America and We the People come first; that the people of this nation deserve to be treated with respect and not used as pawns in a DemoRINOMarxist game of destruction, or better yet, a political ‘game of thrones’.

The president’s foreign policies and renegotiating of trade treaties is bringing life back to America. This is very much counter of course, to the goal of a global plantation that the DemoRINOMarxists are forever attempting to fob onto the backs of hard-working middle-class Americans.

The erudite Daniel Greenfield in today’s FrontPageMag, and his superb piece titled ‘A Heroic State of the Union Address’…

“America will never be a socialist country,” President Trump boldly told a room of socialists dressed in their Klan whites.

The State of the Union began with a living history lesson. It ended with a call to greatness.

The American past, present and future appeared before a weary nation, from the soldiers who braved the beaches of Normandy, racing under the shadow of bullets and shells, to Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two men to walk on the moon, to the police officers and ICE agents fighting terrorism and illegal alien crime today, to the children defying disease and bullying who will define our tomorrows.

And President Trump asked the members of a Democrat House majority and a watching nation catching a glimpse of the truth past the blurry filters of the mainstream media, whether they wanted more.

Obama often told Americans who they were. Tonight, President Trump actually showed us.

The State of the Union was a celebration of ordinary heroism, from the police officer dashing under fire to stop a Neo-Nazi killer massacring Jews in a Pittsburgh house of worship to the Holocaust survivor helping the American G.I. who liberated his concentration camp back into his seat. It honored three generations, the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of a loving couple murdered by an illegal alien in Reno and an immigrant fighting sex trafficking with the ICE.

And it was also a call to champion the policies that honor their heroism, from resisting the modern Nazis of Iran, who like the Hitlerian hordes plot the mass murder of millions of Jews, to building a wall that ends the abuse of Americans through an endless traffic in illegal aliens, and in crime and violence.

And the Democrats met these calls to courage and decency with stone faces and folded hands.

There were smirks, boos and paper shuffling. Once again, new lows of unemployment for African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans were met with sullen silence. The Democrats even boycotted the call to choose national greatness because they don’t believe that America is or should be great.

And yet the State of the Union was a celebration of the legacy of that greatness. And a call for more.

But it was also a warning not to take that greatness for granted.

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Not to put too fine a point on it, but we’re witnessing the logical conclusions of the leftist DemoRINOMarxist ideology; the very things we were told would never happen. Simply put, the Left has to destroy our foundation to build its utopia.

Consider the Dark Side and their specious agenda:

  • The Family Unit must be destroyed because healthy families don’t need the state as much.
  • Religion must be destroyed because you must look to the state for your salvation.
  • Individual rights must be diminished because they set limits on state power.
  • America must be diminished because communism, like the caliphate, seeks world domination, ergo a one world government. Because only then can it create the ultimate utopia.
  • All one needs do to understand leftism is to look at what DemoRINOMarxists applauded and what they refused to respond to and to those few things they booed (like the inclusion of God in their party’s platform).
  • When the Congressional Black Caucus failed to stand last year when president Trump announced record low black unemployment, this revealed that these representatives don’t want blacks to succeed on their own. They want blacks to look to Washington for the source of their sustenance.
  • The logical conclusion of the leftist agenda is the gulag, reeducation camps, Venezuela, and death in the tens of millions.

Fair-minded people have to choose between policies that empower us or tear us down, since what I term the Union Art of the Deal clearly showed a petulant, irresponsible DemoRINOMarxist party filled with reprobates caring more for law-breakers, baby-killers and illegals than their own fellow-American citizens. Foreigners who have no claim to hard-fought rights bequeathed to us by our forefathers. Outsiders with no investment in the Constitutional Republic, who refuse to assimilate, and who’ve been trained to come storming in expecting hand-outs.

One can only hope We the People have sense enough going forward to hire a better class of wannabe politicos as our Congress-critters, before it gets way too late. After PDJT – Who?

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!

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