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‘Tweet, tweet’. Switching gears slightly today with a piece from Patrick Hynes in The American Spectator.

To give you a little background, Hynes was a consultant to both John McCain and Mitt Romney, freely admitting in his own words: ‘I worked for both of President Trump’s GOP nominee predecessors, John McCain and Mitt Romney, as a strategist. We spent every day playing defense, never playing offense. And we lost. Badly’.[end]

Nothing like admitting the truth when it ups and slaps you in the face – and especially in the form of a tweet!

Strictly speaking of course, our fearless president doesn’t ‘go after’ his opponents. Rather, they go after him, and unlike RINOs generally, he fights back resiliently until he achieves some kind of victory. Which is what infuriates the left.

They are expecting acquiescence – something they usually get from Republicans – but instead they get a tweet flung back into their faces. Trump is not so much an ‘insulter in chief’ as he is more of a ‘counter-puncher in chief’, and the folks who report on Trump’s manner or style must get this right.

Millennial support for president Trump 2020…

President Trump doesn’t start these things, but he does finish them.

To put it bluntly – The left got used to RINOs acting like their dhimmis. Why, under O for instance, the mantra was ‘that’s not what Americans do’ which had the benefit of abruptly ending further conversation. Somewhat soothed by our ‘knowing our place’, a little dhimmi ridicule was all it took to end debate, their assurance being that we wouldn’t get uppity, and if we did, a little ridicule would put us back down.

Then entering stage left (I do believe a pun was just birthed!) along comes this tweet madman who simply refuses to follow the rules – the ones that say they make up the slur (homophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist, etal); that they act as judges of those who’re guilty of it; and that we pull back every time it’s laid on us. End of debate.

The aforementioned Patrick Hynes and his opener ‘The best defense is Trump’s offensive tweet’…

I may be suffering from PTSD. Political Traumatic Stress Disorder, that is. Two stories in the headlines brought back some vivid memories and hammered home a lesson that cleaner-than-thou conservatives would do well to at least hear out.

The stories were about actor Jussie Smollett and the suit by Covington Catholic High School students against the Washington Post for $250 million — which, coincidentally, was the pittance that billionaire owner Jeff Bezos paid for it.

Both Jussie Smollett and the Washington Post say they are “mounting a vigorous defense” of their alleged indefensible actions.

Smollett is being charged with giving a false report to police about fictional Make American Great Again hat-wearing white assailants who tried to lynch him. What Chicago police suspect that he really did was give himself some minor injuries and hire a pair of brothers from Nigeria to help concoct a fake hate crime. A grand jury handed down a 16-count indictment against him last week.

The Washington Post is being sued for defamation of private citizens and minors to boot, a bunch of goofy boys from a Catholic boys school in Kentucky. The family of the boy who was held up for the most scorn for doing nothing wrong, Nick Sandmann, has hired some world class libel attorneys to press the case.

Because of the media’s awful reporting and refusal to forcefully correct the narrative when it turned out to be wrong, the boys were called racists and received death threats. Their high school was closed for days on credible threats of violence.

Of course, the thing that both cases have in common is that red hat, which is like a waving a red flag in front of a bull to so many liberals.

Read to completion in link down below…

We all knew the president had a strange superpower that made people expose their real selves; it’s just that we weren’t sure why, but now we know in abundance. President Trump gets under the skin of opponents relentlessly by NOT backing down. That’s basically it. The funny payback tweet/words at rallies are just icing on the cake.

That President Trump punches or counter-punches is hardly fodder for anyone. We saw this on the campaign trail for two straight years which played well to the pervasive sound bite culture that makes (sadly) the majority of the electorate.

The concern filters in when considering what will happen to the collective enthusiasm when Mr. Pence sits atop the ticket in 2024. While it makes for good entertainment now not to mention keeping the electorate engaged, the likelihood of Mr. Pence continuing the precedent of engaging in the bare knuckled, no-holds-barred donnybrooks Mr. Trump is so famous for is slim to none.

As for today – time for the MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Complete Patrick Hynes: The Best Defense is Trump’s Tweets

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