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Truth of it is, that today’s so-called ‘media’ (a nom de plume if ever there was one) with very very few exceptions is nothing more nor less, than an arm of a political party with nothing to say that anybody’s time is worth listening to. Nobody can depend on any of their ‘media’ reports to contain ‘unpoliticized’ content – NONE! Nor can anyone with half a brain depend on any of their reports containing truth – again, NONE! How anyone can’t see them as the enemy within, rather than just another concerned entity is really way beyond the pale.

Day in and day out, the only concern they exhibit is destroying Trump/Republicans and couldn’t care less about the citizens of this nation. They are indeed part of the enemy within, truth be damned. Something we should never forget!

The modern Democrat Party and their cohorts on the American Left, who were once the party of ‘the buck stops here’ Harry S. Truman, and the party of ‘ask not what your country can do for you’ John F. Kennedy, has gone full-throttle cultist together. Not good for the Constitutional Republic.

Kellyanne Conway purveyor of truth…

Paid up members in the ‘Orange Man Bad’ cult don’t need to substantiate their accusations, you see, because all the erudite people know that Orange Man is always Bad. They just know it. Orange Man Bad, and thus all his underlings are Bad too. They just know that someone in the White House, some time, somewhere, somehow said ‘Kung Flu’. Or thought it.

Voila! That’s all the proof they need. And if you dare question them for actual proof, then you clearly are an outsider, not one of the chosen ones. Thus, you don’t deserve any further consideration or attention. You are one of them, not one of Us. You are vermin, not part of the erudite nor the enlightened.

Enter the fray Kellyanne Conway, a well trained and educated lawyer. She’s also one smart cookie who can think on her feet in front of cameras and crowds. President Trump hires and fires people according to how well they carry out his directives. That Conway is still on board, is a testament to her value as a counselor to President Trump himself.

Not one to suffer fools gladly, Kellyanne stays with the truth, is smart, tough, and beautiful.

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Kellyanne Conway proves again she’s worth whatever Trump Pays Her’…

The mainstream media are disgusting. That sentence could open every article about the mainstream media in a time of coronavirus. The media’s hostility to Trump is so extreme that there is no lie they won’t tell to damage him — never mind that doing so might destroy the American economy or cause other unimaginable harm to the American people.

In addition to lies, the media’s other line of attack is to call everything Trump says or does “racist.” When it comes to the coronavirus, the media have a friend in the Chinese Communist Party that started this epidemic. The communists would also like Trump to be “racist,” because attacking him deflects attention from the party’s disgraceful and deadly behavior in hiding the coronavirus from the world to keep the Chinese government looking good.

This anti-Trump bias had led to the latest media meme, which is that the phrases “Wuhan Virus” and “Chinese Virus” are racist. Naturally, Trump doubled down, for he now speaks only of the Chinese Virus. The problem for the media is that they, just a month ago, used the words “Chinese” and “Wuhan” nonstop when referring to the virus. Reporters, therefore, know they’re on shaky ground when attacking Trump on this point.

The only thing to be done is to lie. In this case, the lie is that an unnamed White House official went beyond saying “Wuhan” or “Chinese Virus.” Instead, speaking to an Asian reporter, the official called the coronavirus the “Kung Flu.”

On Wednesday, when Kellyanne Conway made herself available for questions from the media, the assembled press members, mostly women by the sound of their voices, didn’t want to talk about things that might matter to the American people, such as plans for stemming the tide of the Chinese Virus or helping the financial hemorrhage the virus is causing.

Instead, the media’s shrieking harpies spoke in one voice: tell us how guilty the whole Trump administration is because an anonymous White House official allegedly made a joke that offended an Asian reporter.

Conway responded perfectly.  Without raising her voice or getting sharp, she demanded that those reporters identify the alleged “senior White House official” who spoke about the ‘Kung Flu.’

Full link below…


So these reporters rather than espouse truth, make stuff up then get hysterical when they get called on it. Kellyanne was cool, calm and collected, and the only other thing she could’ve parsed was, “Look. Tell me who said that or we will all just have to assume you made that up. Come on, whisper it in my ear if you don’t want to tell the truth to the world, but unless you tell me exactly who said this to you we’ll all have to assume that this is just one more example of fake news. This issue is far too serious for reporters to be out there making things up just to make the White House look bad.”

Treating reporters like the unruly children that they are was also the main trait about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, another proponent of the truth. Bingo!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump fixing the world one step at a time – MAGA! KAG!


Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: Kellyanne Conway truth Worth Whatever Trump Pays Her

Victoria Taft, PJMedia: Trump Calmly Explains to Accusing Reporter Why He calls a China Virus

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