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Trump claims a victory in Democrat primary. With all due respect, consider me sane in thinking folks, that the true fact of the matter at hand is that January 2021 is a relatively long time from now, the intervening months of which allow the continuation at will of the deterioration process occurring in Joe Biden’s senile and aneurysm-damaged brain. If indeed he pushes on, and courtesy of a political Mafia-inspired miracle he is actually elected president, commonsense prevails and avers that he won’t be able to serve; heck, he’s not even competent to serve now. Yet he’s the front runner?

So then what? Well, for one thing, I was very surprised just the other day that an old and worn-out HillaryRob’Em ‘fixer’ by the name of Donna Brazile crept out of the woodpile into the den of iniquity on Fox News and basically told all we Republicans to ‘go to hell’, an outburst that was actually aimed at RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, but we’re all Republicans under the threat. She’s the snitch remember, who was whispering debate questions to Rob’EmBlind when debating then candidate Trump.

Donna Brazile a decepticon purveyor of deception, prevarication and deceit… Fox in the henhouse.

So I don’t put anything past the demoMarxocrats, particularly when the stakes are as high as presidential candidates, especially one who barely knows where he is most times, and has a severe problem in elucidating thoughts and procedures! So just where do the Democrat movers and shakers go from here?

Let’s face it right up front ladies and gentlemen, Biden 30330 Quid Pro Quo Joe was (still very much is) on life support, out of money, didn’t campaign in these states he’s ‘won’, and the commercial time was taken up by other candidates. His victory in SC was on a weekend when nobody was paying attention. And then he pulls out big wins in states he never campaigned in? After he forgot the state and office he was running for? No way!

It definitely looks like the demoMarxocrats fixed their voting app and hooked it up to rinse and repeat. Perfect fodder for a president Trump challenge!

One other point on my mind … This Biden win is a disaster for ‘spygate.’ Now any investigation by Barr or Durham will be deemed political interference. Barr and Durham missed their window? Perhaps. The FISA fix has a March 15th deadline.

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Takeaways from Super Tuesday’…

The key takeaways from the Super Tuesday results so far…  Joe Biden won significantly, and it looks like those wins were by design.  The media are amplifying a strong Biden narrative on behalf of the professional political class within the DNC Club.

(1) If you accept the Club objective to keep the progressive Sanders vote split, and then  assemble the non-Sanders vote – all proportional states, the Club was very successful.

(2) As a result of coalescing within the moderate lane, the withdrawal of Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg helped Joe Biden achieve wins in states he never even campaigned in.

(3) If you align Elizabeth Warren votes with Bernie Sanders (progressives) and Michael Bloomberg votes with Joe Biden (Club “moderates”)… Elizabeth Warren staying in the race cost Bernie Sanders wins in Minnesota, Maine and Massachusetts.

(4) Extending the math, the delegate impact from Warren staying in the race was a net negative to Bernie Sanders and a net positive to Joe Biden.   Without Warren Bernie would have had larger delegate wins in Utah, Colorado and California.

(5) Joe Biden winning Texas was arguably the biggest surprise.

(6) Without Warren in the race Bernie would have won seven states: Minnesota, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah and California.   Biden would have also won seven states: Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas.

(7) If you accept the Club goal was to diminish Bernie Sanders, the plan for Klobuchar and Buttigieg to exit the race and Warren remaining in the race did exactly what was intended.

(8) Despite winning some delegates Michael Bloomberg did not negatively impact Joe Biden.  Biden’s wins in North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas would have been larger; but the resulting delegate additions would have been less than the delegate additions Bernie would have received from Warren’s exit.

Do not miss ‘sundance’ full ‘Takeaways from Super Tuesday’ in below link…

President Trump and wannabe-but-won’t-be Biden.

So, wondering what Pocahontas Warren gets out of all this? She knew what would happen to Bernie if she stayed in, so it’ll be interesting listening to her ‘explanation’ when she endorses Biden.

She’s an actor, like ’em all. Everything she says is an act, and 95% of politics is ‘kayfabe’, like the staged events in wrestling. All their friendships and rivalries are staged. Every candidate other than Biden was in it to siphon off delegates from Bernie, to prevent him from getting 51% and winning the nomination on the first ballot.

It’s all staged. That’s why ‘buffalo Brazile’ got so incensed and her knickers in a wad at Ronna McDaniel and the rest of us the other day. McDaniel, God bless her, revealed what every one knew and she was having none of it. They need to keep the ‘momentum’ of pretense going, as the commie-Bern is in on the deal too, and likely will fold like a cheap napkin when the time is right and he has yet another big deposit to make in one of his numerous ‘savings accounts.’

Bernie’s true nature after all is to live to be paid off, and is paid off to live: it’s a demoMarxocrat communist mind set ‘thingy’; ‘equality’, I believe they call it.

What a tangled web those criminals weave …

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


‘Sundance’ Conservative Treehouse: Takeaways from Super Tuesday

Donna Brazile to Ronna McDaniel: Go to Hell, stay outta my Race

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