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Go ahead, make my..

Patricia McCarthy (linked down below) from the other day summarizing the detritus that is the DemoMarxist ‘leadership’:

Democrats so badly want Trump to be a failure, they are working so hard to ensure that he is a failure, that they are missing his many successes that are making the country great again. Now that they have won the House majority, we can count on their trying to torpedo him even more zealously and to do what they can to put the brakes on his agenda. They will of course be doing harm to all the Americans Trump’s economic policies have helped.[end]

Do they care?  Not one bit.

So disconsolate are they by the Trump successes that they are ready and willing to plunge the nation into a recession if it will defeat him. As I mentioned earlier in the week, their coming ‘agenda’ (for what it’s worth) is to raise taxes, limit free speech, abrogate the Constitution in numerous ways, plus importing millions of illegals as part and parcel of their scheme to flood future ballot boxes with nefarious and sundry ‘votes’.

Oh – did I mention ‘impeach fawty-fie! impeach fawty-fie! impeach fawty-fie?’ Old MadMax Waters better pay attention to the Trump successes – never know when he might show up on her ‘territory’ and turn her District into Alice in Wonderland.

The Oval Office sit-down that I covered twice this week with the Beavis and Butt-Head of the House and Senate acting like petulant 10-year-old’s before slinking scurrilously away with proverbial tails between their legs, will go down in history as the absolute best of political theater and a hard core demonstration of presidential genius.

‘You’re fired!’ comes immediately to mind.

Sweeping the putrid DemoMarxist detritus aside and dwelling on far more positive aspects of what is, in all likelihood, going to go down as the greatest list of presidential accomplishments in the entire history of the United States, Mr. Everyman President and his Trump successes (the very same as the ‘prison-reform leader’) engaged himself with a bevy of Black leadership entrepreneurs in unveiling a brand-spanking new program planned to get the Black Community out of the squalor and mayhem into which the DemoMarxist liberal-leftists have had them imprisoned for decades.

But, my fellow We the People-Patriots, you’d hardly believe it from the prevarications and deathly silence of the big deep state government bureaucracy and lamestream alphabet-soup media. Not one – not ONE – report or even a mention of the president’s plans from the miscreant media.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. At the end of the ceremony as the president was leaving, all you could hear was the unhinged so-called media-hounds yelling questions about the Michael Cohen sentencing, as if that had anything whatsoever to do with the price of tea in China. Or with bettering the lives of the most poorest among us. ‘Have they no sense of decency?’ to paraphrase historical Boston lawyer Joseph Welch to Joseph McCarthy from times past.

Apparently not. But again, the alliterative practiced by the current DemoMarxist branch of government is destined to render them invisible within a relatively short period of time.

No problem. Laura and the Angle has it all covered, even if the lamestreams don’t …

Now just for the record, yours truly means absolutely NO disrespect for the following statement but, where are all the #DemoMarxists and Hollywood celebrities rushing to call this fine gentleman by the name of Bob Johnson (who founded the highly-successful Black Entertainment Television) an Uncle Tom, as they do routinely to others who have the temerity to step out of their agenda-driven clutches? Oh that’s right, he’s too big of an example for them to call him that.

Congratulations to the celebrated Mr. Bob Johnson on his network’s success story and his fearlessness in standing with President Trump. There. Done.

What the president got out of all of this week’s coverage, was national and international distribution of the gatherings and events illustrating the stark demeanor of the DemoMarxists and their ongoing political agenda that he must battle with every step of the way. As currently structured with Schumer and Pelosi, the party could care less for the security / success of We the American people, and the country as a whole.

‘Impeachment’, after all, is a savage arraignment, especially for an exceptionally successful leader!

As for Schumer and Pelosi so-called ‘representing’ the DemoMarxist platform, they are two of the most arrogant, smug members of Congress, both of whom have been there way past their sell-by dates, and it shows. Neither has ever demonstrated one iota of respect for their opposition. They care only about defeating them, no matter the cost – financial, moral, ethical, national, or spiritual.

The collective Trump successes reveal the obstinate hatred of Pelosi and Schumer with which he has to deal on a daily basis. Consider that the DemoMarxists would rather close down the government than protect our borders.

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Patricia McCarthy in American Thinker

And see also full presentation of President Trump at the signing of the executive order

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