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With the Trump stand against the Mueller mess it’s no great secret that the current pack of Pelosi-Schumer socialists are demanding complete and utter obedience to their flawed ideology, which includes the crushing of individual thought, action, and deed coupled with contentious persecution of selected groups (see white men, Christians, etal).

Historically-speaking, it’s no different than what, in a former time, the Nazis, Soviet communists, Cuban Marxists, Venezuelan socialists, and the rest used to wreck their nations with tyranny and mass slaughter when they took over en masse. The Democratic party plan has always been to control the narrative against the Trump stand.

The current plan seems to be the forever-redux DemoRINOMarxist plan of the past, especially the one following their annihilation by the Reagan sweep of the inept Georgia peanut farmer who, at the time, was well on the way to bankrupting the republic. The two-term Reagan sweep (which ought to have been followed by a two-term GHWB presidency, but alas) brought prosperity back to We the People in short order. Well, at least until the corrupt DemoRINOMarxist Clintons emerged from the Mena Arkansas jungle, and the rest as they say, is history.

Tip and the Gipper true examples of making politics work from both sides of the aisle… c 1984

Fast-forward to today where We the People find ourselves backing a warrior-president Trump stand, doing his darnedest to dig his way out of a political shark-infested Washington DC alligator-swamp (headed up by a rogue ‘special investigator’ and his vicious sidekick) and you can quickly come to grips with the task at hand for President Trump.

We the People Americans have a choice to make. Freedom or tyranny. No matter how imperfect the United States is on rare occasions, it stands head and shoulders ahead of every other nation on the planet.

In other words, under the Trump stand, it’s worth preserving!

Jim Daws and the opener from his piece ‘The hazards of supporting Trump’ in American Thinker

If anyone still had doubts that Robert Mueller is a rogue prosecutor, twisting our legal system to his political ends, last week’s Gestapo-styled arrest of Roger Stone should put that delusion to rest. With CNN cameras rolling, Mueller sent a tactical assault team the likes of which the Justice Department normally reserves for drug cartels, international terrorists, and oddball Christian cult compounds.

Stone was charged with lying to Congress – while supporting Donald Trump. That last part isn’t actually contained in the indictment, but the only time anyone is indicted for lying to Congress is if he supports Donald Trump, so it just goes without saying. Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan have all lied to Congress, but they had the unimpeachable integrity to do it while not supporting Trump.

Affirming their undying commitment to civil liberties, Stone’s abuse by the police state was met by journalists and Democrats throughout the land with cheers and delirious joy bordering on the orgasmic. To them, Stone’s arrest was sweet, sweet justice: “How dare he be dishonest about matters related to the Russia collusion hoax?  That’s our job.”

The blabbering heads at CNN and MSNBC rushed to the cameras to tell us that this time, this time, Mueller really had Trump cornered – not like the time they told you before, or the time before that, or the time before that.  Never mind last week’s BuzzFeed debacle. That was then; this is now.

[sic] Mueller indicted Paul Manafort for failure to register as a foreign agent while lobbying for the president of Ukraine. Guess who else lobbied for the same Ukrainian president but is not indicted! You got it – Clinton campaign-manager John Podesta’s brother, Tony. The Trump-supporter is headed to jail; the one that did not support Trump collects creepy art.  It’s almost as if there’s a pattern here.

[sic] Roger Stone’s pre-dawn tactical assault-styled arrest, along with the pre-dawn raid executed on Paul Manafort and the pre-dawn raid of Michael Cohen’s office, all appear designed to send a clear and chilling message. We can be pretty sure it has something to do with not supporting Donald Trump.

Read complete piece to completion in link down below…

Mueller and his right-hand henchman, Weissmann etal, need to be pulled in and fired for their Gestapo tactics and charade against president Trump, his friends, associates and the American people they have duped for the past two-plus years.

The power and manipulation of the Clintons in covering up their illegal schemes to sabotage a presidential election reminds us of the McCarthy communist witch hunt from years long gone by. Watergate pales in comparison but then again, you have the media as their mouthpiece. He who controls the narrative, controls the people.

President Trump needs to give them an end date to close this fiasco, present his findings and fire them all. Those who have sabotaged our elections have committed treason against the republic and need to be brought to justice. Our congressmen and women who truly love this nation need to get some chutzpah and imprison these rogue employees of the government before they come with guns drawn for all of us who recognize their coup!

Warrior-president Trump has the media pegged for exactly what they are; a political arm for the DemoRINOMarxists and their malignant, pungent agenda.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump in the arena – MAGA!


Jim Daws and The hazards of supporting Trump

Plus don’t miss Randolph Parrish: Trump: Our Lincoln?


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