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Trump Hatred? Follow the money … Bear very much in mind fellow patriot-warriors, that it’s always been the “next generation of politicians and influencers” who’ve been the developers of either the “socialist” or “Constitutional Republican” models having flooded the schools and universities for the past 30 or 40 (maybe even 50?) years, which has resulted thereby in the wiping out of any semblance whatsoever of the previous generation of patriotic, real Americans who dispatched the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and umpteen other despotic socialist communists who as one voice were hellbent on taking over the entire planet.

Which is now why we get the demoMarxocrats flipping Georgia with the election of two radical uber-left Commies. Not even a pretense of being “moderate” leftists. Hard Red Commies. One, “Stacey Abrams” is taking her “Get Out The Vote” Show on the road.

Trump hatred? Follow the money.. teeter tottering on brink of tyranny.

Our (for now) great state of Texas is well within their sights. With ‘Mail In Voting’ they will certainly flip it too. Oh for the good old days when the battle was for simply presenting ID when in-person voting was the ONLY norm.

AND not forgetting verified Absentee Ballots. How quaint and old fashioned it now seems. Gone, and all thanks to DC RepublicRats for not screaming from the rooftops that this was another sham and scam and taking it to the Supreme Court. Oops – yet another “what we have here is a failure to communicate”, to borrow the great line from Cool Hand Luke. Those were the days of a REAL different America.

Hands UP for instance to those who yelled “Wait! I didn’t even get a copy of my vote!” No worries, folks – a Dominion machine “voted” for you, the “correct” way, of course. But then it may have been a guy who has been dead since 2003, or a homeless man, or even a ‘Messican’ fence jumper with an unpronounceable name. Could have been me voting by mail, although I never requested a ballot. That’s real handy.

So many options nowadays. We don’t need to bother, huh?

Jerold Leveritz, American Thinker: ‘When it comes to Trump hatred, follow the money’…

It must be very important that President Trump never again exercise the power of the presidency. It seems that lined up against him are the Supreme Court, most upper career Federal employees, Democrats, of course, many Republicans, the media, corporate America. and significant swaths of state and local officials. When we examine the criticisms leveled at him, they seem to boil down to “Orange Man bad.”

Attempts to keep him from future power now include new impeachment charges based upon his alleged incitement to riot during the January 6 mass rally. There is insufficient evidence that he encouraged the breaching of the walls of Congress and there is substantial evidence he tried to quell the disturbance when it got out of hand. His calls to prosecute those who rampaged inside the halls of Congress should be enough to prevent rational people from taking serious action against him.

But opposition to Trump is not rational! Officialdom will not stop until Trump is emasculated and silenced. Even his being out of power will not suffice for some. Frankly, I do not know what will satisfy many important people, except perhaps his death. I can envision Pelosi walking up to his open coffin and putting a mirror under his nose.

When Trump accidentally came to office, many in the elite must have had very disturbed sleep patterns. The enemy was now inside the gates and the question of who held the power was being muddled. No righteous oneupmanship was possible where the borders between factions were so blurry. [-]

[+] … The coming impoverishment of the power of government servants under President Trump was now a reality. Limiting government function to serving the needs of the people was too catastrophic to contemplate. Nobody had seriously considered reducing government’s size until Trump had come to office. The panic became palpable as empty offices in government buildings proliferated.

Until the Trump era, official people were leaving government service substantially better off than when they arrived and with better job prospects. [-]

[+] … One of the most trustworthy memes available to us has been known since early on in world history: “Follow the money!” Trump, much to the chagrin of the empowered people, will be able to help us in this matter.

Perhaps, over the next little while, he will specify how money travels in ways he could not have done if he had remained in office. In fact, the study of money flow within government and into and out of government should become a new area of academic interest rivaling even the study of “race” issues.

I have always wondered exactly where the Obama allocation of billions of dollars for shovel-ready jobs went! It would be more than nice to finally know. [end]

Full link below and others…

Trump hatred? Follow the money/Elitists have been scamming it for ages…

When the likes of “gazillionaire” Mrs Bill Gates and others in the stratosphere of “billionaire extraordinaire” agree with the banning of President Trump from social media, one has to assume presumably that the 1st Amendment means nothing to them. In fact, one has to wonder if she / he has ever read the Constitution? How would they feel if the tables were turned? All of a sudden, one wonders she would be a “free speech” advocate.

“They” stole the election and will attempt to inaugurate a frail intemperate malcontent (criminal even!) riddled with dementia coupled with a “sleepy-time-gal” who, well, you can figure; so why keep after Trump? Because he knows something they don’t want us to find out, so they have to eliminate him so totally that their deceit remains hidden. Good luck with that! Um, how many laptops were taken from the Capitol? And who took them?

Don’t despair, Patriots they’re not winning, they’re losing all over the world. It’s more than likely they’ve already lost and what we’re witnessing is their death throes. They did the in-your-face steal because they’re desperate. Trump hatred? Follow the money.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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