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I’m coming to the conclusion somewhat hastily these days, that I ought to allow the idiots who are running the DemoRINOMarxist insane asylum(s) to have complete control over their propensity for self-absorption and allow them (heck, help them even) to morph it into self-implosion. Seriously.

There is after all, a circus-clownish clan of imbecility made up of people on the far side who label themselves ‘candidates’ or ‘thinking about it’ for arguably the highest office-job on the planet, when the truth of the matter is that they hardly qualify to be hired as a coffee-slinging barista in one of self-made billionaire Howie Schultz’s eponymous Starbucks caffeinaries. Truly.

Unfortunately, 40-plus years of leftist infiltration of our country’s pathetic publicly-funded school system coupled with the mass insanity that passes for higher education on our college campuses, has produced an entire generation or two of AOCs, BETOs, Pocahontas’s, Gillibrands, Bookers, Kamalas, and other alphabet-soup-initial wannabe-politicos. Combine all this with the PC culture that inhibits even the sane among us from speaking the truth, and one has all the ingredients necessary for the descent into the political and social chaos we are presently witnessing.

William Barr and Lindsey Graham… cleanup crew?

In any other time in the nation’s long history it would have been unthinkable that an empty head like AOC could have been elected to Congress, let alone become any kind of ‘force’ within her party. If the implications of this were not so grim, it would be laughable. This woman can barely form a coherent thought, and yet she has a national platform with her prognostications taken seriously by a significant segment of the public.

None of which bodes well for the republic’s future; except that is, for president Trump brains, guile, wile and smile.

Thomas Lifson in today’s American Thinker begins it this way:

‘Failed entrepreneur/bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the least self-aware politician with a national platform today. Having rocketed from bartending and cadging tips to superstardom by defeating an incumbent congressman in a low-turnout primary, she now has the gall to suggest that a man who grew up poorer than she did and built a global business needs to “work his way up.” The peals of laughter that must have been emanating from Nancy Pelosi’s office (where Ocasio-Cortez led a demonstration even before assuming office) must have been raucous’.

Naturally, she turned to Twitter to make her absurd comment, and it was on Twitter that the responses flowed in.

Blunder Woman is providing a lot of laughs while helping to destroy the DemoRINOMarxist Party. Let AOC keep talking ad infinitum I say.

Meanwhile over at Conservative Treehouse, ‘sundance’ and the crew have the following:

Today Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham sends a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting a briefing on the FBI conduct during the raid and arrest of 66-year-old Roger Stone.

However, sorry, I can’t let this go unnoticed. This letter is pure Decepticon politics.

Just yesterday FBI Director Chris Wray gave testimony before the senate for over four hours. If Republicans in the senate were actually concerned about the issue, why didn’t a single senator spend 30 seconds to ask about Wray about it?  I digress…

Continue by clicking right here

Someone told me once that ‘The Matrix’ was actually a movie. Now I’m beginning to realize it was a documentary.[sic]

And in the same vein, I was once told Orwell’s 1984 was a ‘cautionary tale’ until I began to see it as an instruction manual.

Whatever, I’ll leave it up to president Trump brains, guile, wile and smile!

As ‘sundance’ is wont to repeat, every time there is a negative report forthcoming of the DOJ/FBI, they pull this kind of stunt. Not long after the actions of these communist storm troopers, the report of the indictment of FBI agent and its contractors came out.

On this particular situation, I would have to do a 50/50 on the FBI and SC Mueller because Mueller doesn’t like to be challenged and Roger Stone is simply a stone (pun intended) passing through one of his kidneys that’s been inching along little by little.

How agonizing the Stone must be to Mueller now that its lodged like a keystone inside the pathway of his kidney!

Keep up with me folks – just keep up with me!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J Trump brains, guile, wile, and smile – MAGA!


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