Trump & AG Barr fight dem agenda

En Garde in the bunker…

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, spectators at a velvet glove civil war in a bi-polar (for now) Constitutional Republic. One side represented by ‘classical liberals’ – Trump and AG Barr – in the footsteps of 1787, who adhere to the constitutional order, believe the national government is limited, and that the three branches of that government are bound by the obligation of representation.

On the other side however, we have an irreverent bunch of connivers who view their nascent power as a tool through which they may impose their will upon we the people at any time, under any circumstance, for whatever purpose they choose.

That bi-polar opposite view of how to wield power in and over the commonweal (a bit of old English for you there, ie the welfare of the republic) seems irreconcilable. In order to ‘maintain the republic’ we are forced to keep the enemies of the principle of veracity in a distinct minority. Otherwise, we lose the republic to God knows what; perhaps as ghastly as being roasted at a slow fire; being stung to death by single bees; being drowned by drop, drop, drops of fear and angst.

Pres Trump and AG Barr…

We have morphed into a nation of those who work within the rules and assumptions of the centuries laid down between the national government of 2019, and the beginning of our continuous government of 1789. There are those who want to ‘keep the republic’ as founded and bequeathed by the Founding Fathers; versus those who want power over the people without regard to how it is snatched away. There is no room to coexist when one side refuses to play by any rules other than those they establish at will, without restraint, without remorse.

Power. Absolute power.

Whether the petulant, power-thirsting Nadler and like-minded Dems would have unleashed the military against we the people had Trump not intervened in their plans in scooping the presidency, is not known. But the Obama-Hillary Rob’em Dems were definitely taking the nation on a perilous trajectory that all freedom-loving American citizens hope is soon exposed in its entirety.

In the meantime, take six quick minutes to see what I mean in this clip from yesterday’s House fiasco, following on from the earlier fiasco from Wednesday, and all on the topic of the current Attorney General in his quest to ‘right’ the ship of state…

As we know, the Dems, their wealthy backers and their lefty intelligentsia had been methodically gaining power and political influence over the nation, including the controlling majority of a politically-corrupted media; the now marginalized Hollywood loons; almost all of public education; the Intel agencies (except for Adm. Mike Rogers and his patriotic duty in warning the incoming president of malfeasance), the FBI, CIA, NSA, the DOJ etc. The IRS scandal and other misdeeds led to the insidious finale of the last Admin – a full on banana republic style Coup attempt.

This seems about as far as a corrupt and demented political movement could go in a ‘free’ country without adding the military to the equation. Had president Trump not appeared on the political scene when he did, we the people can only guess at what the Mad Hatter DemoMarxist next steps would have been.

As Don Sucher puts it in today’s American Thinker:

With the frankly nonsensical “Russian” thing in tatters, the Left is getting more desperate than ever. This was not supposed to have happened. Hillary was to be president. The grossly self-serving and unlawful acts that were slowly becoming the norm among the once well respected government organizations (FBI, DoJ, IRS, etc.) were never to have been exposed. And that desperation, along with the rise of really not very smart or capable people, is making the Left do some pretty stupid stuff.

Changing the subject isn’t necessarily “stupid,” but doing so when one’s motives are obvious is — as is changing it to another subject that people find at best uninteresting and largely laughable.

So is going after a guy who is smarter than you.

True for going after President Trump. Almost as true for going after someone as smart, experienced, and unflappable as is Attorney General Barr.

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And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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