Time to get rid of the ship of fools…

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Time to get rid of the ship of fools … In chapter six of his best-selling “Ship of Fools”, Tucker Carlson writes: “What if a small group of unhappy people got to write the rules for your personal life? Would you be concerned? Common sense suggests it’s wiser to take advice from people who’ve had demonstrable success in the areas they’re advising on. That’s why there aren’t a lot of homeless real estate brokers or obese personal trainers. Bankrupt investment advisors have a tough time too. Nobody wants to hire them.”

Which also turns out to be outstanding advice on who to ditch from political exigency.

As I write this, ‘Nadler-the-adler’ and his gang of virulent exculpatory thieves are lying through whatever teeth they have left, almost as if they realize just what’s coming down the pike if they don’t just up and impeach everyone from Barr down (since they miserably failed with their Trump debacle) with their outrageous felonious diatribes. Their own sentencing can’t come soon enough to put them all behind bars where they rightly belong! But I digress.

Time to get rid of the ship of fools..

Having read Barr’s statement, and popping in and out to watch his testimony from these Pharisees of the Democrat left, I see very clearly that when governance like theirs is corrupt, when criminals are allowed to roam freely to destroy; when the present structure of government is a disaster; when a sitting president voted into office by We the (63 million) People is subject to the most vicious of attack, after attack, after attack; when the lamestream media is owned and doctored by one party; when local law enforcement, for goodness’ sake is demonized, castrated and subjected to terrorism; there will be (indeed, there HAS to be) some action of consequence to the protection of our Constitutional Republic. Period.

Make a particular note how Barr’s two main topics – the illegal spying on political opponents and the perverted view of law enforcement taken by today’s agitated mob of morons – were BOTH brought to us by OBO#44 and his sidekick Holder the folder. Holder himself having been brought to the DOJ by the Clinton’s not too long after Barr’s first stint as AG with GHWB; right around the time that the DOJ’s slide into abject corruption began.

What goes round comes around and it did with OBO#44 bringing back Holder and putting his regime into full Stalinist hyper-overdrive the result of which has become that while Justice isn’t being served (reminder that Supreme CJ John Roberts sided with the left again this past Friday) millions of Americans are preparing for a fight. When the government is corrupt, when criminals are allowed to roam free and destroy, when our governmental structure is a failure, when we watch our own President be subjected to ongoing attacks, when media is owned by one political party, when local law enforcement is demonized, castrated, and subject to terrorism, etc etc etc, there will be a consequence.

Time to get rid of the ship of fools…

Whatever is about to be revealed about Democrat malfeasance (Durham, Epstein, etal…) must be as bad or worse than we can imagine. Why otherwise would the Democrats have settled for nominating Joe Biden, a man who before Stupid Tuesday had never won a single delegate in many attempts at the White House? The man has zero chance of winning – even in their blackened hearts Democrats know this.

Remember: Donald Trump is not the action, he is the reaction. If the Democrats had not elected OBO#44, and had OBO#44 not openly disdained half of America with his nasty overtures, we wouldn’t have Trump. In fact, OBO’s unfunny jabs at Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2011 was the spark that lit the flame. Trump does not suffer fools gladly, nor assaults on his ego, rightly or wrongly. But as for ambition? Start the bonfire!

Should the unthinkable happen and Biden (gulp!) ‘wins’, the 21st Century Fort Sumter is not far behind.

Here’s trusting it won’t come to that. In the same book as referenced above, Tucker Carlson also had this: “If you were looking for someone to tell you how to live, you’d screen candidates based on the success of their own lives … You’d want to know if they had stable, honest friendships. Sanity would be a key requirement, so you’d check that, too. A cheerful self-deprecating sense of humor might be one sign of emotional health. Calm self-confidence might be another. If you found a person like that, you’d have a role model.”

Perfect! And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump the leadership role model master of ‘The Art of the Deal’ – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: AG Bill Barr Releases Opening Statement to House Judiciary Committee

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